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  1. Can one tell me what the numbers on the conrods mean 2512 J06
  2. The only v8 engines thst you will find readily available will m60,m62 these are early V8 engines introduced in 93 e32,34 5series 3.5-4.0 they are also pre VANO.
  3. I understand the vtronic system on the N62b48 is just one of the issues with these engines. Can you dictch the heads and just run vanos heads from something else,in other words reconfiger the short block to run just vanos or preferably none vanos. All input appreciated.
  4. Can you put none vanos heads on a vanos engine short block.
  5. Iv asked my local bmw dealer techs some pritty straight forward questions and they've ether said that there not sure,or that it wont work. Example, m54b30 i have 2 engins 98,04 had issues with o2 sensor, they have 2 different o2 sensors,different plug input,different diameter. 04 different 90mm diameter, asked would smaller one run the engine, the dude laught down the phone, said silly idea and no wont happen. So installed smaller o2 sensor, runs mint.
  6. By the sound of it your already in a complicated situation, if offering advice is make it worse i look for to reading about your remadie. Good luck.👍😂
  7. Makesure you change piston position to tdc for each cylinder.
  8. Pressurize cylinder,air finds fault and exits trouble spot,like hole in ballon.
  9. Realy! If you have a crack between a valve,through water jacket into the cylinder you wont get a leak,it burn in the cylinder and come out as condesation from the exhaust,thats why it takes so long for results from refill,it burning the water....🧠
  10. Leak down test i think its call,you can buy the system for bout $80,also need a small compressor. Pressurize each cylinder through spark plug entry hole,then observation,air leak hiss from tale pipe exhust valve's, from throttle body,inlet valves,bubbles in expansion tank,cracked head,out of oil filer or dipstick bad ring.
  11. Very interesting, great beams.👍
  12. Deffed


    Ok fellow bmw people,electrical!. Washing the car,smell hot wireing, thought it was water blaster, went to start car,zero!.no lights nothing,oops pop the boot batteries warm. Had a nose round burnt earth wire in break light. Would this cause a complete electrical shut,that is my quistion. Cheers for any info.
  13. Hi there,i just your posts about oil pumps for your m60,posted in 2019. Was it successful?
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