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  1. Thanks guys, much appreciated. Just the type of feed back I was looking for. Yes, the vehicle had a LSD added in the last year or so. There are quite a few compelling factors based on the feed-back I am hearing. I have been given 1st option on the car - and my friend's wife would rather the car go to me rather than sell it to a car dealer. I have a few more weeks to make my mind on which way I go. Other issues rear its head, like not having enough space for my 3 cars - but I am sure I can work on a solution for that one. I'd like a E46 or E92 M3 - but as we know prices of these on a global level have lifted. Just doing some research on some cars that were sold with the same Dinan S3 spec in the States over the years, and the price presented to me is more than reasonable. I think Dinan has a very good reputation here. As mentioned in the showroom section awhile back depicting my E39 M5 Dinan S1, the DInan badge is quite revered here - in the same way that many Euro tuning brands carry some kudos in Europe. I was sceptical initially, but I love my Dinan upgrades on the M5 - not to mention the rumble of the Dinan exhaust! Appreciate the feedback - thanks!
  2. Aaron, once again thanks for the feedback. Its great that you had a positive experience with this engine. I will be making a call over the next few weeks. The good thing is that the price I have been presented is fairly compelling too - so if I choose to, there is some fat in it if I want to flip it. Somehow though, if I do buy it, I believe I may end up keeping it....! I sense it may be addictive!
  3. Hi Aaron, Great feedback man. I was hoping to connect with people who have owned such a car (apart from a X3 - the most modern BMW I have owned - is the E39 M5 I own now - which I know you own too). As a matter of interest - did you buy it new? If not, what mileage did it have when you bought it? My concern was the negative things I had heard about turbo failure - and wondered whether the massive increase in power with the Dinan enhancements would place extra stress on the engine. Cheers.
  4. Hi All, I am currently domiciled in the San Francisco Bay area. A couple of years after arriving here I met a gentleman with an absolutely immaculate 2008 E92 335i coupe that he painstakingly over a few years converted into a Dinan S3 335i. Sadly, he passed away due to this horrific Covid 19 a few months ago. I have an opportunity to buy this car. 57,000 miles, (around 92,000 k's) white, 6 speed manual with SSK. Dark red leather. Immaculate condition. He has spent around $25k USD on this car to be what he wanted it to be. I have driven it - it is quick - commensurate with the 408bhp it is meant to be putting out, and and handles wonderfully. Seriously fun car to drive. This is the article about the Dinan S3 https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a15130406/dinan-s3-bmw-335i-specialty-file/ Ultimately, keen to hear from people who have owned the 335i twin turbos. I know there have been some horror stories out there. Even a very close friend of mine who owns a reputable BMW workshop in Auckland has suggested I err on the side of caution. On the flipside, I have read some amazing reviews on this car -even in its standard spec. This will only be a weekend fun car. However, I can secure it at a price slightly cheaper than a standard 6 speed with similar mileage - so it is compelling from a financial perspective. Keen to hear your thoughts on such a vehicle.
  5. I agree, more likely to be Lachs silver - which is darker. Polaris silver on the E24 was a very bright, silver (I had a M635csi in that colour). Even darker than the Lachs was Delphin grey. I have always noticed that the majority of NZ new E24's had the comfort seats- not sure why. The BMW sports seats of the time were beautiful.
  6. I absolutely love the original recaro seats. So rare. A mate of mine had the same recaro seats in one of the early right hand drive M635si's (1985). He was adamant that they were an option. Is this a colour factory for a 79 E24? It almost seems like a E9 colour - Fjord blau.
  7. I agree - nice car but not sure about the price either. Mileage is inter-planetary territory, and pricing veers towards ///m power (various) levels. Just seems a tad absurd when you can buy a 507 bhp E60 M5 for the same price point. Market will prevail - but to be honest, thought $12-$15k may have been more appropriate.
  8. I tried to buy this car in 2002 - when it was for sale for $16,995 - private sale in Forest Hill, North Shore, Auckland. I hesitated as I thought it was too expensive. It sat on replica Schnitzer 17" rims. It was then purchased by someone who ended up being a mutual friend- and he owned it for 3-4 years before selling it to Boris - BMW CC member and fellow Bimmersporter (who now has a mint E34 M5 in grey). Boris presented this at BMW events, car shows, etc. It was a very nice example. I purchased a South african spec 535is a week later which had alot higher k's but was around $6k cheaper. That was an amazing car too! These were lovely cars back in their halycyon days.
  9. i agree man , you have vested interests in some sweet cars bro. Don't sell, don't sell !
  10. Another thing too with the higher mileage examples, they apparently eat suspension components. A Kiwi buddy of mine who also lives in the USA purchased a 4.6is to use in Aspen Colorado where he lives. His also has clocked inter-galactic mileage (170,000 miles). He replaced the timing chain, has spent a vast fortune replacing the control arms, tie rods, bushes, not to mention shocks. Despite the costs to run his (which is an extreme daily driver), he loves it. He has owned a plethora of M-cars prior to the 4.6is - and he loves it!
  11. ssbmw

