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  1. Hi, bit of a long shot, but would you consider an ‘85 318i E30 manual trade + cash?
  2. Overhauling the E34 or has it run into hard times??
  3. Amusingly he's still lurking around here someplace - I got another torrent of what I assume were angry emails through the bimmerfest PM service . Still maintain the SC14 would be a perfectly fine unit on something less than 2400cc - as was designed by the Toyota boffins in the first place - as long as the ecu has been remapped to suit the boost. Marketing a kit to fit one to a M5xB25 / 28 / 30 is just downright crappy
  4. No idea.
  5. Sold!
  6. Would you take an E34 as payment??
  7. Easiest way to confirm a different size rad is use RealOEM - enter your VIN, look around for another couple of cars of the same year (tradeMe has heaps, gain the VIN thru checking the plate at CarJam) and compare part numbers. The web has all sorts of speculation about trim & spec levels, part numbers don't lie though. Also, better to stick with the OEM parts, aftermarket bits generally aren't as good as the factory ones - go through FCPEuro, Pelican Parts etc - you'll often find a genuine / OE part will cost the same as a locally bought aftermarket one after shipping has been accounted for
  8. '94 520i for sale. M50B20 , auto, NZ new, black leather interior, ABS, airbag, good tyres, no rocketship but pretty cheap on gas for a 2l. Good donor for an E30 M5x / S50/54 swap as it has the sump & oil pump + pickup to suit the E30. I was planning to use it as a daily but the E30 outranks it as it has a towbar. $1150 ono, Waiuku for viewing pm me for a contact number
  9. Surprise, surprise.......... I called this monkey out as a hack job years ago & he had a decent attempt at harassing me through email & PMs Nice to see his crappy 'engineering' is coming back to haunt him! Just a shame he scammed a bunch of people out of their $ in the process
  10. Has anyone here successfully swapped an M52 into an E36? Have installed a B28 loom, DME & EWS into the project B30 E36 (94 325i) but while it cranks it won't start. Have plugged INPA in and it comes back with fault 18 - EWS signal. As the loom & DME are being used in a pre EWS car I have only connected the bare basics on the EWS module: 1 --N/C2 --N/C3 --N/C4 green to DME (through X20 pin7)5 red/ yellow to switched 12V 6 --N/C7 brown to ground12 --N/C13 --N/C12 -- N/C14 -- N/C I have the transmitter sharing switched +12v with the EWS, some guides say to supply the unit with constant +12v? Also, as the transmitter unit came without plugs I initially had the signal & power wires backward but this has now been fixed. Failing an obvious solution, is anyone here able to delete EWS from an MS41 DME?
  11. All sorted, thanks Brent
  12. Hi, looking for a replacement EWS transmitter / receiver module 61 35 8 379 502. Used on E31, E34, E36, E38, E39 from '89 - '03, so shouldn't be too rare. Looks like this Have been quoted some frankly ridiculous prices from the 'characters' over on the bookface group, hoping to get a more realistic deal here Ta muchly
  13. USD$5 postage to get it to the youshop agent, NZD$17.50 to get it home, took about 5 business days. All up a little over $50 landed in NZ, still cheaper than FMW given the less favourable euro - NZD conversion rates.
  14. https://store.bbs-usa.com/index.php/wheel-accessories.html http://www.bbs-fanshop.com/3xios/index1.php?maibm=1&mapg=2&maid=2130000&maaktion=null&parextid=&nav=&nav=0&shlang=E BBS USA seems to be the cheaper of the two, oddly. Seems an order can be processed using a third party shipping agent like Youshop
  15. Hmm, at €7 each for bbs-ventilcap-for-metal-valve.html its double the price BBS charge.......