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  1. Treat yourself to some goodies for that turboed N54 135i or 335i (or Z4, X6, 535 or whatever else these engines came in). Brand new (the boxes have been opened only) VRSF Speed Factory Charge Pipe and TIAL Q BOV. These or owe me about $600, but they have been sitting around for too long and I could do with the funds for other projects - they are yours for $500 - my loss, your gain.
  2. NakiTouring

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    Pretty much what Matth5 said. Or maybe you should get the current owner to flash it back to stock. That would allow you to get used to the car, and then stump up the $200 odd, flash it yourself later and enjoy the difference. This assumes the car is kinda on stock hardware and can still run properly on stock flash.
  3. NakiTouring

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    I'm in the same boat, plus silicone inlets, and was wondering the same thing...just haven't been brave enough to go stage 2 yet for fear of breaking something. I know that with my Polo 1.8T, you can't (or shouldn't) have a catless DP without the appropriate stage 2 tune...something to do with over boost I believe. Not sure on the details, I think smarter boost sensor and or ECU on the Bavarian cars? But even with the silicon inlets, an off the shelf stage 2 for my N54 is probably not ideal.
  4. NakiTouring

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    I bought a phone for the wife recently, put my Google account on it, downloaded the MHD app and away it went (I had to do this as unfortunately my Note 8's USB port is shagged). My understanding is that for licensing, it checks your Google account and the car's DME.
  5. NakiTouring

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    I assume the car is currently inoperable, or does it still run? Do you have another Android device you can put your Google account on? I guess finding a USB C one might be an issue...
  6. NakiTouring

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    Doesn't sound too good. I've had to have a second crack at flashing on the odd occasion and have gotten away with it fortunately, but haven't experienced what you're getting. You'll probably have to hit the international forums for that one. Hope you can get it sorted without too much grief.
  7. NakiTouring

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    Yep, this is the case with the N54 too. I used to pull the fuel pump fuse about 3 years ago, but not anymore 🙂
  8. NakiTouring

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    Don't think you've got anything to worry about there, but there's bound to be someone here that's done it with NZ nav.
  9. NakiTouring

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    Yeah, 11.7 is too low to do a flash, especially the first full flash which takes about 37 minutes. But if your battery is in the circa mid 12s and you're still loosing comms to the DME, even when not flashing, then the issue probably lies elsewhere. I had mine dropping on and off when connecting the other night for some reason...not sure if it was the car, phone, app, OTG or OBD cable...took a bit of fiddling before I got a stable connection and could proceed to flash. But boy, sure is good to have a flash on it again after almost 2 years without!
  10. NakiTouring

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    VRSF does seem great quality for the price. If i recall correctly, my dowpipes (2 of as N54) I had shipped free domestically to NZ Post's depot over there then used their youshop service to get them home for maybe $50 or so. Same with the charge pipe only cheaper. VRSF is great to deal with and will accommodate GST considerations, if you get my drift...
  11. NakiTouring

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    I wasn't aware of this bit. Do you have any references on the subject? Was hoping not to have to go down the path of a custom tune. I guess it makes sense as the OTS tunes are designed to cater for fairly specific hardware. Cheers.
  12. NakiTouring

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    Reach out the Stevie S on the forum too. I exchanged a couple of PMs with him on the subject of custom MHD tunes a few months back. He was using highly regarded Ken of Wedge Performance for remote custom tuning. The downside there though is you need to do runs and logs yourself. Incidentally this is what Stevie had to say, so unless you are planning to use e85... "I got a custom Stage 2+ map done, but there is little to gain over the OTS map, I wouldn't bother But different story with e85"
  13. NakiTouring

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    It took so long for a few reasons...I started down the path of rebuilding as it was just one bent valve, but made a couple of noob mistakes and eventually figured it was probably going to cost less and be safer to put in a used engine in. So I bought one, replaced all the typical leak prone gaskets, seals and one time use bolts etc, cleaned the inlet ports and valves, replaced the turbos, replaced the gearbox, installed the catless DPs and silicon inlets before fitting it all back in in one piece, gearbox and all. Did all the work myself and took my time doing it and it still cost a fortune! It wasn't a big pressing priority as we were also doing home renovations and i had other cars to drive. Plenty of parts and tools came from the US and all the research took plenty of time too. A satisfying achievement but I don't think I would bother again. Been working through a few little teething issues (not engine related) but now I'm comfortable it's all good and I can throw a tune at it again.
  14. NakiTouring

    MHD flash app. Anyone tried this yet?

    My engine expired when the crank bolt came loose. Took a year to get it back on the road...been running for a few months now so need to get MHD tune back on it. I installed catless downpipes and silicon turbo inlets while the engine was out...no brainer to do it then as the labour for both of those mods is nasty otherwise. With those two mods the car is going really well even on the standard tune (gave the inlets a homemade walnut blast while it was out too, which would have help breathing for sure). I really need to go to stage 2 mhd now in order to get the check engine light tuned off due to the catless. But before that i want to install my charge pipe.
  15. NakiTouring

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    That's no fun. Probably take a pretty serious quake to dislodge it, but I know I'd be getting out in a hurry in the same situation! If you'd timed things better, the shake would have helped with the coolant bleed process ;-)