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  1. Thanks. its that time again. I just wondering who people have insurance with and rough yearly premium. Also I know I can't replace my car closest would be 535i motorsport spec or 540i manual. Haven't seen what a 89 530i m30 b30 Manual . Recaro Oem sports seats. Sunroof. 540 bumbers side skirts colour matched. 16inch basketweaves new slightly lower springs. Stut braces etc Well maintained and good condition for age all round. I can't find anything for sale that compares apart from the 540i in NZ. I had at 5k but I know couldn't replace for that if at all as it is UK Import.
  2. Cheers Thanks I will. I have enough space to store a bit. Gearbox and converter worth selling engine is gone m20 b25 but think he's decided not to swap to e30. Might be for sale In future if know anyone. Wondering on diff axles etc and what's worth selling or taking straight to tip recycle etc
  3. Can anyone tell me what from front end rear end to save steering arms, sways bars that you can't replace bushings or reuse so just throw away.
  4. Hey yeah manual vents etc has air con in it and mine doesn't but not going there. Tow bar, auto box running gear replica schnitzer rear wing. Yeah will just save motors actuators doors glass etc. Will most likely Scrap most of it hurts cutting one up to pieces
  5. Hello all. This is mainly for the E34 owners out there. Sorry if wrong forum I wasn't sure which forum to post in. I'm wrecking a E34 89 525 Auto mainly to save a few parts for mine which is a daily. Can anyone suggest parts worth saving like switches windrow motors etc for my car for breakage and worst case in the future. And stuff worth just getting rid of or selling. Plan to post parts after its in bits if worth selling them. Sorry long question
  6. Hey. I'm in New Zealand too. Im curious too in any surgestions anywhere in the world. I've found Ebay is great for some parts. Mainly small stuff is worth free postage clips etc rare parts. Wether EBay or BMW parts stores around world. Anything out of USA is ludicrous shipping costs I always contact the seller company to see if will look if they can get postage cost down some will some don't. From the UK I've had better luck with fair postage and Asia. Eg I'm after a lense cover for a engine bay light on my car. Pelican parts have it but a $12 part $45 to send and they won't budge on a envelope size item. Still trying other stores. BM World is great for parts in NZ always had what I needed and fair prices.
  7. What are you after for them. Or wanting to keep.
  8. Hi. Yes thanks for the help. I've done a temporary fix on it and will see how long it lasts.
  9. Hi. Ok thank you. Do you have any idea of cost of new?. I just fixed it but for how long I don't know. Drilled a tiny hole into it where snapped and stuck drill bit in with some glue cut to length its working but have driven yet. Will see
  10. Hello My plastic white/clear switch has broken the tip off. So indicators stay on unless I turn off manually I've got a spare switch while unit stalk etc. But can't get it apart to get to plastic part I need does it come apart?. I can't find how to do or picture guide anywhere. This is spare part I have it cut from main wiring harness. Or can you separate stalk assembly to get spare part. I've attached picture. I need that white part and have no idea how to fix. Any advice would be great Cheers
  11. Hi. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what wattage bulb I need for my heater control panel. It's the type which pulls out from front, I've attached a picture. I had it done ages ago and it blew pretty soon after. It's slightly brown around outside of bulb hole to hot so thinking it wasn't the right bulb when replaced before. Cheers
  12. Hi Eagle Ive got it going I went back through from steering wheel. Checked cleaned again and it's going. Thanks for all the advice. On to heater panel light now. Will make another post
  13. Hi My email kiwiman2222@gmail.com I found another video do you push clips down and have to use some force? Cheers
  14. Thanks that would be great Haynes manual doesn't mention those holes to release. And by connection you mean to the horns?.I 'm wrecking a 89 525 auto at the moment for a few spare parts so have some to try to eliminate horn when get to them.. My have some parts sell after done Cheers
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