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  1. ssbmw

    My NewToy 635CSi

    Very popular colour in their day. The other colour which was similar but darker was royal blue. Arctic was more metallic. Seen a few M635csi's in that colour too. Beautiful. Nice to see well preserved sharks today. They were my first love. I was smitten as a teenager, and vowed to get one - one of the prettiest designs BMW ever penned in my opinion.
  2. ssbmw

    My NewToy 635CSi

    Would that be in Arctic blau? Lovely colour.
  3. Sold within a few days and I hear it will remain lurking in Auckland...
  4. My buddy owns this car and it should be selling for alot more than this. It is a lovely example in a striking colour. I remember when it arrived in NZ in the early days - a successful furniture designer in Auckland owned it before my friend bought it.
  5. When I bought my M635csi, I decided to build a register of those. It was actually not that difficult because there were only around 20 delivered new to NZ - and every car club in the country was able to reveal what cars lived in their respective communities. I ended up meeting a fellow enthusiast from Melbourne who was doing the same thing (Australia only had 2 delivered through their dealership network - but about 100 got imported from the UK). Its great to see how with every model generally the sales have increased (however it looks like the sales of the E63 exceeds the F13. Your car is beautiful Gary!
  6. After looking at the vehicle discussed here in 2002, I ended up buying a Sth African import- a few weeks later. It was identical in spec to the NZ New 535is - had a bodykit including rear boot spoiler (which actually looks good on the E34) , had the M spec suspension, grey leather electric sports seats, auto-dipping rear view mirror, LSD, and 17" imitation throwing stars. It was in a very unusual colour- almost a plum red - but not burgundy. Amazing car. Only owned it for 6 months as I managed to secure my dream car - an E24 M6 - so it had to go!
  7. I live in San Francisco. 😀 Probably deserve the crap - living away from NZ!
  8. Sorry Olaf, I understand what you mean - but I still still think that statement - " you have been searching for the best E34 in NZ" possibly could be interpreted that that this car is in fact the best E34 in NZ. Either way, I didn't mean to upset anyone - I have known about this car for nigh on 20 years, and have been a huge advocate of the vehicle whenever it has appeared for sale over the last several years (and it has been discussed many times on this forum). Sorry if people took umbrage to my comment - however I will say that there are some other wonderful E34's in NZ too.
  9. Just read the actual copy of the advert. Pretty bold statement -'best E34 in NZ.' What about the 3.8 E34 M5 in violet that sold 6-12 months ago on trademe, or the 60,000km 3.6 M5 in Sterling grey, now owned by Boris Radich, not to mention the Hell red 540is 6-speed that lives in Auckland with anecdotally only 20,000 kms on the clock (or some of the lovely examples of 540is's still lurking about)? I agree this is a very special car and is arguably the best E34 535is in NZ by virtue of its condition and provenance. I actually like the way the advert reads. However, not sure I would write 'best E34 in NZ.'
  10. When I first saw the car it sat on 17" Schnitzer - type 1's. Looked grouse. I still remember my 535is having a fabulous sounding stereo -even if it was just a factory radio /cassette head unit. Epic sound. Much better than the M-audio in my E39 M5. M for 'meh.'
  11. Amazing how prices have changed with all of these types of rare cars. I sold my 535is in 2003 for $10k and a friend sold his with 200,000 kms in 2005 for $3.5k - and it was tidy!
  12. I just about bought this car in 2002 when it was being sold by an owner in Forest Hill, North Sore, Auckland. It was mint back then - about 120,000 kms. The owner wanted $17,500 - which I thought was too high at the time. Despite that, it was a mint car. Boris Radich who was a Bimmersporter here bought it off the subsequent owner, 4-5 years later. Boris is a E34 enthusiast - and he went bonkers 'bringing back' an already mint example. One of the freaky cars that has had so much love bestowed upon it from previous custodians that it's appearance and condition belies it's relatively hefty mileage.
  13. So true, that's what they do! Lived there for 6 years- there are very few opportunities to enjoy high powered cars in Singapore (yet it has a ridiculous amount of people who own luxury cars). So they go over the border to Malaysia where they enjoy beautiful highways which lend themselves to high speeds. So lots of Singaporeans head out around midnight on the weekends to enjoy high speed driving in Malaysia (where they apparently try bribing the cops). The only other risk ? Car-jacking! Singaporeans with luxury cars get targeted!
  14. ssbmw

    E31 850i

    Yes, it was a common theme to hear that the a particular 8 series during the 90's- was the MD of BMW's personal transport! In other words, due to the asking price they didn't exactly race out of the dealership! My car is a 96'build but was sold new in 98' and is a 840ci sport - despite being cheaper than the V12! Gerry Hodges had a fantastic 6 speed 840ci that was a 95' build but sold in 1999' - leading may people to believe it had the M62 -opposed to the M60 V8 that it had. I agree, shame the 850csi came later, and was poorly marketed / distributed by BMW (none came to NZ new) . Even today, many people are oblivious of how special the CSI was, and how different it was to the standard 850i. If it was launched at the outset of the release of the E31 it would have presented a totally different message to the market. Jeremy Clarkson was incredibly complimentary about the 850csi. The 8's are a very pretty car too - thie granite silber example looks superb. I'd add a CSI body kit / M mirrors to give it a little more presence though!
  15. The E24 M6 was my first love, and I figured I would always get a E63 M6 - however after initially liking them, have gone completely cold on them. The F13 is totally different though - gorgeous from ever angle! Congratulations - and a lovely colour. Good work.
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