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  1. I am wanting to have something more reassuring than the cheap ( cant remember actually, but I would remember if they were expensive or special) pads I currently have. Something that works fine as a daily, not noisy, not that I care too much as its a noisy thing, but when I step on it, I want it to pull up better than it is currently. It brakes straight at the moment, but I really do have to lean on it when it gets scary. I havent thought about big brake kit upgrades at this stage Cheers
  2. kiwi328i

    Require engine removal hoist

    I am putting an engine back into where it should be maybe mid-March, but not sure, if any of you guys (well, c'mon whats the chances) have one sitting outside looking lonely, could I borrow it for a bit. I am happy to collect it within a reasonable distance from West Auckland. I am only taking an engine that is currently on an engine stand and putting it back, cast iron head and block and transmission Text me please that would be awesome. 021795306
  3. kiwi328i

    36112228660 small rim tags

    Has anyone got these new? Style 66's needs them, probably others too
  4. kiwi328i

    New centres for 3-piece rims

    What are you doing with the 5x112 centres? Cheers
  5. Hi, I have got some idle issues. I read a lot of these threads when it comes to the v8's and all of the potential issues they may have, and it drives people nuts trying to sort them. So my car idles way to high, it settles eventually after about 10 minutes driving, but something is obviously wrong. It was running sweet a few months ago, and I havent really done anything since. The usual suspects are out, I am sure there are no leaks etc, but I wish I had a scanner thing for it, I have checked, it's not one of those things you can just buy off the shelf? Does anyone have something? Anyway the only thing, and it may not even be a thing is, that my ambient temperature sensor, the yellow thing with a probiscus, has had a wire break. So only one is connected. Does this unassuming sensor have anything to do with my idle issues? So qn 1. Can someone help me with a diagnostic thing, that I cannot buy off the shelf? qn 2. Does that sensor have anything to do with the general running of the vehicle? The car has other sensors, so I am guessing not? Cheers
  6. kiwi328i

    Any experience with silverdale radiator products?

    I bought my E34 radiator from them a couple of years, maybe three back. They were good. Still working well.
  7. kiwi328i

    1993 530i V8 5 speed Manual M60b40 swap

    Thanks man. It's hard work being unique!
  8. kiwi328i

    1993 530i V8 5 speed Manual M60b40 swap

    So here are some shots of me mucking around with the front. I wanted to change the slightly 'got hit in the back of the neck bulging eyes look" of the original. I also really like the old Jensen Interceptor, old Aston 70's look, old Celica and Avenger for that matter I guess. So I took off the front bumper cover and bumper itself. I did some other cutting, grinding and welding stuff that...lets not talk about that. I removed the std indicators. I moved the light units apart AND back, with a meccano set sort of philosophy. The lights are now where I wish the to be. Oh I also like Camaro's...I mean who...nevermind, so I bought a 1967 Camaro lower valance and the lower side valances as well. Many swear words and the the worse birdsh*t welding you ever did see happened. Some bits of metal from up the road. Some fibreglass and stuff and after many moons I got it where I kinda wanted it. I wanted lower indicators and saw these 63 Falcon jobbies, so did a bunch of electrical things and more grinding and cutting and measuring. The bumper is 'pointier' than how is should be (Camaros are almost flat in front compared to this) but was necessary to have it fit right, and its wide as a house. The lower side valance's didn't fit well at all, and I could have almost done these from nothing. I had to make the bonnet pointy too to mimic the bottom so go some more steel, and fibreglass and bog, and just did a quick paint job. No point being foose cause I still have lots to do and may as well do it proper once I have done all the mods. So the lights work, the guys gave it a wof and I was rapt! I still have to do a custom grille and the sides on the original fenders still have their natural arc...which I will do next and tidy it up so it looks...not so rough! Sometimes I think I shoulda just left it, and then I think nah, no one will have another E34 like mine, and I think it will look ok to me anyway once I am done. The E30 grilles that cover the headlights will be the beginning of the new grille I hope, but still not sure how or if the kidneys will look, but I think the kidneys will be monsterous to work...but hey I will see once I have time to do some calculations. I want them 'floating' so watch this space.
  9. kiwi328i

