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  1. nz750il

    FS: E38 Parts

    Hey do you have a gas tank for sale? Cheers
  2. nz750il

    WTB E38 750i or 750iL

    Whats your price range?
  3. nz750il

    WTB: 750il 97 straight pipes

    I wanted to keep the option of saving the standard mufflers if I wanted to put them back on
  4. nz750il

    WTB: 750il 97 straight pipes

    Hey all Thought I would ask on here, does any one happen to have some rear bolt on straight pipes for a 1997 750il?
  5. nz750il

    1997 750Il

    For sale 1997 750IL V12 Tiptronic Great runner never missed a beat All the mod cons, I'm sure you guys know about these,I don't need to ramble on Since I've owned it I've done Both air filters Oil filter Oil Fuel filter Both engine belts New accumulators 230 000 k's 6500 Ono Wof/Rego
  6. Hi guys Trying to find a 1997 750il rear shock drivers side, preferably with spring to save time. Has self leveling and edc Holla : )
  7. Hey guys Does anyone know where to get some fair priced speaker foams from? For the rear speakers in a 97 750il, 5.25 inch
  8. Hi I'm trying to find a 750il drivers outer door handle 1997, any colour. will need to be custom painted anyway.
  9. nz750il

    750il 97 roof lining

    Does any one have a clue where i can find one? Any wreckers that may hold one? I have emailed a few and all they have said is no :/
  10. nz750il

    750il 97 roof lining

    Hey I'm looking for a 750il 97 e83 roof lining in grey. Mines saggy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk