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  1. There's no part number on it, but I think I've found the correct one on Real OEM: 17111707564 (supercedes 17111709351 & 17111709353).
  2. Hi, I need a replacement radiator for a pre-facelift 320i. It’s automatic and doesn’t have air conditioning. This one has been re-cored 02/09, but it’s no good. Does anyone have a good one for sale, or know where I can source one / have one made? Apparently these earlier ones aren’t as available. Dimensions are 460 x 380 x 30. Thanks.
  3. cleanish_e46


    Finding the odd hour for this when the baby is asleep. Plan is to fix the intake and exhaust manifolds to the head while it's out of the car and just bolt it all back down together. Hopefully the fuel injectors work well and just need the seals replacing.
  4. Looking forward to putting some life back into my 325i, just need to finish the 320i first. Have learnt heaps on that, but have kept it stock. Hoping to get a bit more out of the B25!
  5. Clocked this on the shore last week, lovely looking and sounding!
  6. cleanish_e46


    Adjusted the valve clearances. Spark plugs are in. Exhaust manifold and rocker cover studs are also in. Need to track down some inlet manifold studs as my go to guy doesn’t have any in stock. Is there anywhere anyone would recommend? Started to give the manifolds a clean up this afternoon, the fuel injectors took some pulling out! Is it easier to fix the exhaust and intake manifolds to the head while it’s out of the car, and then just lift it all on together before bolting the head back on to the block? Cheers.
  7. cleanish_e46


    No. Checked it against another M20 and it was the same on that so figured it’s not an issue. Everything has been put back together correctly but there’s no way of getting the plate any lower as it’s sat on the rocker shafts.
  8. cleanish_e46


    Cheers for the advice on the above @BMTHUG Oil spray bar and camshaft sprocket back on. Just the valve clearances to adjust and I can close the lid on this bit.
  9. This. You can’t be late to the party and expect to pay what you could’ve when you didn’t.
  10. cleanish_e46


    I’ve replaced the rockers and rocker shafts. I’ve reinstalled the rocker retaining clips and the retaining plate. The notches for the retaining plate are lined up and I’ve tapped it in as far as it will go, but the plate is proud of the top of the head… … which means the rocker cover doesn’t sit flush. What should I do / have I done wrong?
  11. cleanish_e46


    I’ve checked the re-ground valves are sealing properly by tipping a spoonful of fuel down each port. There are no leaks underneath so on to the camshaft. I had to make something to stop the camshaft spinning while I removed the bolt. Does the job. I’m ready to replace the camshaft end seal and o-ring, the latter appears self-explanatory, but the Bentley service manual mentions, “a service press or it’s equivalent should be used to remove the old seal (I just set it on blocks and drove it out of the retainer with a mallet and flathead screwdriver), and to install the new seal.” I don’t have a press so I’m all ears if you’ve found a way that works?
  12. cleanish_e46


    Reinstalled all the valves and springs.
  13. cleanish_e46


    I got a little bit more done tonight while juggling the house reno’ and baby. Installed the new valve stem oil seals, valves and springs next. Going to try and stick to this little and often approach as I recover!
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