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  1. Mike

    Iphone 4gs

    I used to think that until I got a smart phone, mines my phone, alarm, camera, MP3 player, web, skype, satnav/map, train/tube routes and times, torch, diary/calender, calculator etc. They are really handy, particularly the satnav/maps but yes there are a lot off gimmicky aps, and battery life does get pretty annoying if I'm using it for all of the above
  2. haha I never knew we had so many marine salvage experts on this board. I'm not either but I was curious and found the gruntiest chopper ever can only lift 20tn. Most of 'heavy-lift' choppers are around the 10tn mark. An empty container weighs between 2-4tn, and full they can weight up to 30tn. so if there's more than 6tn of cargo theres no way they can helicopter it off. And then theres the problem of having someone actually rigging the thing up in the choppers downwash, on a tilting boat, in bad weather. f**k that.
  3. Mike


    I went Android (Sony Arc) mostly because I still can't stand itunes and didn't want it on my laptop. I use it for everything (camera, satnav, mp3 player, games, browsing, email etc) and the most annoying thing I find is that everyone has iPhones so its sometimes hard to find a charger if i haven't made it home, and all the MP3 docks etc are for apple products.
  4. I looked into it, as Cam said you need pretty specific wheels to clear the calipers or use wheels with spacers. heres the info on the rotors, hopefully part numbers should still be vaild: 88-92 Corrado G60 or 89-91mk II golf 1.8 G60 EBC D480 (aka 97-99 SEAT Cordoba 2.0 16v or 99-02 SEAT Ibiza 1.8Turbo or 97-99 Ibiza 2.0 16v 280 x 22 height 39.5mm centre 65mm dia bore 13.5mm dia inner dia 137mm repco part no DF2631 if you want to keep 'standard' e30 wheels (AC Schnitzer, Hartge, basketweaves etc) you're best bet is to go with single piston sliding calipers (still good enough for M3's). There are a number of audi rotors that have suitable offsets (~35mm from memory) and only need basic mods to fit (re-drill and enlarge centerbore) Audi TT 312 x 25 34.5mm high, 5x100 65mm center dia Audi A3 96-03 1.8T EBC D818 Ø: 288 mm, Br. Disc Thickness: 25,0 mm, Min. thickness: 22 mm, Brake Disc Type: Vented, Finish: High-carbon, Num. of holes: 5, Pitch Circle Ø: 100 mm, Height: 34,5 mm, Centering Diameter: 65 mm, Inner Diameter: 136 mm, Bore Ø: 15,6 mm both of those are quite a bit bigger than the corrado rotor
  5. Mike

    RWC 2011 not in 3D

    +1 I try to avoid 3D movies if I can too
  6. I saw it a couple of months back, definitely worth going to
  7. Brake light is bread and butter, no excuses for missing that. but, from my understanding on Wof rules... CV is mechanical, not generally a safety issue. Shocks normally only fail if they're visibly leaking. Otherwise its too subjective as to how worn is too worn. I imagine shock absorbing qualities would have to be worse than boat-like to fail a WoF for that. Much as same as you're arguement about tyres. you may well be right but to have different wear limits for different models/makes of tyres is just stupid
  8. caps lock is your friend. please use it
  9. Mike


    this applies to my previous post. I was weak. ps: how many results would 'do a skid' return on this site?
  10. Mike


    I've been caught mis-behaving in a car before. Didn't try and bullshit the cop, I admitted it was a dumbass thing to do and got off with a small speeding ticket. Would have been far worse (IMO) if I'd sat there denying everything and pissed him off.
  11. I've been looking at TVR's and I'm seriously considering buying one to enjoy over here and then ship it back home. But they dont have any airbags or even ABS. Are there any loop holes I can use to get it registered in NZ as a specialist vehicle or something along those lines?
  12. Mike


    Any bmw dealership will be able to get them for you. And I dont know how much, call them and ask
  13. they are a cool little toy but I'd never buy one - IMO they still cant replace a laptop/pc (storage and optical drives) and they're too big to lug around. My flatmate is really keen to get one but can't explain exactly what he'd use it for, just caught up in the hype. I just cant understand what is so amazing about the new one (over the old one) that people are queuing to get it edit - if they made a 'tough'pad, (looks like some people do actually) something that could handle water/dust/scratch-proof it could be pretty handy for work, easier than carrying round a massive folder of plans (that get blown away, soaked, torn, 'borrowed,' etc), could have all contract documents on hand, product info, and take notes, pictures etc.
  14. um, really wouldnt be surprised if he was autistic or something along those lines.
  15. Skyline was 2.6L twin turbo and 4WD, of course ts going to be faster than a 2.4L N/A car
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