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  1. Performance and knowledge on how to get performance, budget depends on whats out there and at what price,im rebuilding a m54b30,want to increase compression, get the rpms up,people say you cant get much performance out of ITBs,big cams,thats what i want to use,fuel in big bang exhaust out as fast as possible.
  2. Haya mate cheers for the info,i had those guys in tauranga in mind too,seems there bout the best bet,il probly be doing the whole short block,try get compression up a bit cams,got guy here in Christchurch doing cams for my V8 he says the vanos cams are a bit tricky so will probly get cams from the aswell was looking at schiekmotor sport in Germany they have vanoa cams 10.9 2,1 for €790.Thats pritty resonable i thought.
  3. Recommendations for mid ranged priced rebuild kits for m54b30,bearings, rods pistons. Normal aspiration to start but,turbo/super charged future. All info is good info,preferably NZ suppliers.
  4. Iv pulled the disa out its secure.
  5. Deffed

    M60b40 upgrades

    Il will be getting cams and headers made.
  6. Deffed

    M3 sedan

    Ali bar bar has some but you have to buy 6 sets,carbon fiber.
  7. Deffed

    M3 sedan

    Thanks for the info. Im now contemplating making a flip front.
  8. Deffed

    M3 sedan

    Sorry e46.
  9. Deffed

    M3 sedan

    Dose any one know where or if theres an after market m3 gaurds for a sedan.
  10. On the hunt for e46 coupe, can be completely gutted as long as main structural components are sound. South island.
  11. Deffed

    M60b40 upgrades

    Thanks for the info,im planing to run itb,dose the information include this type of induction,8x65hp throttle bodies = 550hp 65 hp per cylinder. o port match the intake manifold to it but thats easy
  12. Any information on maximum hp on standard bottom end m60b40 v8,im looking for this information for performance parts requisition, cams and throttle bodies.
  13. What are the throttle bodies like?front suspension?manul gearbix?
  14. Is it worth documenting processes involved to do this work and shearing with others.
  15. Do you think a standerd 330i subframe will handle 500hp?
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