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  1. Hi Andrew, can't believe I just saw this thread - I was talking to someone about the car and looking for my sell thread photos and stumbled across this! I had been keeping an eye on TradeMe to see if it would ever have been relisted. The car is looking great and loving the stuff you have done to it. I was a fan of the blacked out trim as I thought it looked more aggressive and the white and black interior was something special. I miss the noise this car would make and now considering to get back into another one! I'm sure you would agree now the facelift model was indefinitely much nicer than the 08-10 cars ;) I still look back at the photos.
  2. Very sad news. Had the pleasure to meet the man at one of the last Christchurch meets and see his beautiful V8 E30. Wasn't until this morning when I saw on Nikita's post that I realised this sad news. He definitely made had an influence on here and the Counterstrike communities. Rest In Peace Atta.
  3. Apparently the 300ZX appreciated within a month?! Asking 60k. I'm not too sure how many people wil lbe thinking... "I got 60k to buy myself a car.. I don't want a M or AMG or a cheap Maserati. I know! I'll get a 24 year old Z!"
  4. Like with any car. Anyone can list a car at whatever price they want. To find a buyer that closes the deal is a different story. A car is worth only as much as someone else will pay for it.
  5. I've always referred to this colour as "Nardo Grey". I personally like it a lot.
  6. Hi all, I am based in Christchurch - currently looking for a E91 (preferred) or E90 for a daily driver. Max mileage looking below 150k kms. I am looking for a Msport unless it is 2009+ LCI. Most other options to me aren't dealbreakers and aren't too important. Would also prefer a car with a good consistent service history. Thanks
  7. There is a fine line between what people think their car is worth against what it will actually sell for.
  8. Welcome Carl, Great looking E34 - they just have a very timeless classic look! Not sure how active the CHCH members are of late though! Andy
  9. Price reduced - $40,995. Thanks.
  10. Hi folks, I am selling my Mercedes 2012 C63 AMG. This is the facelifted model (2011+) with all the factory upgrade s to resolve the head bolt, lifters, etc present on the pre-facelift model. Other than fixing reliability issues, the facelifted models have DRLs, updated interior, updated gauge to a full colour screen, LED lights and biggest of all a much better gearbox (7 Speed MCT speedshift). Service completed last week at a Christchurch MB specialist therefore next service at 122,000kms with WOF to renewed next year. Tyres with a good amount of tread. Highly optioned from factory: - 6.2 V8 (451hp) - Factory two tone leather interior (White with black inserts) - Heated seats - NZ Navigation - Two way sunroof - Reversing Camera - Parking sensors Aftermarket parts added: - Escort Passport 9500ci Laser/Radar Detector/Jammers profession hardwired into the car ($2,000 USD) - I believe this is even better than the Valentine V1. - Addison Bit One DSP + DRC($1,300) - Alpine Amplifier + Alpine Type R Subwoofer - Trunk looks completely factory to hide away audio system - Window tints - Grills and badging has also been blacked out This was honestly once my realistic dream car and along with the aftermarket parts added it pains me to sell this but it's part of growing up. Mileage is 106,000kms but drives beautifully with servicing up to date. Comes with all factory manuals along with two original keys. This is one of the best sounding cars to be ever made. I am asking $42,000 which will make it the best priced 2012 C63 in the country. Otherwise make me a realistic offer.
  11. This is a rough car. I believe it was owned by a Uni student until it got repossessed. Personally I would not even go near it.
  12. Wheel bearing is a lot more like a hum. There also would be no reason the noise would stop if I just tapped the brake.
  13. I have a E90 325i. A few minutes after driving it will develop a squeaking/chirping noise from the front wheel and will contiune. This sound is magnified if I slightly turn my steering wheel left. However when I apply the brakes, it will stop immediately but then restart after a few minutes again. Brake pads and rotors seem fine. Any thoughts on what may be causing this?
  14. Wanting to buy genuine Syle 193 wheels. After a full set. Preferably in Christchurch. Can be with or without tyres.
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