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  1. Dingo

    Do tyres grow?

    Failed a wof years ago on ground clearance. Checked tire pressures and they were at 20psi. Pumped them up and passed the re check no probs. Not really the same issue tho.
  2. Dingo

    E36ti tailgate

    Anyone wrecking a TI in CHCH area? I need a tailgate for a 99 316ti. Ideal colour would be SIENAROT 2 METALLIC although i'm not picky
  3. So I'm pretty heavily invested in my m20 stroker engine build. I have 85mm Mahle forged pistons M52B28 crank Schrick 272 cam and valve springs and IE heavy duty rockers. I had kinda overlooked the fact my donor engine does not have the original 885 head but instead has the aftermarket AMC head. There is plenty on the interwebs bagging the head due to the port design and finishing. The ports are pretty rough from the factory casting & machining. On the other hand companies selling the AMC head state they are a solid base for race applications. Has anyone had experience with these heads good or bad? Should I clean up the ports and carry on or find a genuine 885 head for my build? I should say I'm building the engine as a solid engine for my daily driver that might see the odd open day at the track once a year.
  4. They're 17x7.5 et41 I think they will go ok on the e30 with 5 stud conversion. May need to space them out a little.
  5. Cheers. I ended up getting the 316 for a good price. I don't know if they are the original wheels for a 99 316ti but they look like the correct fitment. I haven't taken the wheels off to see the specs on the inside of the wheel but my guestimation is they would be 17x7.5 et35ish They certainly have less dish on the lip compared to the et20.
  6. After 17 inch wheels style 5 in E36 offset. Preferably in south island. I can get some scuffed ones in chch but they're attached to a 316 What are good ones worth these days?
  7. Dingo


    Cheers I'm running E36 M3 brakes also so I really need to check they fit before I get them shipped anywhere. Already purchased some 16's that didn't fit I'm not in a rush so I'll see how it goes. GLWS
  8. Dingo


    Are your guards rolled at all to fit that offset on the E30? What front suspension are you running? I would be keen but I'm a bit far from the tron.
  9. howdy bud


    yup i am in christchurch


    what model and year of e30?

    1. Dingo


      Cool thought that was you.  I got a 318ti rear end off you last year.

      Need a radiator for my project. 1990 325i manual.  I'm not in too much of a hurry.


    2. Arron


      yup thats a easy one to sort. as far as i am aware the last of the 325 shave the e36 radiator :)


      will have some by the end of the week

  10. Are they 16" wheels, would they fit over 98 M3 brakes?
  11. Are the front brake discs "evo" M3 315x28? If so what is the remaining thickness?
  12. Did you buy these? I want some for my E30 (once it is 5 stud converted)
  13. WTB E30 Facelift rear door passenger side. Diamantschwarz preferable. Located in chch.
  14. I'm just getting it together so if you can jump in if you're quick. PM me what you are after including part numbers.
  15. Sweet the more the merrier. Maybe PM me what you want and I'll get the order together. I probably want to be placing the order next week some time.
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