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  1. I am going to fit an E46 Purple steering rack to my e30 325i. I need clarification on what bits to use. The E46 rack has the Inner Rack rods fitted. What do I use for the outer rods? The E30 rods off the car or as some say the E36 rods.
  2. Waltsbm

    Window issue e30

    Have a look for the big plug inside the drivers door frame. When you open the door you see a fairly large flexible rubber tube. Peel back the rubber on the door frame, not the door. There should be a big multi pin plug there. Spray the plug with CRC or similar, leave for sometime then gently pull the plug apart. Clean all pins with CRC and reassemble. This may work it did for me, water must get into the plug. Not sure if it affected the sunroof on mine, but suspect it did as the windows and sunroof are linked together.
  3. Waltsbm

    e30Rear Screen

    Is it a working screen. I am in Nelson
  4. Waltsbm

    1989 E30 320iA parts car

    Hi Is the heated rear screen still available, is the heated panel working, how much?
  5. Waltsbm

    e30Rear Screen

    Wanted heated rear screen that works for 1990 BMW e30 325i.
  6. Waltsbm

    E30 Rear Window

    Hi is this screen still available and does the heating panel still work.
  7. Waltsbm

    A/C Compressor

    Wanted: A/C compressor for 1990 e30 325i SE. Seiko-Seiki SS-811PB3. BMW part number on Compressor 6452-1386-464. There are other options and this compressor is found on other BMW.
  8. Waltsbm

    Front Spoiler

    Looking for the lower portion of the front lower lip spoiler to fit A 1990 BMW e30 325i SE. The BMW part number is 51711968488. The lip spoiler has a recessed portion in the centre.
  9. Hi has anyone got information on setting up the TPS for a e30 325ia  EH Auto, I have only been able to find info on the TPS for manual cars. The Auto TPS has a six pin plug.

  10. Waltsbm


    Has any one got a Throttle Sensor Switch in working condition, that would suit my 1990 BMW e30 325ia SE , the car is auto.
  11. Waltsbm

    Diff for e30

    Hi Geoff I will get in touch in the next day or so, is it OK to ring you during the day.
  12. Waltsbm

    Diff for e30

    Wanted a 3.9 or 4.1 for 1990 e30 325i
  13. Waltsbm


    Any idea what I may have done to upset the TPS or is it just not adjusted right when I put it back on
  14. Waltsbm


    12 mths ago I cleaned and refitted the TPS on my 325i SE, fitted with electronic auto. The job was straight forward and no problems. However a couple of weeks ago similar symptoms appeared and I decided to do the job again. This time when i had finished the auto has developed some strange change patterns. My question is does the TPS some how have some input to the gearbox and what have I done to upset it. The TPS is the one that has a round 6 pinned plug.
  15. Waltsbm

    e30 TPS

    Hi I am after a TPS for my 1990 325i SE. It has the electronic auto gearbox. The TPS has a six pin round plug and I believe the BMW part # is13631707320. Must be in good working condition.