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  1. In 96 the moved from the m60b40 v8 to m62b44. 4ltr to 4.4,also updated the block from nikasil to alusil. Nikasil suffered bore degradation due to hi sulfer content fuel that was present in Europe and the US in the early 90s. The shenitser bit would be the difference. E39 5 series are pritty cheap check value of standard one comparison to shenitser.
  2. You can pick up so called conversion kit. Box,clutch fluid res,hose,2nd hand 5speed and clutch $1200,the hard part is finding the shifter.
  3. Hi all,iv just acquired e46 convertible m3 front set up,iv done a couple of checks. Some of the measurements are narrower than my 330 sedan cross member. My assumption was that the dimensions would be wider than sedan. I'm wondering if it really m3. All and any info appreciated.
  4. Thanks for your comments once I get power to it il be in touch.
  5. Is this company in nz? I'd like to be able to manufacture carbon components for e46 if there's someone in nz that can do this.
  6. It's already our of the car,the body is stripped I can only see the damage from this accident the rest looks completely factory. Is it possible to take the unit somewhere to be tested?.
  7. Hi all,after an accident can the air bag control unit be reused and is the post face lift component compatible with the earlier e46 all and any info appreciated. Regards Deffed.
  8. Hi all on the hunt for a reputable supplier that has or can sauce a carbon fiber roof for e46 coupe,any and all info appropriated.👍
  9. Hi Driftit,I don't want to run vanos. I have a few sets of m60b40 heads that I'm getting built in 3 different combinations. These will sit on top of m62b44 with m60 twin row timing gear. Just looking for various air intake system one I have already is m5 itb set up from e38 I think.
  10. N62b48 has the valvetronic system and the variable air intake system. I'd like to see if it would work on m60b44 itb engine.
  11. Hi all,I'm looking for the fastest way to get all the running gear out of a 650,got a car hoist available for one day,any links appreciated. Complete 650 shell for sale after less seats and smg system.
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