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  1. There was a similar mileage example at a dealer our south who had it advertised at the same price as this one, but were willing to take $15k. Bella Motor Works on Vega Place will be good for an inspection and not far from that yard.
  2. Well done on my part. I have been looking for a black 530i in the same spec for a while, perhaps ill have to settle
  3. What sort of coin are you looking for?
  4. What gearbox are you running in this out of interest?
  5. Takapuna mufflers on Barrys Point Road. Used them to take the cats out of my C63 exhaust based on a friends recommendation and very happy with the result
  6. Do you have a complete service history for it? Interested to know if the common things have been replaced and its been regularly maintained. Very tempting but the mileage is high. Tossing up between this and a blue one done 200km at a dealers (covered by CGA) in Wellington for $3,900.
  7. Original link is dead, anyone have a revised version?
  8. Wow don't see these offen. Does it happen to have an LSD?
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