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  1. Successful trip to the WoF man. There was an E30 in for some / quite a lot of rust repairs, hard not to want them even when you can see all the issues isn’t it ha
  2. Sort of took my eye off it thinking anything under $16/17k was dreaming. I can get behind a buyers market after the 2021/22 boom years haha
  3. This seams reasonable considering prices of other listings, if it’s really as good as the photographs.
  4. So it has been slow today, and I like lists... M: E30 M3 E46 M3 CSL E26 M1 E28 M5 E39 M5 E36 M3 E12 M535i E24 M635CSi E34 M5 AC Schnitzer: Not for me. Alpina (some great pre-M era cars): 1600-2 Alpina Alpina A4S (2002) Alpina B7S Turbo (E12) Alpina C1 2.3 (E21) Alpina B3 2.7 Touring (E30) 1802 Alpina Alpina B10 V8 S (E39) Alpina B10 3.0 Touring (E34) Hartge: H35-24 (E30) 335i (E21) Hartge M5 (E28) H6SP (E24) 3.5 M3 Evo (E36) H5S (E34) Combined (one model code): BMW E30 M3 BMW E46 M3 CSL Alpina 1600-2 Alpina A4S (2002) Hartge 335i (E21) Alpina B7S Turbo (E12) Hartge M5 (E28) Hartge 3.5 M3 Evo (E36) Hartge H5S (E34) BMW E26 M1 Hartge H6SP (E24) Alpina B10 V8 S (E39) ... or something like that.
  5. This seems like something to tackle on the next slow workday. Would any AC Schnitzer, Alpina or Hartge cars make their way into anyone's lists?
  6. I know what you mean @Goose, I think we all have cars we regret selling. I would have kept most of the cars I've had if I had the space and didn't need to sell one to buy another. They are great cars, and that's a nice looking E24.
  7. Six months of trouble free daily driving. Grabbed a coffee with @nath and his B3 yesterday. Only Alpina I’ve seen in NZ since leaving the UK almost ten years ago, worth the wait.
  8. That show is so good. How painful is it looking at old advertisement prices?!
  9. Hi Warren, how did / are you getting on with this? 👀
  10. "The E30 reigns supreme in my heart always." Me too brother, if you need anyone to take care of her while you're in the UK... I'm selfless like that 🤣
  11. Still dailying that 36. The ‘daily’ been parked up ha
  12. Going to have to pop over and see her @BMTHUG!
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