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  1. han16

    E55 AMG

    Thats correct, you can do it via a cardboard box/heat gun/bbq thermometer. New headlights for a $100 and some effort
  2. han16

    E55 AMG

    Nice, have had my E55 almost 5 years now. I'd be hard pressed to part ways with it. Is it just the picture or are the headlights cloudy?
  3. han16

    08 E60 M5

    A small update. The car has been behaving itself, aside from the drivers active seat starting to squeak when the side bolstering was moving in the bends. After some cursing, I managed to remove the rear panels from the drivers seat giving access to the gears which needed some lube. Over the holidays with another mate in his Lexus GS450H we did a small trip up to Opononi thru the Kauri forest on highway 12, the M5 went really well in the tight corners and I can't say enough good things about the PS4s's.
  4. han16

    08 E60 M5

    The exhaust finally sold, booked in and had Hyperdrive come out with the mobile van to fit some Michelin PS4s. Absolutely chuffed with how much better the car looks vs the black wheels.
  5. I recently purchased brakes for my M5 from BM Workshop, they supplied ATE and the price was roughly $450 a corner for the rotors. Which was about the same as buying from FCP including shipping excluding being pinged by Customs for import tax. Plus there was the added bonus of pick up and saving myself some shipping costs.
  6. I recently had the exhaust swapped on my M5 at Botany BM Workshop, they did a great job exactly how I asked. I'd also recommend.
  7. han16

    08 E60 M5

    The loud exhaust had its moments but I do enjoy a quieter car, I think my neighbours also enjoy the stock exhaust when I sit in the drive warming the car up at 630am.
  8. han16

    08 E60 M5

    Went for a drive on Saturday out to Port Waikato.
  9. han16

    08 E60 M5

    New plates arrived! Also factory exhaust is back on the car.
  10. Good luck with the purchase, I only just missed out on an E60 M5 from Cromwell. Had planned to fly down from Auckland with a mate to drive the car back, was really looking forward to the drive.
  11. han16

    08 E60 M5

    New trunk garnish fit! Just waiting on the new plates to show up.
  12. The Factory exhaust, I've had my fun with a loud exhaust for the moment.
  13. han16

    08 E60 M5

    https://www.schmiedmann.com/en/product/1936323-new?product=51-13-8-045-535 Including shipping it cost me $305NZD, took 2 weeks to get here. They packaged the part well too which was a concern with shipping something like this from Europe. Panel beater is going to paint it for $150.
  14. han16

    08 E60 M5

    Had a replacement trunk panel show up from Denmark, it will be nice to get rid of the Jap spec panel.
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