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  1. BigPoppa

    E39 540i $1 reserve

    For what it's worth, I never had a problem with any of the electrics. I loved the poor thing; shame it died the way it did. Maybe for my next trick I can get an E60 M5 eh? (Dreams are free I guess..)
  2. BigPoppa

    E39 540i $1 reserve

    Nope, that's dirt from the doggo. Would've cleaned it up, but a $1 reserve auction made me a tad lazy.
  3. BigPoppa

    E39 540i $1 reserve

    Hey folks, As promised some months ago, here's my $1 reserve E39 with a buggered engine. Good for parts or swaps https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1509477928&ed=true
  4. BigPoppa

    FS: Dynavin D99, $500 OBO

    Hey, It's the WinCE variant, http://www.dynavinstore.com/Productimgs/DVN-E39A-D99/dvne39ad99.html specifically. I do have the mounting bracket A quick google tells me that the extension kit is like this: If that's the one, then yeah, I did have something that looked like that in there but figured it was factory and didnt remove it. Can do though!
  5. BigPoppa

    FS: Dynavin D99, $500 OBO

    Yep, all functions worked perfectly from my experience. What you see in the images is all I've stripped out from the car thus far. I can strip more out; I'm not sure how much was factory and how much shipped with the Dynavin. I'll review a package contents listing if I can find one and compare
  6. BigPoppa

    E39 540i - blown engine

    Hey everyone, There was a bit of interest in the Dynavin over here. Just thrown it up in the FS section. http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/59191-fs-dynavin-d99-500-obo/ Likely going to be starting a $1 reserve auction for the car itself soon too.
  7. BigPoppa

    FS: Dynavin D99, $500 OBO

    Hey folks, Finally got around to taking out my D99 Dynavin from my now dead E39. Not really sure on price, looking around on ebay looks like $700+, so figured I'd start at $500, but open to offers. It's the WinCE variant, maps are somewhat outdated but otherwise I've never had a hiccup! See pictures Item is in Palmerston North, happy to ship and get quotes if required. Thanks! EDIT: Christ I'm terrible at taking photos. Oh well, the joy of seeing my overweight self comes free of charge.
  8. BigPoppa

    E39 540i - blown engine

    Uhh, I'm going to try remove it nicely this weekend probably, then will be looking at selling it. Unfortunately, I wont be looking at parting it out; I'll just sell it as a whole, so if anyone is interested in a particular part of the engine will need to take the whole lot.
  9. BigPoppa

    E39 540i - blown engine

    The latter would be my preference. The rest of the car isn't half bad. I have no desire to attempt that myself, nor pay for it to be done for me hahah.
  10. BigPoppa

    E39 540i - blown engine

    Palmerston North, not Akl based unfortunately.
  11. BigPoppa

    E39 540i - blown engine

    Hey folks, My beloved E39 recently slipped its timing chain and destroyed the engine beyond reasonably repairing. I've since replaced the car and I'm wondering what the best method of recovering some value out of the car would be. At this stage, I'm thinking I might just do a $1 reserve, buyer to pick up (engine is still mostly dismantled from the dealership) after taking out the Dynavin, sub and amp. Is there something better I could be doing? Thanks!
  12. BigPoppa

    My E39 540i MSport

    I found some at $1 reserve, ended up with it for $20. The actual steamer works really well. The attachments they ship with it are naturally crap. Who can guess what happens when you have a thin plastic adaptor, lots of heat and a little bit of pressure? Thats right. The scrubber melted off halfway through my job. Im waiting for it to dry up after I conditioned it, we'll see how it did.
  13. BigPoppa

    My E39 540i MSport

    Alrighty, I bought a cheap steam cleaner off TradeMe. Turned up today! Hoorah for cheap asian-imported crap! I plan to do a little test section later today if the weather holds out, then I'll look at doing a decent clean including photos of before, during and after.
  14. BigPoppa

    WTB: E39 Motorsport 540i touring

    Its a shame you'll be losing the beast as it is. I looked at yours as an example of what a 540 could be when I bought mine. Good luck with your hunt! Hopefully you'll stay a happer camper when all is said and done.
  15. BigPoppa

    My E39 540i MSport

    Yep, thats the beasty! Yeah, so was I. I guess that's why I went for this, rather than the ones a few K cheaper. I'm pretty damned happy so far! Really need to find some time to clean and take some decent photos, my potato phone obviously doesn't work so good.