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  1. So the 335i has gone to one happy camper 🙂 I wonder what will fill the void...
  2. Haha, very good 🙂 Unfortunately I've owned more French cars (2) than Hondas (1). And the 156 GTA I had was one special stroppy Italian. Living in the UK for several years opened my eyes up to the euro's (I had the tatts lasered off while there). But those two motor companies, HMC and BMW, represent what I like most about the auto industry...beautifully engineered atmo engines. Unfortunately in this turbo age, it's all too easy.
  3. Ok, agree with you on the CRX. But the ITR...umm, err, inspired by the engine doner car, maybe? Most Honda fanboys (me included) would rather poke their eyes out with blunt sticks than draw inspiration from frog shite. Now if only Red Bull could get the car to work as well as their new engine... I vaguely recall reading a Wheels magazine about 30 years ago, when the Japanese where getting right into their tech (4 wheel steering and the like), and some high up BMW boffin saying stuff like they'd never build a front wheel drive car. I thought that was a bold statement at the time. But then they had just swallowed Rover (and Mini), so maybe that was the out clause.
  4. I believe they are the 260M wheels, which were painted silver from September 2010 onwards.
  5. Somehow they've taken a handsome car and made it look like a riced out RX8.
  6. Damn, just as well I don't have any spare garage space...
  7. Yep, that one is etched into my mind forever, was very sad.
  8. The crank bolt came loose, which resulted in valve hitting piston 😞 Pretty rare for that to happen, but not unheard of. The gearbox was slipping on the change from 4th to 5th. Probably could have been repaired, but given the mileage, it made sense to swap while the engine was out. I found a box with about 65k on it for a "reasonable" price. The genuine BMW gearbox oil is bloody expensive, but in my research I didn't find an alternative that I could trust, especially as I wanted to up the boost a little - its not worth the risk for the sake of saving 2 or 3 hundred bucks. Replaced the oil pan / filter and associated bolts as well. Likewise with all the engine seals, gaskets, one tIme use bolts etc - I did it all properly with OEM quality and correct torque specs throughout.
  9. Anyway, my 335i is now on Trademe, so we'll see what happens. If anyone is interested in trading it towards their unwanted and horribly thirsty E9x M3, sing out! https://www.trademe.co.nz/2039326019
  10. Well, 15l/100km is about on par with what I currently get... But that would be a mix of around town and the odd blast out in the country. As above, I only get circa 10 on a big, more restrained trip. But maybe 15l/100km is what you're suggesting the v8 ingests on such a cruise, in which case, ouch!
  11. Shameless plug...couldn't help but make mention of the RB26 and 2JZ in the listing 😉 https://www.trademe.co.nz/2039326019
  12. My 335i e91 M-sport is leather, heated in the front.
  13. Yep, plenty of countering opinions on the subject it seems. At the end of the day, it comes down to the individual, what they're looking for in a car and where they see the value I guess. Really enjoy my 335i when I actually drive it properly, but as I'm only 2kms from work, I tend to use the Polo most of the time...the N54 wouldn't even get warmed up properly. I've had the 335i for 3 years and, me being me, I'm itching to move on to something else. The idea of an M car with that lovely atmo v8 holds a lot of appeal. Re fuel economy, it's not a major issue as the Polo does most of the miles, and I can't imagine the M3 would be vastly different to the 335i, which i struggle to get better than circa 10 litres per 100k on a big trip, much worse when on it.
  14. Thread resurrection... Contemplating trading my E91 335i for a M3, probably the E90, as ideally want that 5th seat... Decisions... The 335i has sone minor mods, catless diwnpipes, silicon intakes, MHD stage 1, fatter anti sway bars, lowered a little over a standard M-sport, LSD diff and Alpina trans flash. Awesome car in it's own right. But the M3 is proper special and I just want one ;-) The main problem will be softening the wife up to the concept... Have my Polo GTI as a daily. Try talk me out of it lol.
  15. Treat yourself to some goodies for that turboed N54 135i or 335i (or Z4, X6, 535 or whatever else these engines came in). Brand new (the boxes have been opened only) VRSF Speed Factory Charge Pipe and TIAL Q BOV. These or owe me about $600, but they have been sitting around for too long and I could do with the funds for other projects - they are yours for $500 - my loss, your gain.
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