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  1. I'd love one these days but they're almost impossible to buy. They all got thrashed, blown up and scrapped years ago. Even my twincam non turbo BFMR was awesome, especially on gravel roads.
  2. Oh yeah. I turned down swapping my cl1 euro r for a tidy, stock, road legal nzdm AE86 levin. What a f**king asshat 😫
  3. Should've kept my first dc2r turbo and should've bought a gtr when they were affordable. Mad Ragrets.
  4. KwS

    Quick rant thread.

    One thing I will agree with is that these platforms need to be more regulated and the providers held accountable for what their algorithm is doing. Probably won't happen though as these make money, and cash is king.
  5. KwS

    E46 M3

    And if it is still a virgin you start to question life. Whats even real. Anyone that says they havent flogged their M3 is anger is bullshitting. Its what they're made for and what they do best.
  6. KwS

    Quick rant thread.

    Idiots will idiot. Natural selection will select. Sheep will sheep. AI will dominate all.
  7. KwS

    Quick rant thread.

    Anyone with half a brain should already know what social media is doing in the background, nothing in The Social Dilemma should be a surprise these days. I didnt find it that scary, nor did it make me want to delete all my accounts.
  8. KwS

    E46 M3

    Not a coincidence at all.
  9. KwS

    E46 M3

    Careful, not allowed to speculate about cars in here!
  10. Im so glad its finally found a good home. Stunning inside and out.
  11. KwS

    E46 M3

    You're being awfully defensive about this car...?
  12. I'd be wondering why he says the throttle actuators need attention. Not a cheap job.
  13. KwS

    E46 M3

    You also need to think if it was written off 12 years go when the car was worth more and parts were more available, it must have been bad for the insurer to not fix it.
  14. KwS

    E46 M3

    Sounds like a substantial shunt then...
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