    M5 Goodness!

    I had a 1990 South African spec 535is in a very unusual plum type colour and throwing star replica's.. Full body kit and sports interior. It was spec'd incredibly - as a good as a E34 M5. Would have kept it except an opportunity arose to buy my 'first love' - a NZ new M635csi - which I simply could not ignore. I put it on the old 'auto trader' magazine - and it was gone on the first day the magazine sold. Have always wanted to buy an E34 M5 - might buy my friends example in the future. Such a cool car.
  12. ssbmw

    M5 Goodness!

    The E34 to me is such a pretty car. The design in my mind hasn't dated. A buddy of mine has one in white with body kit and throwing stars - appointed in M-cloth /leather. Stunning motor car.
  13. Hi Scott, sorry to jump belatedly on this thread. The reason I am typing these words is because of the 635csi. My first car love was the BMW 635csi. My best friend's dad was a mega -successful architect - and his salad days were the 1980's. In 1982, had a blue 633csi. That was followed by a UK imported, 1983 635csi in Royal Blue with black recaro seats. I was smitten by that car. I remember that car like it was yesterday. He proceeded to delve into the world of Ferrari's - but I recall in 88 - he bought another 635csi in royal blue for his wife. Such a stunning car!!! My dream was to get one - a dream fulfilled in 1999 when I bought a 1989 635csi Highline - in Burgundy / cream leather - at the time one of the best examples in NZ. This car has been discussed a few times before. I have a register of M635csi's in NZ ( 20 examples in NZ new plus various imports). As for 635csi's I was told in 99 that there were over 100 in NZ. They were popular - despite their $125k price tags when BMW NZ imported them in from around 84/85. Sadly rust has affected many - with many once fabulous UK examples now dead and I have heard of a few NZ new examples been affected too. Sorry - hard to determine accurately how many live today. However, not many 1979 examples with a body kit, adorned in Henna red!
  14. The recaro’s which even some early M635csi’s had has an option. In my opinion, gorgeous seats.
  15. Is the colour Henna red or Zinnober? Sensational colour! I am intrigued by the body kit. I see that the bumper assembly has been dechromed and the front spoiler looks sort of like one from a M635csi, and the rear diffuser kind of looks similar to the optional M-technic skirt available on later cars. Side skirt looks a tad different to the M- technic option. Body colour side mirrors too- once again a M635csi feature. As for the boot spoiler, once again very unique- and despite not being a fan of spoilers sitting on boot lids- probably aesthetically appealing versus the clumsy 1st generation rubber spoiler on 1979 examples.. Externally it’s a far cry from a garden-variety, 1979 635csi. If it was mine, I’d try and get some recaro front seats like you could have ordered till around 85’. Stylish seats that would look far better than the comfort seats here.
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