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  1. Hi guys As above I am after some front super low springs for my e30 325i. Have rear springs sorted just after fronts. Cheers Josh
  2. mtbboy

    Forum Move on 22/09/2013

    I like it. Also displays a million times better on my phone now
  3. mtbboy

    Buying from the USA

    $160 NZD inclusive of oceanfreight and nz local landing charges?
  4. mtbboy

    ! SCAM ALERT !

    Haha have had the same scam email before from a similar name, stating they were a marine engineer in the bahamas. Threatened me with police and interpol for weeks after I didnt reply
  5. mtbboy

    Rowan's E30 Vert aka The Blueprincess

    Looks the biz. Favourite e30 on here! Inspiration to get mine sorted
  6. mtbboy

    E30 325i SE

    Just out of curiosity what was wrong with the wipers? I have the exact same car and mine stop working intermittently on the first 2 settings.
  7. mtbboy

    Alpine White V8 E30

    Looks wicked dude! I live in Half Moon Bay, surprised I havn't seen this around yet..
  8. That's what I was thinking? $99 for a 10-15hp gain does seem a little good to be true...
  9. mtbboy

    OMG another E30.... nooo way!

    Wicked cars dude! Loving the kit and wheels on the e30.
  10. As per the title has anyone purchased one of these? Good value for money? http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-...n-634746797.htm Cheers, Josh
  11. mtbboy

    F40 and F50 spanking

    Absolutely amazing. F40, what a car!
  12. mtbboy

    Tom Lark - Go Get A Job

    Haha yus, that would have been so much fun to film!
  13. Cheers Andy, have just put my payment through.
  14. mtbboy

    FS e30 Roof Racks

    Hi Max, Are these still available?
  15. I'm still keen Andy if there is enough interest for it to be viable.