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  1. pjay

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Picked up some new wheels today. Pics to come, prepare the torches and pitchforks.
  2. pjay

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Chucked on some 16x7 OZ wheels, and went for a fang around Hampton. Also learned to use this sweet app "Race chrono" to time laps.
  3. pjay

    wheels 5x120

    What colour wheels are you after?
  4. pjay

    Some Wheels FS

    BMW Style 50s bump
  5. pjay

    Some Wheels FS

    Need to make some space. Left to Right: 2x 4x100 steelies with good 185/70R14 tyres 1x 4x100 steely with good 185/70R13 tyre $20 ea or $50 takes the lot 1x 5x120 BMW bottle cap with good 205/6R15 tyre. $30 Multi 4x100/114 15x7 USA made wings. ET30ish $SOLD Multi 4x100/5x100 16x7.5/8.5 staggered 2/3 piece welded. ET34 $SOLD 5x120 17x8 BMW style 50. 2x ok 225/45 DZ101 tyres, 2x bridgestone 225/45s but one tyre is flat with a puncture. These look good on an E36. $500 Everything is ONO. Pickup in West Auckland. If you want better pics of anything or have any questions, just ask below or PM me. If you have 4x1hunnit wheels, I'll consider swaps. No fakes, nothing higher than ET20 offset.
  6. pjay

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Bought some 16x7 Enkei OZ wheels for trackdays
  7. pjay

    FS: [ BMDUBS ] license plate

    Hi team, I have made the decision to offer up my old plate [ BMDUBS ] as I've done my dash and it's time to move on to new things. Hasn't been registered since 2010 so the game's wide open for a return. Have it printed in standard NZ plates. $1000 ONO. Will trade for 4x1hunnit wheels, low offset, no fakes.
  8. pjay

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Also trackday'd it with Rob over the weekend. 190 down the back straight before diving on brakes to safety go through the final twisty easily in 3rd. Wearing stock 14's for the Indian file, but massive thanks to Ashkan for some 15" semis that were sticky as F*** in the dry.
  9. Tried Race Brakes who referred me yo HiTech but can't get the lines out and in today. Ray to the rescue as usual! I'll pick up the hardlines I need from HellBM today and hopefully hoist up tonight or tomorrow.
  10. Nevermind, it's a leak in my hardline LHS. So new question: Anyone have any advice on who/where can bend up some new brake hard lines for my E30 by Thursday. Hoping to drop my car in and pick up as I'm flat out and need new hard lines before a trackday this weekend or I'm out. Live in West Auckland, work in CBD - so local to one of those areas preferred unless there's a loan car included.
  11. Have considered booster delete, but considering I haven't done a leg day ever in my life and work in an office 10+ hours a day, I think I need the assistance.
  12. Just weighing options. Would prefer a 9 year old second hand part to a 20 year old second hand part if they're the same cost/effictiveness. I pretty much just have manual brakes at the mo, no power assist. Can audibly hear air escaping from the booster when I'm depressing pedal.
  13. EDIT: LHS Hard line is corroded. New new line bent up asap pls. Hi team, Pretty confident my E30 brake booster is shot. Pedal is spongy as hell and goes to the floor when engine on, and can audibly hear air from the booster when pumping brakes while engine is running. Sounds like this - not my video but audio is exact the same: Have bled and re-bled brakes and while engine off the pedal is harder. Anywho - my main question is, has anyone slapped an E36 booster on their 30? And if so, how easy/hard was this? The internet/Google isn't very helpful today and I'm running out of time so thought I'd ask here before going and forking our for a cheap 36 booster: http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/brakes/auction-790232192.htm Cheers,
  14. pjay

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Not today but on Saturday I went to bleed my clutch and could not re-pressurise the system to save my life. Not even a trickle of fluid coming down, no matter what I tried and we tried everything - well everything the internet told us to try at least. New master/slave to be picked up this afternoon - so round 2 clutch. Come at me brah. Ordering clips to redo m-tech 2 kit also as they're a bit old/mal-aligned. #buildups