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  1. Ahmedsinc

    LS2 6.0ltr into E39

    https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/holden/auction-1830687002.htm?rsqid=ab3c4d4680164c0a8ac4700b16d56aaf No idea what it'll go for but would be able to offset car cost with flogging off the stuff thats of no use to you. Will also save the hassle of finding an ecu / harness when the time comes. Also, look up Quest Fabrication, he's recently (ish) completed an LS1 into an E36 coupe as a drift hack, am sure he'd happily help out with mounts etc
  2. Ahmedsinc

    Fuel injector latency / dead-time

    Thanks Steve, will drop them a line
  3. Ahmedsinc

    Fuel injector latency / dead-time

    Looking for a latency table for OE M54B30 injectors. Have found a table but it only specifically lists half the values I need - I'm using an E36 Link plugin ecu, and it needs values for 7, 9, 11 &13v as well. Have been in touch with a few folks about this and they're all in agreement that using the mean number between two values will not be accurate enough. So has anyone else here set up a Link on a 3 litre??
  4. Ahmedsinc

    E46 Thermostat upgrade/down grade

    Hmm, might be keen on the flywheel & clutch setup depending on how the existing one holds up...... Measured the M50 tstat at 99* & it expands to a little over 37mm - seems to me that it never blocks off the bypass port at all. Realistcally, aside from slower warmup times is this ever likely to be a problem?
  5. Ahmedsinc

    E46 Thermostat upgrade/down grade

    Sigh, guess I'll have to get off my arse & figure this one out for myself after all. I assume the adapter plate fits between the thermostat & the M54 housing? Paper gasket fills the gap from head face to adapter plate, then the rubber gasket on the plastic housing seals between the housing & adapter plate? (bloody hell I hope that makes sense!) Will do the pot of water test with the M50 tstat on my days off, who knows, maybe it will open far enough to reach the bypass port after all. I emailed Zionsville directly and asked if they could supply me with the part number, unsurprisingly they declined but kindly offered to sell me a $130 thermostat instead. I suspect the answer to this puzzle is tantalisingly close............as it's the last issue to resolve before the project car can be driven I'm hoping this one won't take too long to figure out
  6. Ahmedsinc

    E46 Thermostat upgrade/down grade

    Rechecked the measurements, got 43mm port depth & 37mm tstat on the M54; 33mm / 27mm for the M50. I had an early M50 Ali tstat housing milled out to allow an o-ring to seal the thermostat and leave the bottom of the flange flush with the housing surface, allowing the gasket to seal as normal. If the M50 unit will work it’ll certainly be the easiest solution!
  7. Ahmedsinc

    E46 Thermostat upgrade/down grade

    I found the M54 tstat port to be just under 46mm depth, seemed to match up with the longer tstat spring - hence my puzzlement as to how the M50 part reaches far enough to block the bypass port. Will recheck my measurements tomorrow morning when I get home from work but I think I had them right.
  8. Ahmedsinc

    E46 Thermostat upgrade/down grade

    Am using M50 vanos on the B30, allows the old type housing to fit. How given the B30 tstat has a 37.5mm distance from flange to bypass block plate & the M50 unit is only 25mm, does the adapter plate somehow compensate for the different blocking plate heights? Am confused as to how the M50 item would work given the B30 bypass port is recessed 10mm further into the head than the M50.
  9. Ahmedsinc

    E46 Thermostat upgrade/down grade

    Bit of a thread dredge, but can you tell me what thermostat you used with the ZV adapter? I’m trying to achieve a similar outcome using an M50 tstat housing but haven’t yet found one suitable.
  10. Ahmedsinc

    E36 328-325i Supersprint muffler & M20 SM flywheel

    50mm in, 75mm out so not really the best option for the S50
  11. Ahmedsinc

    E36 328-325i Supersprint muffler & M20 SM flywheel

    Both sold. Thanks for all the interest
  12. As above, shedding parts I'll probably never get around to using. Muffler is in 8/10 condition, had two small rust patches that were cut out and replaced. Sounded far nicer than the equivalent Remus system imo, well mannered burble up to 5k rpm then proper raspy at WOT. Rare as (insert cliche here), only E36 big 6 muffler I've found that isn't Remus / AC Schnitzer / Borla etc... $600 Also have an M20B25 SM flywheel and starter, again will probably never pull finger and use this. Surface could do with a skim if you were super keen but I was intending to use it as is one I degreased it. No hot spots on friction surface, I am of the understanding it has been machined to suit an M50 but thats for you to confirm. $250
  13. Ahmedsinc

    End of an era... 2002 E46 320d Touring

    Hi, bit of a long shot, but would you consider an ‘85 318i E30 manual trade + cash?
  14. Ahmedsinc

    Garage Clean Out

    Overhauling the E34 or has it run into hard times??
  15. Ahmedsinc

    E30 White Supercharger

    Amusingly he's still lurking around here someplace - I got another torrent of what I assume were angry emails through the bimmerfest PM service . Still maintain the SC14 would be a perfectly fine unit on something less than 2400cc - as was designed by the Toyota boffins in the first place - as long as the ecu has been remapped to suit the boost. Marketing a kit to fit one to a M5xB25 / 28 / 30 is just downright crappy