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  1. Carl

    FS: 1990 E30 2.3

    New pics added. Things to know: Catalytic convertor was replaced with twin coby mufflers as the exhaust is twin the whole way through including the the rear muffler which does a very good job keeping the sound down but not removing the music. Speaking of music, has a good stereo but I never use it The paint is marred by f**king shitty mechanic's hands on the front bonnet and drivers door. Whilst only visible when viewed in the right conditions it's there. Not sure if easily cleaned off as I never tried. There's a small scratch in the bonnet and a larger one on the passenger door just visible in the photo. The rear wing has hairline/pressure cracks. The well known dash crack, not so bad, started last year when the car lost garage rights. The odometer has recently stopped working as of March when I reset the trip counter on its last actual road trip. It requires the cog replacement, it's the motronic version. This car has had the rust issue in the firewall resolved a few years back with it cut out and new metal welded in and sealant done, there's no structural rust issues now. It has a K&N filter that I recently redid. The rear boot is immaculate and has a complete toolset. When the engine was done the belts were all replaced so no worries about the cam belt. The clutch has done approx 20k Km's.
  2. Carl

    FS: 1990 E30 2.3

    I should have said that the level of interest is such that there are people coming today that want to drive it away, I am open to the best offer but it may be gone by tomorrow. My mobile is 021 888 196 if you want to join the people at 2pm looking at it.
  3. Carl

    FS: 1990 E30 2.3

    No, what I have learnt today is that I didn't know what it's worth and the level of interest has made me realise I can get more, however, i'm not interested in a protracted sale to squeeze every cent out of it, I bought a brand new VW and I don't drive this anymore so it needs to go to someone that will drive it as E30's do NOT likely being neglected.
  4. Carl

    FS: 1990 E30 2.3

    The thought of a road trip would be great way to see it off but but there's enough local interest already it would seem that I don't need to go out of my way to sell this machine.
  5. Carl

    FS: 1990 E30 2.3

    It's time to end an era for me and move on... 1990 320i manual Reconditioned B23 engine (with less than 5k Kms since installed) 325 intake and injectors Speedtech installed and dyno tuned programmable piggy back chip with rev display Koni adjustable sport shocks Jamex superlow springs 325 51mm front struts, rear sway link Powerflex control arm bushes 15x8 Borbet replicas with newish direzzas (7mm depth all around) Hartge skirts and wing 3.64 rear differential Mint interior with sport seats Sony MP3 player w/remote Momo steering wheel Fire extinguisher Central locking, uniden alarm with remote Motosport NZ registered logbook Brand new warrant and recent rego I can post more pics of the specifics but it's late and dark now. Tentatively sold now
  6. Last time I had vibrations it was the gearbox mounts, was low rpm but under braking you could hear something weird, turned out the whole drivetrain was moving a little and just before I replaced them the front fan just nicked the radiator so good I replaced them before it worsened.
  7. I like the little details, it's not how I pictured hobbiton in my head after reading the books but then movies set never do.
  8. Yip, I did take Glen's and flashed it up, then proceeded to post it here and then it got lost....(goes off to search for it)
  9. You take a risk when you're on the road regardless of what vehicle you're in or on and not everyone lives in Auckland where cycling isn't a great option. Seems the mentality of some people will tarnish the good car enthusiasts.
  10. I'm a cyclist, I pay road user charges and levies for multiple cars, so it is stupid ignorant thinking like yours RJS that tarnishes car enthusiasts and it f**ks me off to no end when stupid drivers make mistakes and take lives of cyclists/pedestrians/innocents yet only have to do 200 hours community service.
  11. TCL and Orcon downloads are now unmetered for said customers so the downloads aren't a problem anymore - it's the playing them all part
  12. You know your day is going slow when this thread is the most entertainment you've had, ah well
  13. It's more fun in the multiplayer environment if you can find friends and have little follow me runs through sections. Actually, the whole multi player environment just works so much better not having to wait for people or just joining in at any time. Also, the offroad roads on hawaii are insane, so much more fun than circuit racing games. Cat and mouse police quests are hilarious if you know the villain.
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