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  1. Cheers guys! Yes N54, and yes, fun. Bit of an adjustment from a 4wd wagon with sticky feet! I've been feeling my way into it, and this weekend was the first decent send around some scenic twisties with all the nannies off - much grins had. A bit shocked by the front end with old struts and runflats (RE050A's oldish and half worn) - jarring over bumps was quite unsettling - will be replaced with likely RE003's with a bit more width and sidewall soon. Rears are brand new (I guess the cheapest WOF pass for sale ...) GoPro's - anybody else had the misfortune of running on these? Bad in the dry and shocking in the wet - also look like they will last forever! Might just have to bin them. I've had a squizz through your build thread too @Elias - that is a very nice example and looks like it's been a journey!
  2. Hi All Joined up some time ago, as the marque has always been on my radar, and I've enjoyed soaking up some knowledge fro you guys, but have been distracted by various other things. Have a VW Passat wagon that crushes distance in comfort and a Discovery 3 that has delivered some epic trips to some remote locations. Recently picked up a 2008 135i (almost) sight-unseen off the internet (dealer flicking on a trade-in). Was cheap, clean, had the fold-away idrive i wanted and a glovebox full of receipts from a previous caretaker (HPFP and water pump done). At 130k, suspension is a bit tired, but so far nothing else has raised it's hand for attention. Have given it fresh oil & filters all round and planning coolant flush, brake fluid flush, as well as diff and trans fluid. Looking to replace the old shocks with Bilstein B4's (unless any better suggestions) and still need to check out all the bushings etc. - probably needs all them too.
  3. Sorry mate - rush of blood to the head - probably don't need another set at the moment really. Was thinking of using them to try some different tyres and/or use as a spare. Initial reaction to runflats and no spare is receeding somwhat!
  4. Gone by now, I take it ... ?
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