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  1. Did you ever get this problem sorted out Cam?
  2. F30N20

    N52 oil leaks

    The plastic valve covers are known for warping and cracking.
  3. Hi Guys, does anybody know if it's possible to change the jap E39 rear number plate area to the wider euro spec without changing the whole bootlid? I really hate the narrow jap one!
  4. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/exterior/listing/3073041811 Have you tried this wrecker? It's very rarely the antenna diversity though, so I'd be looking very closely at that wiring. Or maybe take it to the dealer or a good Indy who knows BMWs. The proper way to diagnose this fault is with an oscilloscope, and you have to know which wires to check with the oscilloscope. Most garages or Auto Sparkies won't have any knowledge of this.
  5. They are only single turbo. Twinpower turbo refers to the twin scroll turbo that they use i think. The engines themselves aren't too bad. They can be a bit noisy and have the usual BMW oil leaks and coolant leaks. They're not the same engine as the normally aspirated ones
  6. Are you talking about petrol or diesel engine?
  7. Just a thought here, try swapping the VANOS solenoid plugs from one to the other. I've seen it before where people have reconnected them incorrectly, ie: intake onto exhaust solenoid and vice versa. The plugs are the same and very easy to mix up if they aren't marked prior to removal. Try swapping them and see if it's any better.
  8. What is the part number on your unit?
  9. Sometimes the broken wires are further inside the car and you need to drop the roof lining down to find/repair them
  10. Yes correct, they don't mention it. They were having too many problems with the EGR valves faulting after the EGR cooler had been replaced so they directed all dealers to replace the complete EGR module.
  11. No they don't. BMW NZ directed all dealers to replace the complete EGR module which includes the EGR valve and cooler.
  12. Do you know if your car has had the EGR cooler/valve recall done on it? If it hasn't it might be worth checking if it's due as they'll replace it for free. If it has had it done they may have not done properly hence the codes.
  13. Brilliant, thanks for that info. Do you remember the name of the company you used? Google brings up a few, carsoft and makcoding, but I've heard bad things about one of them (oemnavigation) fsc.map also came up but that page seems to be dead.
  14. I've been reading this thread with interest. The car is looking great. I have an F30 as well and have been looking into getting my nav converted. Did you have to remove the hdd in the HU and get it formatted @sobanoodle? I have been told this, but it seems like it's not that involved? Maybe they are trying to make it sound complicated 🤔
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