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  1. KwS

    Quick rant thread.

    I'd probably stop walking into them if mine were that wide.
  2. The lug bolts dont tighten into the rotor, they tighten into the hub behind the rotor. Something will be catching somewhere. Check strut clearance, but it does just sound like pads rubbing on the rotor which is normal.
  3. KwS

    E87 Vs e91

    I believe it was @M3AN that did some research into the suspension on the E87 and noted that they had very little travel before they were running on the bump stop, leading to a crashy ride.
  4. Spotted a black E46 coupe the other morning on my commute. MASSIVE T wing on the boot, but worse than that, a MASSIVE light bar bolted to the bonnet. It was the full width of the bonnet 😟 What a stupid trend.
  5. KwS


    If the liquid isnt oily, is clear and odourless... do you have the AC on? Could be normal condensation draining from the AC system, tends to come out sort of behind where the engine is, where the footwells are.
  6. Of the wrong size and style...?
  7. If you get a reply. God that annoys me.
  8. Thats stunning, and well worth the asking price. Wouldnt even know it was over 300,000km by the photos.
  9. We had the new Genesis G70 come through when I worked at a Hyundai dealership. Really nice car, built on the Kia Stinger platform so gets the twin turbo V6. Our first one came in, and had different coloured wheels on each side (black on one side, grey on the other. Not intentional). That was a bastard to sort out.
  10. Cant even advertise it right, its not a bloody V8 at all. The W8s are cool cars, but have some really gross common failures that are a sh*t to fix due to the packaging. Even doing things like changing the air filter is a nightmare due to the cramped engine bay.
  11. Could always offload the heavy lifting to something like Imgur, but at the end of the day after resizing, the images are very small so shouldn't be too much of an issue.
  12. That will be a great project for someone, but I get it gets a quick and nasty repair and resold for a lot more.
  13. Cant have been a car for anyone important, maybe just MPs/opposition or something. its got one of the shortest options lists I think i have ever seen on a 7 series. A poverty pack 7 series...
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