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  1. And here she is at the dealers. Collection will be sometime in the not too distant future after registration, pre-delivery checks and PPF application are done. I have a mate who is an amateur photographer, will get him to take some decent shots I'll upload as promised.
  2. Update: Vessel is now ~35nm east of Great Barrier Island on an ESE heading at 14 knots, due to dock in Auckland tomorrow evening.
  3. It looks like a failed design for a 1970's sci fi movie vehicle
  4. Oh for sure, photos will be provided here, no need to ask. I have a mate who owns a F80 M3, I might meet up with him and his car somewhere in Auckland at some point after the dust settles. Lots of things need to happen before that becomes possible, so we shall just have to wait and see.
  5. Update: My car is on a vessel awaiting passage through the Panama Canal. ETA in NZ is early April.
  6. Do you think this would sell well down under?
  7. I used to run mid range brands like Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear and Falken on my cars over the years, then I was introduced to Michelin Pilots and I won't be going back. But if you are on a budget those tyres give about 90-99% of the performance of more expensive tyres. In the dry sometimes it's hard to tell any difference, I found with Michelin Pilot Super Sport you get noticeably better initial turn in response but that's about it. However it is in the wet where you see the benefit of all the money you spent as the mechanical grip level is simply incredible.
  8. Update: App now says delivery is under way. Let the logistics lottery begin!
  9. Update: received my vehicles VIN number from the dealer this afternoon.
  10. Pretty much identical to what I am buying externally. EDIT: I don't know how I feel knowing I won't have the only Isle of Man green M3 Touring in NZ. I thought everyone went for Dravit/Oxide/Brooklyn/Skyscraper Grey these days? EDIT 2: Since NZ's car registry data is searchable, for the month ending January 2024 there are 21 M3 Tourings registered in NZ. There will be 3 'green' M3 Tourings in NZ once mine arrives. We know at least one of the others is also Isle of Man green, the third one could be an individual colour, who knows? Keep an eye out in and around Auckland as that is where the other two were delivered.
  11. Speed Revenue Safety Cameras about to quadruple in number "to increase safety" Yeah right... Rant over
  12. Just got emailed by the dealer. Build slot confirmed for the second week in January 2024.
  13. I wanted a grey interior but the missus vetoed it (had to keep her happy since I'd never hear the end of it otherwise). As for the brake calipers, I didn't think you could get them in yellow. You can get gold ones if you buy the carbon ceramic discs, which at $16,500 was something I didn't want. The only options I could find were blue (default), black or red. I asked the dealer about how Hamilton had managed to acquire a M3 Tourer and got told a very sad tale, not one I want to repeat on a public forum. I am inclined to believe them because they were selling the car (as in it was not being sold privately) and it wasn't road registered which is why I had to test drive their demo M3 comp sedan instead. I did get to sit in it, it does look full stealth mode in the blacked out scheme but my current car is black and it's a pain in the ass to keep clean. So thanks but I think I'll wait for a green one. Yeah I quite like the look of the Alpina B3 too, it certainly looks far more elegant and understated. But this is a M3! 👍
  14. I went into the ballot for a GR Corolla and never got lucky. I was less than amused when I saw them start to appear on Trade-Me later being sold "for personal reasons..." Yeah right, about 76000 personal reasons... 😒
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