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  1. michhod

    BMW Running cost

    Bought my BMW E60 550i 17/12/2016 with 79000 ks on it... It now has 96000 on it and has cost $4235 in mainly electrical but also mechanical repairs... thats $9/day..$63/week..273/month and $3280/year... Well done BMW, ya winning..😼
  2. " It's now a joke to join the side of the highway getting towed club". Yep ..it's a special moment all right when ya pride and joy's being loaded onto a flat deck ....bang on good times !?&*^%$💃
  3. yeah...probably dodgy sensors and electronics!?&%#😼
  4. michhod

    E30 sedan..what's this worth

    um...these ones had a lot better electrics than the newer ones eh??
  5. michhod

    Looks well priced for the ks?

    um...what are the sensors and electrics like on these ones..?
  6. michhod

    Quick Questions

    Are all E60's plagued with sensor and electrical issues or just mine!?*&%😼
  7. michhod


    As a car nut, BMW enthusiest and motorsport fan,... wondering why manual sequential gearboxs aren't wildy used in modern hi performance road vehicles...
  8. michhod

    Oh my word

    nice and tidy there sir... http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1403309288.htm
  9. michhod

    Just Wondering

    Stuck in motor way traffic on the north shore recently..noticed the bus lane free and clear..so temped to jump on it. What happens if you accidentally find you're way on there..
  10. michhod

    Gull Onehunga

    Thank goodness for Gull in the marketplace...otherwise we'd all be paying a lot more for fuel from the main gouges I reckon.
  11. great wit ...34k looks http://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/motorbikes/motorbikes/cruiser/auction-1304655624.htm
  12. michhod


  13. michhod

    E34 540is – Hell Rot

    a bold offer was made ... the car has been sold
  14. michhod

    Whats it worth?...

    Toying with the idea of selling my beloved E34 540i. Its red, has a 6 speed factory manual, travelled 173+ ks. ... Wanting top dollar due to the heritage ... $10000...
  15. michhod

    E34 540i 6-sp manual

    mmmm t'is a mad ole world... when will the craziness end