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  1. Glad I'm not alone on that one. Ruins the clean lines.
  2. Yeah, asking 15k and having no interest in putting a new WOF on it screams "be very wary" to me. Also not keen on the rolled/pulled rear arches that are starting to rust...
  3. Shite thats a good deal for a FL manual with billys.
  4. I may have missed the bit where the owner even wants to go faster.... 🤣🤣
  5. I've driven a E36 318iS coupe and it didn't set the world alight. Like in my Compact, the 4 pot makes for a decent commuter but give me a six any day, even in auto form.
  6. KwS

    Lachssilber E30 M325i

    If you are going to "plug the holes" for now, make sure you strip it back to bare metal as far as you can, treat the rust, paint it with something heavy in Zinc, and then fill the holes. That will at least slow the cancer in the mean time.
  7. Front seats look very dry with damage to the drivers bolster and the gear knob is falling to bits. All the important touch points. It'd tidy up, but it's asking a pretty premium price as it is.
  8. ugh that JPS livery looks so shite on it. Interior looks really tired too. Im not sure on the value tbh. It'd be a niche market for people that actually know and care what it is, everyone else will just see a four pot e36 sedan (basically the second least desirable model after the compact).
  9. Two tone is a factory style (even if this car has been painted), and i think it looks quite smart.
  10. What gauge faces did they install? Dont the GPs already have unique grey faces? A GP is one of those cars you just dont mess with, the factory did it right first time 😆
  11. Red mirrors is a GP thing, not done by a PO. A very cool car.
  12. That'd be the perfect commuter for me. Plenty of range for the round trip even if I gunned it everywhere (as if you wouldn't), damn cool styling and the simplicity of not worrying if it will start. Wonder what it's worth, since 20k isn't reserve.
  13. Are nzdm BMWs designed to run on 91 detuned like some other new cars are (compared to overseas markets that require higher octane)?
  14. Agreed, my stage 2+ E91 was stupid to drive. Yes, it passed anything, anywhere, anytime, but it was very much at the risk of my licence/jail. Around town it was far too much power to use. It was pointless.
  15. Thats a dream world. Maybe if you were single and prepared to live in a busy cbd in an apartment (ugh yuck to both) but the chances of both people in a household working within 5km of home? ha!
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