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  1. Agreed, $500 seems good! I had the headlining replaced in my wife’s Tiguan recently for $750 (with sunroof) and thought that was fair.
  2. Great display from BMW Car Club Northland at the Waipu Car Show today. That E39 B10 and E28 M6 were so perfect! Out of approx 1000 cars, Euros were well in the minority. Love looking at that American muscle car stuff, but not sure I’d want to own one. Might give the old 540I a wash and enter it next year, just for show parking🤣
  3. OK E39 owners, I have some rust appearing around the fuel filler door area on my 1999 E39 sedan. The fuel filler compartment (inside the door area) has a negative detail, meaning it will hold water inside it and doesn't appear to have a drain in there to remove it, this seems to be the cause of the rust. It is off to Full Noise Restoration (Totally recommend these guys if your in Whangarei) to have the rust sorted and a full exterior detail next week, looking at installing some sort of a drain while there. My question is, is this the norm, or was mine a Friday arvo build and they forgot to put a drain in!? If its the norm, has anyone installed a water drain in there before? Cheers,
  4. That looks like a great option and all I am after, available locally or just order through website? Thanks!
  5. Fitted a new set of wheels and tyres to replace the factory Style 66's on the 540i BBS LM (rep's) in 19x9.5 with Maxxis VS5 tyres. Might need to look at some slightly lower springs now. Wanted genuine BBS LM's but they would have almost doubled the value of the car! Crap photos as everything jammed in shed currently.
  6. Great looking 540i M/Sport Taylor, looks very similar to my own 1999 540i M/Sport, I don't have the sunroof though.
  7. So I'm looking to upgrade the factory radio in my 1999 e39 (Japan) and am looking at the 7" Android carplay units that seem to be readily available at a fair price., link below. Has anyone on here had any experience with these, any other recommendations or things I should look out for before going ahead with it? https://www.dicksmith.co.nz/dn/buy/lightwavescenic-7-android-auto-carplay-car-multimedia-video-player-radio-bluetooth-gps-navigation-for-bmw-x5-e38-e39-yl1025024/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=product_listing_ads&gad_source=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIr4vTzp_MgwMVYoxLBR3dKw04EAQYASABEgKz-PD_BwE I like these as they retain somewhat of the factory look, I'm not really after the Nav side of things, just looking for a slightly better sound, Bluetooth and hands free functionality. Cheers,
  8. So I know this is a long shot, but looking for a Getrag 420g for an E39 540. Ideally a complete “conversion kit” however happy to begin the process of collecting the parts. I am aware these are a sort after gearbox, and potentially a waiting list for them etc. Failing that, has anyone here had experience purchasing this type of thing out of the US? Seems to be a few available on eBay etc. Any advice appreseated👍
  9. Also, the 17" style 66 wheels just dont do it for me, so advice on wheel options would be appreciated! Thinking 19" BBS ch or Apex arc 8's
  10. Hi All, As the title suggests, I'm new to the forum, but not new to BMW's. After a 10 year brake from the habit, I have just purchased a super clean E39 540i that Im very happy with, will get some better photos soon (its currently in a storage container at my work as doing renos on the house, will be at home in garage soon) If anyone on here knows any history of the car, Id (hopefully) be keen to hear it. Have also owned a tidy E24 635csi LHD (pretty sure I saw this as a wreck on Trademe recently😥) a tidy E34 535is manual and an E36 328i manual. These were all around 10 years ago, wish I had kept them all now, bloody hindsight! Anyway, based in Marsden Point, Northland. Keen to meet anyone else in the group up this way and gain some knowledge on the E39 540's. Would love to do 6 speed conversion, but seems Getrag 420g's are rocking horse 💩 Cheers y'all
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