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  1. Carjam says Auto, would need a cert
  2. if it plugs in, it pays reduced RUC. If it doesnt plug in and is a normal hybrid, only pay fuel tax.
  3. Who hasn't had a good scandal tbh. If you were worried about the ethics of your car, you wouldn't have a car.
  4. If you can, try to find one that has as few gimmicks as possible. Active steering, active headlights and dynamic drive are the three i would try to avoid if possible, due to unreliability. Otherwise it should be a pretty solid, albeit big, car.
  5. Dont even get me started on Supercats. They shouldnt be legally able to be sold as tyres. Barely ok in the dry, but downright dangerous in the wet. Had two or three cars come on them now and all have been like driving on marbles in the wet.
  6. KwS

    E36 V8 touring

    Not to mention the tiptronic gate on the shifter too Gorgeous looking car and awesome conversion. I bet the colour combo with the leather looks great
  7. KwS

    Quick rant thread.

    The logic of factory wheel bolts failing a cert escapes me. I believe the cert system is good for the most part, but that seems a bit stupid.
  8. In my garage. Not everyone owns just JDM or Euro cars
  9. When everything works, they do make really good open road/long distance cruisers though. Very comfortable and I imagine they would be super stable on the Autobahn.
  10. IMO the N62 is a dog of an engine, with many well known, although serious, issues that they all seem to suffer eventually. Sure, you can fix them all one by one, but by that point you have spent thousands on just the engine, and havent even begun to work on the issues the E63/64 platform has. I'd take an E46, or even an E90, over another of those horrible land whales any day. Theres a reason you are finding them in your budget...
  11. My impression was that the person giving them away was hoping they went to someone that wanted parts for their car, not for some wanker to try and make a buck. Chucking it on trademe isnt "putting in the effort".
  12. Doesnt matter what the market is doing, if the owner is happy to take a certain price 🤷‍♂️ (unless its over priced, but the seller will figure that out in time and also doesnt need someone harping on about it being over priced...)
  13. I see its back due to the buyers finance falling through (bet that'll happen a lot now too). https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/m3/listing/4420632073?bof=legWhr5l Already has some knob in the comments saying its worth more and to remove the $30k buy now. I dont know why people do that, if the seller is happy with $30k, let them do what they want.
  14. Stop wasting your time and go buy a Corolla or something then. No one cares about your whinging.
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