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  1. That's no fun. Probably take a pretty serious quake to dislodge it, but I know I'd be getting out in a hurry in the same situation! If you'd timed things better, the shake would have helped with the coolant bleed process ;-)
  2. After probably a couple of months of doing bugger all on it since the engine replacement, i finally tidied up a few things yesterday... Installed some new front wheel arch liner inspection covers, a missing airduct for driver's side brakes, a small heat shield for the gearbox, and a replacement abs speed sensor that had been throwing the odd error . Followed all that up with an oil change and a couple of beers :-)
  3. I have a brand new set of these kittyless puppies, still in the box. Ordered direct from VRSF in the US but i ran out of patience waiting for them to turn up and went ahead and installed my engine back in the car sans these beauties :-( They owe me about $700 but I'll take $630 delivered to non rural addresses.
  4. In addition to what zero says above, on my E91 at least, you can swap the sensors around, left and right and see if the error code moves with it. As you'll see further up the page, I'm battling the same issues, so I feel your pain, although my error lights seem to have gone away for now
  5. Nothing to do with a 335i?
  6. So I set about driving from New Plymouth to Auckland this arvo, got about 45 mins out of town (over the other side of the awesome Mt Messenger for those that know it) when the ABS, TCS etc etc light came one... Just replaced a sensor for this the other day...i wonder what's wrong? :-( Now at NP airport!
  7. My Google translator seems to be broken...
  8. Installed RB Turbo's external PCV kit and Moshimoto oil catch can on the 335i. Hoping it causes disruption to the walnut blasting industry.
  9. Me too, for a sec I was like did they actually do a 340?! There must be valid reasons, but if one was to build such a rarity, would you not opt for a Bavarian 8? Cool car none the less.
  10. The rain stopped and the sun came out at about 6 this evening, so got back under the car, finished bolting up a few brackets etc and pumped the fluid back into the trans. Took it for a drive and it's all working the way it's supposed to, even the Alpina flash is still doing the business New (to me) engine and gearbox transplanted successfully at last - it's only taken me about 13 months and I don't know how much $$$$! Next time (shudder the thought) someone says they'll do the swap for $1500, I'll jump at it!
  11. Good stuff Matt! Probably a bit like my old Polo 1.8t when I put a Milltek catless downpipe on it. Mine was one of the ones that didn't have a central resonator standard, so without the cat, it was just a bit too loud for my liking. Sounded wicked with the odd little pop when backing off, but that disappeared when I put a resonator in there, which didn't seem to make a notable difference to the performance.
  12. Hmm, DCT...i like your style...maybe next time. I've done a few things on the coding front, including flashing the old box with the Alpina firmware. But this one sounds like it's bit more involved than that and there's very little info out there. I did reset the adaptions yesterday with INPA but that didn't help. Anyways, today I dropped the oil pan, removed the mechatronic, swapped in the TCU from the old box and put it all back together. Still need to torque up the bolts, reinstall a couple of brackets, put the oil back in and go for a spin. But at this stage INPA is telling me the original error has gone and the exclamation mark has gone from idrive. Moment of truth tomorrow hopefully :-)
  13. Just took the 335 for it's first little drive since engine and trans install. Engine feels and sounds good but the trans isn't shifting, seems to be stuck in 3rd or 4th. I suspect it's TCM related - VIN mismatch or something along those lines. Investigating my options. The easiest might be to swap out the TCM from the old box. More work underneath the car zzz
  14. I had a flatmate that just used to eat rice and tinned tuna. She was pretty fit, if that helps ;-) Great to hear this car is almost back on the road. Mine's been off for a year, so no sympathy from me!
  15. I'm not sure you'd want to rip the hose out without doing a little research. My e91 and previous e61 both had them and plugged into the side of the battery near the top. The last battery I bought had removable bung in it to accommodate the nipple for the hose.