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  1. Just because many other classic cars have been reshelled in the past doesn't make it good or legal. It's illegal, and shouldn't be on the road. There is nothing to say the 318i shell isn't from a stolen car (no history of where that shell came from, just that it was a 318i), and if anyone in authority (wof inspector, certifier, police etc) can prove the tags don't match the shell, it's 100% game over, you would probably have to reshell it again, properly. It's no different to my M328i, which was a full M3 conversion into a 328i shell. I couldn't just plate and tag it (like this e30), it had to remain registered as a 328i and be certified for the modifications.
  2. I'd just call Pick A Part and have then pick it up. I believe they will pay you for it.
  3. KwS

    FS - BMW 130i 2008

    I did wonder, Not many with that interior. I drove it when @NZ_InFerno had it and it was a really well sorted car, didn't feel it's mileage at all.
  4. I believe when done correctly the foam should be thick and almost kinda globby, not runny, and should look white, not like you sprayed some soap on the paint. Either way, i concur, never found it that useful and just adds a step I cant be bothered doing. My fancy foam cannon and foam reside at the very back of my cabinet now. @Sammo would it be worth looking at a proper ceramic coating for your E30?
  5. KwS

    Quick rant thread.

    I believe part of the problem is the growing trend of always illuminated dash clusters. Back in the day you knew your lights were off because you couldnt see your speedo, now you have to look for a little light in the dash to know if your lights are on. That and the reliance on auto lights and wipers. We're making drivers dumber with these driver "supports".
  6. The condition of it in the listing screams an owner that does the typical Kiwi bare minimum to keep it on the road. This gear knob disgusts me. Who wants to put their hand on that every time they drive it?
  7. Spotted it on Facebook, seller wants 15K for it, so the reserve cant be far off on TM.
  8. KwS


    Shame it's auto otherwise it's perfect.
  9. You're talking like it isnt already. Toyota is on its second generation of Mirai which seems to be received quite positively, with the only real complaint being the lack of filling stations. Hyundai also has the Nexo, which has the same issue. Really looking forward to big names finally pushing Hydrogen a bit harder. Hopefully this is the start of what we need to finally topple the battery monopoly.
  10. I like the ACS kit, spoiler included
  11. KwS

    Quick rant thread.

    The guy that runs Beisan is a dick. Last I checked he hadn't updated the S50B30 instructions despite them being wrong and he got shitty when I contacted him about it. No surprise he is trying to do shifty freight. Probably would've chucked it on the slowest USPS anyway, even if you paid extra.
  12. How does the sunroof delete work? Does he actually mean it's a slicktop, or has the sunroof cassette been pulled out and the hole plugged?
  13. No and its tacky AF. 28K, "no known bodywork damage" and this is the front alignment. I also hate the painted rear black moulding since it doesnt match the rest \ Its a nice car, but im seeing a few things that would concern me, and a few things that indicate to me that the previous owner wasnt too fastidious about its condition.
  14. I cant help on the specific you asked for, but be aware that a lot of dealers will not provide service history from previous owners due to privacy concerns.
  15. KwS

    Quick rant thread.

    Can an admin round all these threads up and dump them in one place? They're spreading quicker than covid.
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