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  1. The E39 looking a bit like a fish out of water
  2. https://www.carmodsaustralia.com.au/Mishimoto-MMHOSE-E90-06IHBK-Silicone-Intake-Boot-BMW-E90/E92-w/N52-engine-Black?cq_src=google_ads&cq_cmp=21063782621&cq_con=&cq_term=&cq_med=pla&cq_plac=&cq_net=x&cq_plt=gp&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwyJqzBhBaEiwAWDRJVGeIJC3-s8SrSUQ-pej9cy1s2iyF0U-8Aamy529CEq9WMOpxWdox0RoCL78QAvD_BwE
  3. Swapped out the weird factory intake for a nice Mishimoto and K@N filter, intake sounds vastly improved !
  4. Pick a part or somewhere similar should be easy to find one
  5. Yuk
  6. Sweet so how does it feel, can you notice the difference ?
  7. Appear to be a lot of auto's about currently, I almost bought one for 8 from Turners, the same car is now 6.5, buyers market at the moment I don't think it is just 130i's
  8. I got mine for 10 with 135k, maybe 8 or bit less ? Looks super tidy, jelly of that woodtrim
  9. CDV delete and new trans fluid today, easy job aside from rounding off the stupid plastic bleed screw a little..grrr What a difference !! Clutch action is just 100 times better, shifts butter smooth, what were BMW thinking with this. Interesting that my car was owned by an enthusiast without deleting it, crazy
  10. 130i out playing with the big boys
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