    1993 530i V8 5 speed Manual M60b40 swap

    I haven't been on here like forever. I have done a few things. But anyway. My car starts to idle like sh*t, its ok, and then sometimes its like it is running a carb and the jet sizes are too big and the float levels are out or some ancient crap like that. You start it...it runs, it coughs splutters and dies. Mmm, where to start, so I assume everything is kinda o.k since I have replaced a whole lot of things on this and not done thousands of miles since, so I assume, plugs, blah blah are next to new, coils can die, and sensors do ruddy die, I have a feeling its the coolant temp sensor near the temp guage sensor...but even then it runs so rough and dies I dont think that sit. When I did the engine conversion, I replaced lots of things...but not everything, and one of those...do it while its out jobbies was the PCV. SO I had a feeling it was this. I did the research and low and behold the symptoms all matched, so I dug some more. Apparently some manifolds, the later ones came with an internal tube that put the blow-by gasses towards the throttle body and not just dump them above the last two cylinders. I wanted to do that! So I bought the PCV for the later model and the internal pipe and a few other things. I tried to take the PCV and the throttle body off without burring...and of course, I burred them, most of them and it was ass, so the whole manifold had to come off. I cut half of them off the PCV. I went to Mitre 10 and got some M6x25mm, with small washers to equal the 22.5mm of the BMW ones. My manifold DID NOT have the proper fixings for the internal pipe. I saw one bloke on the internet do a rough job of it, so...I did as well, well looks better than his anyway I think. They say because of the up-rated design that the M62b44's idle better...maybe, mine certainly runs better than it ever has, so they could be right? Put it all together and it purrs like a kitten and the idle is now perfect, its a tad lower and noticable, mine always idled around 850 odd. Now its 700 odd and more settled, and I think revs quicker... I also replaced my coolant temp sensor with another secondhand one, cause I still think mine was...not to spec. It goes well now, actually it goes better than ever. So the M62 PCV mod..or whatever I think is a good way to go, even if your manifold does not have the proper brackets to afix the internal tube. First image. So this is how it sits looking from the front. notice I havent forced it into the corner just yet. Second image: Looking at it from the back. Can you see the two-pack araldite to keep it there, so it fits in, but it is not supposed to fit in like this actually, you need to have a look at a proper M62 to know. Third image: I have put the tube where it should go...well if it had the proper bracket thingy. so it has some pressure against this corner, and I have removed the o-ring and again used two pack araldite. Fourth image: Here you can see the M6 bolts, much better, its not like you are putting 300nm of torque through there??? Also see the extra outlet for...who knows, but I dont need it, so I ended up blocking it off. I am guessing M62's use vacuum for something else as well? So I cleaned the throttle-body and lots of other details and I am rapt!!! I re-tensioned the throttle cable and now my initial throttle sensitivity is 'softer' which means its much easier/nicer to drive. Now next is those bloody widened flares!!!
  10. kiwi328i

    WTB e34 540i Black

    Whats your budget?
  11. kiwi328i

    WTB e30 Mtech II steering wheel

    What does this look like. I have a tech II I think on my E34, but I have another one that doesnt fit mine that I wanted to put on, I wonder whether it might fit yours, Ray thinks it will fit the E36 spline?
  12. kiwi328i

    E34 question

    Actually, I read that again. The steering wheel that didnt fit, did have more of an angle on the horizontal bars of the steering wheel. Does that help in determining what boss kit type would fit? Cheers
  13. kiwi328i

    E34 question

    mmm I dont want to take that flippin steering wheel off, but I can take photos off the one that didnt fit, that should do it, will do later tonight.