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  1. on trademe with a $1 reserve if anyone is keen
  2. Bennyboy

    E46 M3

    go and see Denis at Jeffery's menswear, he has a silver SMG coupe, very nice example
  3. ex hastings car, those are my old e31 spec RC009/010's never shoulda sold em.........
  4. BMW tuner 'fixes' M4 coupe's controversial front end - News - Driven
  5. 2015 BMW 335d 335D M Sport (X-Drive) Low KM's | Trade Me Motors love to see a before/after dyno sheet with the tune would this be a UK car?
  6. I think that by not answering any questions the seller is washing his hands of any comeback from the final buyer. its that simple. is that the right thing to do? depends if you're the buyer or the seller........ I'm willing the final sale price to start with a "2"
  7. i think the amount of rust, and the location of it, are pretty critical bits of info. clearly the seller is not an idiot, and there is SO much rust, that he's adopted this particular approach...... personally i hope it sells for stupid money, so i can put my "not roadworthy rare barn find" e24 up for grabs next week the thing is at 11k already????
  8. Fu*k it, the next car I sell I won’t even add a photo, just a vague description, and see what the market brings “Brand, model and year will be disclosed upon inspection” Special gold card discount for boomers and Trade & Exchange subscribers
  9. a friend with a camera is good, but a dealer with a camera is better. why should i do all the legwork in organising someone to take photos for me, when it's in the best interests of the dealer to do so to aid in selling the car in the first instance? I'm guessing from your vehement defence of this guy that you yourself are a dealer, or known to the seller, John?
  10. Good enough reason to reject requests for photos of rust? I think not full disclosure is the least the seller could offer up, surely?
  11. i cant quite make out what it says on the plate surround???
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