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  1. Ultrarandom

    M20 2.7 crank for sale

  2. Ultrarandom

    M20 2.7 crank for sale

    Would like to put myself second inline if André3000 winds up not wanting it.
  3. Ultrarandom

    '97 728i E38

    Got my 728i up for sale as I just have too many vehicles for my current point in life (still living at home and 8 vehicles in the house makes for tight space) Would take $2500 from Bimmersport members (if you txt just let me know you're from here). All details on the trademe auction. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=894601479
  4. Ultrarandom

    WTB: E30 blower resistor, not standard type

    This looks like one which someone has sort of chopped in from another vehicle (going off what seems to be the connector at the top there being a crimp on piece). You could probably get one of the standard ones to work though by crimping on new blade terminals. I'd say Ray would have a fair few of the standard ones.
  5. Ultrarandom

    Scary for the independent repairers ......

    But I can modify my own copy of the book if I want? It's not going to be redistributed in that state. Same goes for any computer I buy, modified every single one, sure it voids warranty if you're still in that period but that's it. I'd be curious to see something like this go through the courts.
  6. Ultrarandom

    My oh My.this old girl so fly

    One of my co-workers parents have a red one. Looks and sounds amazing whenever they bring it in.
  7. Ultrarandom

    Need a new home for über sexy 1982 E21 320/6

    Damn that looks nice. If I didn't have plans for the E30 already I'd be keen. Can't warrant 2 fun cars + motorcycle at the moment though, hard enough with 1 fun car and a run around.
  8. Ultrarandom

    'Special Insurance'

    Just started up with Youi. They've given me the best quote on my E30 out of everyone so far. Being under 25 I was getting quoted 1k p.a everywhere (including NAC who I was already with for my motorbike). Been quoted 600 p.a with youi for full comprehensive. Also been quoted $10 less per month for my motorbike and they actually cover gear as well. Heard of people with good and bad experiences with youi. Almost seems like it depends who you get. Was on the phone with them for about an hour and the guy actually seemed like a bike/car enthusiast (also putting my dad as a listed driver bought my insurance down $6 per month)
  9. Ultrarandom

    e30 tweeter pods

    Will piggyback on here since Potato has an FL. If someone has pfl ones PM me with a price and I may be able to take them off your hands .
  10. Ultrarandom

    Bimmersport Gamertag thread

    Console: Xbox One, 360 GT: Ultrarandom Games: Forza 4 and 5, GTA V, Halo 4 Console: Steam/Origin Username: Ultrarandom Games: BF3, Unreal Tournament 3, Castle Crashers, almost 200 games actually.
  11. Ultrarandom

    Xbone or PS4?

    Got my Xbox One last night at the midnight launch. I am absolutely loving it so far. The new kinect is actually amazing as well, so much better than the last one.
  12. Almost looks like one of those home mechanic dealers.
  13. Ultrarandom

    E30 Bleeding Steam

    That's actually a real good way haha, don't know why I didn't think of it. I used a similar method on my old Skyline too.
  14. Ultrarandom

    E30 Bleeding Steam

    An additional update to how I'm going with this. After reading through the bentley I got an idea and with the engine still dead cold I've been holding the expansion tank up higher than the bleed screw with the cap off and opening it up, this has been getting a decent amount of air bubbles out and seems to be working, will do more work on this in the morning but hopefully will have it sorted tomorrow =D (today now) EDIT: After doing this and running it through after 5 minutes of idling after reaching operating temp this was the site I had Still a bit of air in there which Im slowly working out but progress is progress =D. Letting it cool down now and coming back to it again to check the expansion tank once it's cold.
  15. Ultrarandom

    E30 Bleeding Steam

    Forgot to mention I did already have the heater going. It hadn't so much blown the head gasket as it just had a slow seep out from the coolant out the side so I took the head off, new head gasket, got the head machined and properly tested, also got the valves lapped and a proper clean up, replaced timing belt and all. Only thing I didn't do was the water pump, radiator was flowing easy when I was flushing it and the water pump had been working fine beforehand, never had any overheating problems even with the leak in the head gasket. Is also sort of hopeful thinking that it'd be neither of those. Has an electric fan on a switch which was also keeping it at temperature beforehand. Will give another go tomorrow but have a try on the flat again since some people say that they're somewhat designed to be bled that way. Problem is if I leave it running for a minute or 2 the engine will completely cook, I feel bad enough having it get as high as it does.