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  1. KwS

    i3 Purchase

    BMW is obviously doing something differently then. The ones i work with run about 7-8L/100km when the battery is empty, which is far away from its sub 2L/100KM rating normally.
  2. KwS

    i3 Purchase

    I daily my 9bar (realistic 90-100km range) Leaf and its perfect. I have two other cars I can use if I need to go long distance and dont want to quick charge. I wouldnt go back to dailying an ICE though, nothing beats the instant torque, silent running and costing bugger all to run. The problem with a PHEV is you are getting the worst of both worlds. A short battery range, and lugging around the ICE hardware. What people dont understand about normal PHEVs (i cant comment on the REX as thats technically an EV with a range extender), is that the ICE only fuel consumption once the battery runs out is terrible, worse than most standard ICE cars and definitely worse than a normal hybrid (which also doesnt pay RUC).
  3. KwS

    E61 M5 Touring life

    I could be here all day And to annoy all the tesla drivers with their LOLGAS/NOGAS/LOLOIL plates,
  4. KwS

    i3 Purchase

    Classic Tesla owner. OP wants an i3, looking to spend about $20k based on the age and KM in the first post... Tesla fanboy storms in pimping out how much better a Model Y is than everything else in the world. The cheapest for sale is twice what the OP is looking to pay for an I3, and lets face it, no one is cross shopping the awesome little i3 which pushed the boundaries of design and tech, with Elons overweight ugly abomination.
  5. That generation is well known for having a dog of an engine, classic BMW N series things. High oil consumption, timing chain issues, the usual. R53 Cooper S is a better bet, with the supercharged engine.
  6. This says it all https://x.com/jasonfenske13/status/1805771033150210400?t=O3nVx_fFQm5v5pzW6mokJA&s=19 Bmw have lost their direction.
  7. If its a Japanese import, you might find more tape in various other random places. They love putting metal tape on things for "static discharge" reasons.
  8. "hot hatch" - Weighs 1600kg depending on spec... what a lardarse. it'll be fast, but it'll never be nimble. To be fair to its size though, its marginally bigger than an E87. Its a decent looking Kia though.
  9. Dont forget the what, $700+, for a cert too
  10. The 630i is the one to own, even with the faults it has. Could be a nice car if you got it cheap enough. The active steering is scary when it goes, mine had an intermittent fault with that and would randomly set the angle of the steering wheel. Turners wouldnt touch my 650i, they knew the V8 was that trash 🤣
  11. KwS

    Quick rant thread.

    They're planning that shite for a major intersection on SH2 northbound towards Upper Hutt. A "Raised safety platform" they call it, on the main road. Add to that, dropping it from 100kph to 60kph through the intersection. They have the same style intersection just up the road, but without the platforms and its 80kph, and its fine, so why not just replicate that?
  12. Thats lovely. I feel like the price is about right for a non-turbo B10? Its basically just a flashy auto 535i with some engine mods after all, so the market would be quite niche
  13. Someone is going to buy that and press it into service and find out why low km cars that have been sitting around for decades arent a good idea. The tires alone have a date code of 5206 on them, which makes them almost 20 years old. That should be illegal to wof/sell.
  14. Ah yes, Michael Grant Motors... i thought it was that car too 🤣 Looks like its gone from TM, so maybe they finally gave up?
  15. that whole interior is lush AF, so much better than black. Would hoon.
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