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  1. Great service. Contacted Gavin by email, and contactless pick-up available from his store.
  2. cleanish_e46


    Hope so @Ghost Chip fortunately I had covered the block and taped up all electrics as I went. I think the carpets copped the worst of it.
  3. cleanish_e46


    Long story short: a pipe burst at home and for five minutes a lot of water covered everything in the kitchen and garage below. The seats were out, but the passenger footwell was soaking. Carpets had to come out, can't have that foam underneath holding water in the car. . Everywhere is solid, so there's the silver lining.
  4. Cheers @WYZEUP do you know how much a sheet of this goes for?
  5. Seats are out, but yes I think I will remove the sill trims and see how much more I can lift it up. Had a dehumidifier running in the car all day, certainly smells better than it did, but like you say that foam underneath will be difficult to dry. Floor pans look good and solid from what I’ve seen so far so there’s the silver lining.
  6. Long story short: a pipe burst at home and for five minutes a lot of water covered everything in the kitchen and garage below. The passenger footwell is soaking. I guess it got in through the intake vents under the windscreen. Has anyone had success drying the carpet without removing it from the car? The car is on an angle as the front is on jack stands so the water has pooled towards the rear, in the rear passengers footwell. Can I lift the carpet up from the rear to dry it? Just as much as necessary as it’s not all wet. Any advice appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the heads up @dirtydoogle
  8. Where are people getting their steel during lockdown?
  9. cleanish_e46


    Pulled the interior out this afternoon and found a wee hole in front of the driver's seat. Solid everywhere else, just spots of surface rust to be sanded. Will have to strip this back to find out how bad it is, but it's in a relatively flat spot so should be an easy patch.
  10. cleanish_e46


    Cheers for that John, does seem unlikely as you say, but still haven't figured it out to be honest. I'll try that.
  11. cleanish_e46


    Made a start on the rust on the 325i today, we’ll call her Goldie for now. Pretty solid behind the bumper. Not so much beneath the battery. One patch. Two patches. This one is the niggliest. Nothing too horrific though, and everywhere else looks solid.
  12. cleanish_e46


    Got the head back today: Tank cleaned, crack / hardness tested and resurfaced at Engine Specialties in Glenfield.
  13. cleanish_e46


    Not the morning I needed after working on my house yesterday. In the few hours I was away last night, someone broke in and stole all my tools that are worth stealing. Not ideal. Anyway, the 325i. Replaced the leaking fuel hose and while I was under there jacked up the transmission and tightened a loose mount. The sunroof was sealed shut and to be fair to whoever did it, they’ve done a good job of keeping the elements out. Was a bit concerned about what it was going to look like but it’s pretty good. I’m not absolutely sure what’s missing but I know the left and right gates are broken and drive cable is missing so sing out if you know where I might source these. Onto the worst of it now. I started sanding around a couple of holes in the rear valance. Those couple of holes are now several, but I expected that. At least it’s easily accessible and so far I haven’t found any rust anywhere else. Will cut out what’s no good and weld some new stuff in.
  14. cleanish_e46


    I've been having a closer look at this since Project Mo has stalled with the B20 head still at the machine shop. Came across an almost complete factory toolkit and service booklet with stamps from new until about 10,000km ago. Almost everything that appeared to be missing has shown up in the glovebox / footwells / under seats or in the boot. Short of the E30 M3, this is a dream project for me and brings back a lot of memories of watching the British Touring Car Championship with my dad at Silverstone. Just opening the garage door is enough to put a smile on my dial at the moment... IMG-2263.mov
  15. cleanish_e46


    Interesting development today. I have been looking for a manual conversion since I bought the car. Long-term goal was to pair that with a B25, and long long-term goal was a stroker build once my knowledge and pocket allowed. Happened across this old girl a couple of weeks ago. NZ new, factory manual 325i. Needs some interior bits and minor rust patches, but starts and runs well. Expected it to be good for a donor, but after chucking it up on the hoist, she’s really not that bad. Justified the purchase by picking it up for what the engine and box would set me back in this market. Happy days. (Much needed after lockdown). Another one to save!
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