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  1. Woke up this morning and went out on the balcony for a stretch and I spot this E90 coming down the road. Just had time to get camera ..... Dude had the baddass exhaust on it and maybe even a couply external wastegates cause when this thing came on boost past me it sounded f**kin alive....... So many awesome Bimmers over here. heaps of e46's m3's , e90 m3 and 335i's , V10 m5 , m6 f**k all e30's round though though I did spot a evo 2 like Sam's yesterday only it had being resprayed a red color
  2. s50 in and done for under 10k or m50 -m52 for under 8k Cost me 5 1/2 mths and about $5800 to get the m50 in my old beast and that's doing it on the cheap
  3. hahaha I pwned this mint itailian bird once
  4. Haha the things those yankie kunts get up to cracks me up bit dodgy when that little kid runs out in front of them
  5. Turbo e30 20psi boost 300hp............... I beg to differ but then I don't currently have to pay for it's expenses
  6. TronSpec

    Supercharged e28

    Haha I like it. If I was gonna supercharge it on a budget that's how I wouldve done it, maybe even rougher lol They don't call me Gary de Maori for nuthin
  7. TronSpec

    Emma's M325i

    hahah that fat pie sh*t is f**kin tripply random. what the f**k are you looking for when you find these pages Sam?
  8. TronSpec

    Emma's M325i

    Denny Crane..........
  9. TronSpec

    Emma's M325i

    Who rekons she should loose the mud flaps????
  10. Exactly. sh*t they are still like brand new
  11. Come in at anytime Will............. E30 mocked up rear subframe jig anybody???????
  12. Dude shane envious is right. Imagine us with some money ................. Great find man
  13. haha no training and f**kin blazed I scored a mezly 71%.
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