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  1. It looks like a fairly standard failure of a factory intercooler. These things happen especially on high mileage vehicles. I doubt this would be caused by and explosion, just the normal pressure in the intercooler. There is nothing in the intercooler to create such an explosion, and certainly not the amount of heat that would be required. Take the opportunity to upgrade to an aftermarket unit.
  2. Thanks man. No, that one wasn’t on trade me since before I owned it. Without a doubt the 6.2. I did a custom exhaust on it. The OEM on the CLK was a single pipe from just behind the rear cats and through a single resonator and split behind the rear axle. I took out the rear cats and resonator and did a twin 2.5 inch mild steel all the way to the back mufflers. It is the best sounding v8 in Wellington IMHO. The guy who brought it most recently works next door to my company’s offices so I get to hear it most days. It wasn’t the fastest of the 3 but it is still is a special car. Black, coup, perfect height, insane sound and a period correct set of mags it was and still is an amazing car.
  3. Like rocking horse sh*t. To be fair the 135 uses more gas than any other car I’ve owned! I can’t get it to do under 13l/100km. I’m not sure if it’s not just the way I drive it but I’ve driven the nuts off of all the cars I’ve owned and they all did much better than that. But screw it, soon we won’t have cars like these to appreciate, so who am I not to appreciate them while we have em.
  4. Ok so I may be new to BMW’s but I’m not new to the joys of European car ownership. I’ve enjoyed cars from all continents, including the US, Australia and Asia but the Euros are the ones that were the hardest ones to part with. Shout out to the DTM fans! And for the enduro fans, that’s my old twins. Go Corvette Racing!
  5. If you can’t laugh at your own car you don’t understand joys of automobile ownership. Another w211 fan, nice to see I’m not the only Mercedes fan on the forum. Damn I miss my E55.
  6. Yeah I know right. Apparently I’m the only one that likes it. I was thinking of putting one on the other side and making some rubber looking grips for them. Then when I open the sunroof I can call it a wheelbarrow.
  7. I’m looking at getting one of these: https://integratedautomotive.co.uk/product/retrofit-carplay-android-auto-bmw-1-series-e8x/ There is a seller on Trademe selling them in NZ for $650.00. I think this is their website: https://soso.co.nz/shop/bmw-ccc-idrive-apple-carplay-android-auto-kit-wireless/?wmc-currency=NZD Installation looks pretty straightforward and it integrates to all of the OEM components including the iDrive controller and display screen (10 pin CCC LDVS display).
  8. And start trying to figure out where it goes and what it is for. Next thing its 11:30 at night and you have this in your passenger footwell. The car had a comprehensive Panasonic stereo system with GPS navigation, TFT touch screen, reversing camera and DVD and HDD integrated into the OEM system installed in Japan. It is now back to the factory CCC professional stereo with re-coded radio frequency and the address book has been sorted to english for the Bluetooth phone connection. Next on the list is to add Apple Carplay/Android Auto to the OEM system. I am pretty happy with the sound from the factory speakers and twin subs so I am hoping to retain them as well as the popup LDVS screen.
  9. Thanks. It goes ok. Yes I brought it in July from a guy in Ashburton. Most of the work was done in Japan including an AEM fuel ignition controller and the bodywork, suspension and wheels. The AEM controller had been decommissioned and replaced with an MHD tune. Since I have owned it I have been going through and doing some repairs and general maintenance as well as some tweaks to get a bit more performance out of it. It still has plenty more potential. If any one has any experience with coding these I would been keen to catch up.
  10. 2008 E82 135is. New to BMW ownership.
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