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  1. Definitely a little more than I wanted to get it for but still cheap enough
  2. also go back and look at the pictures.. you'll see the centers have also been bored out...
  3. Went and looked at it 3 days ago needs a front rail put Into it as it has started to corrugate itself up by the subframe so needs a complete rail put into it. really only a parts car as even though it’s registered, pitting a rail Into it is a huge job!
  4. Arron

    E46 M3

    Crap, I’ll slap myself on the hand and put myself in time out ?
  5. Arron

    E46 M3

    does anyone else just get a feeling of "used and abused" from this? half arsed photos, gumby boi shifter, comments from the previous owner... dunno why, just get that feeling about it ?
  6. Arron

    E46 M3

    yeah, I wouldn't be so optimistic on this one to be totally honest. The system is there, but dealing with it everyday you soon realize how floored it is and some of the workmanship that gets through is frightening. The current system is not bad, HOWEVER there are still some quite frankly F****** horrible repairs going through certification. We have had cars come through with shocking welding and panel replacement which has been done be people with the "Icar" tickets.. it is pretty scary. Given that the repair took place 12 years ago when the processes were not in place like they are today and the whole certification process was still in the days of being a boys club, I would definitely be getting it looked at to ensure it has all been done properly. Lifting up the carpets to ensure things are on on the inside where the new rail has been put in and has been painted/cavity waxed as required
  7. Arron

    E46 330ci Manual

    They are gold, 8x18 et35
  8. Arron

    E46 330ci Manual

    Not sure what your budget is...... but have a set of genuine bbs lm 18 inch coming up forsale shortly!
  9. Arron

    E46 M3 Limp Mode

    My faith in Bmw techs is Indeed very quickly vanishing ?
  10. Arron

    E46 M3 Limp Mode

    So..... firstly, Lester now has his bmw back up and running after over a year and several thousand dollars of “hunting the issue” style of bmw repair strategy (coils,plugs,fuel pumps,o2 sensors.... the list goes on) . I seriously wonder how some “head technicians” get their jobs within Bmw. initial scan of the m3 came back with the following codes (in the picture). Did some googling, and found out that the cat code is Indeed the cause of the limp mode, but what was causing it? Cleared it all off, took the car for a drive and as expected, went onto limp mode along with the cat code and o2 codes coming back during this drive, love data on the scanner showed that the o2 sensor voltage values were NOT changing, which was totally odd as you can see, ALL 4 Sensors have the same heater error...... put everything nag together and was like, surely if all 4 sensors have the same error.... it must be a common something connected to all 4. First thing first, checked the o2 sensor fuse.... wouldn’t you know it.... it was blown ? as a result, the heaters were not working and the sensors were not reading as they should have been...... in turn triggering the cat protection codes because of the “lean readings” in relation to rpm some things are not hard to use half a brain and figure out.... and how Bmw have now been able to use 1/20th of a single brain cell to follow the dead obvious signs fails to amaze me I suspect that what has happened is one of the original O2 sensors has failed, shorted and taken the fuse with it creating the further errors when the new ones were installed but anyway, problem solved!
  11. Arron

    E46 M3 Limp Mode

    Have a good scanner located in Christchurch. more than happy to pop over and give it a scan to see if we can help in anyway flick me a text 0221952364 arron
  12. Can sort you out with a floor mounted shifter if you can’t find a carrier plate
  13. Arron

    s54 ITB $800!!!!

    humpy bumpy, surely these tickle someones fancy at a crazy $800
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