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  1. Set and forget. I do it when I have a set amount I want to pay. Set the auto bid and leave it, dont have to worry about forgetting to bid. Its possible Jim set an autobid at 15k, and Vonkrum had one set for slightly lower, which would explain the jump.
  2. It was an option. My old 94 M3 had only a drivers airbag, whilst my 96 E36 had drivers and passengers. Plenty of cars back then didnt have them standard, it was early days of the technology.
  3. They aint even big grilles bro, but you can bet there will be a redesign to "fix" that coming.
  4. This is how you make big grilles and sharp angles look good. Also a good lesson in not making your wheels look tiny.
  5. It is good stuff, but unless you protect or clear coat the light it will start yellowing again, and the more you polish it, the quicker it will fade again.
  6. This alone is a damn shame. They deserve to be driven and enjoyed.
  7. I wasnt aware the IS came in auto, cant be many of them around, most you see pop up are manual. Fantastic colour.
  8. Its not a "war", its just TM autobid doing its thing. Obviously they set and forget at the price they want to pay.
  9. Was thinking the same tbh.
  10. KwS

    FS: 07 650i

    Need to sell my 650i. Got it as a trade, needed a couple of things to tidy it up, done that and now it needs a new owner. Runs and drives great, no signs of the usual N62 smoking. Trans is lovely and smooth. Need it gone to make it rain on my other project. $15k ONO Number plate: JCC90 Year: 2007 Kilometres: 123,500km Exterior colour: Mineral Silver Doors: 2 door Body style: Sedan Seats: 4 Fuel type: Petrol Cylinders: 8 cylinder Engine size: 4790cc Transmission: Automatic Import history: Imported Registration expires: Aug 2021 WoF expires: Feb 2022 Fuel economy stars: 2.5 out of 6 https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/3021254939
  11. This dude speaks the truth. Unless you get a real minter auto that has all the exact spec you want otherwise, its just not that worth it. There are things you forget when converting to manual, like tuning the ECU to kill the rev hang, or swapping the diff so you dont end up revving the nuts off it at 100kph. Not to mention all the consumables, bushes, etc.
  12. The Fit is the only car I have consistently owned for the past 8 years. You can joke as much as you want, but its reliability is unmatched, and i've done almost 100,000km in it (and its done almost 200,000km). I also currently own a 650i, a modified Corolla and a Morris Marina Coupe. I just change cars so often I dont update my "cars" on here.
  13. Reminds me of years ago I sold the last in a line of fast Subarus I had owned, and was shopping for an S13. Test drove one, went to change lanes on a dual carriageway, put my foot down and suddenly i was opposite lock sideways across both lanes, looking out the side window at traffic following me. I was so used to the AWD system gripping, and little turbo lag that I wasnt ready for when the massive turbo lag caused the boost to come on in one huge hit and got snap oversteer. Thankfully straightened it up easy enough, but the owner, who was sitting next to me at the time was all like "sh*t yeah its awesome aye?!" and im there trying not to paint the seat brown.
  14. *i know its an i20, but Hyundai has done some impressive things with its N lineup. Also, But lets not forget Its no real surprise that the N team is led by the former BMW M boss.
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