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  1. agent75

    Looking to buy a welder

    This is the welder with the tank behind. Photo taken when I was making trolley for it - an excellent first project for new welder! Positive is it takes 25kg wire - negative is it’s not covered like spools on other machines. Never been a prob though and 15kg waaaay cheaper
  2. agent75

    Looking to buy a welder

    Sorry I only just saw this reply. I scored my co2 extinguisher from a salvage place. They need to be tanks without welded bases I believe. I took it to a place SAI GLOBAL on Hayton road in chch and they tested it, painted it grey, put a valve on it and filled it for about 150$. Test lasts 4 years and refilling is$40.
  3. agent75

    Looking to buy a welder

    I purchased a near new Boc magmate welder a year or so ago and taught myself. It’s an inverter type and I find it amazing. I got and old large co2 fire extinguisher and got it converted and I fill it for $40 so great for home use. I don’t know any better but I believe co2 welds hotter so not as good on thin steel but all I’ve done is thin steel and it’s no problem. My welder is my favourite toy . You’ll not regret a good welder. I can’t speak for tig
  4. agent75

    2001 E46 330i manual!! 4 door

    Bumping it . I’ve got it on trade me now. Happy to talk offers
  5. agent75

    2001 E46 330i manual!! 4 door

    Sneaky bump
  6. agent75

    2001 E46 330i manual!! 4 door

    Brand new battery less than a year ago (okay that’s not brand new but ....)
  7. agent75

    2001 E46 330i manual!! 4 door

    I know one man’s mint is another man’s sh*t box but It really is a minter. Ive been tidying my missuses detritus out of it and cleaning up the interior and it’s bloody great.
  8. agent75

    2001 E46 330i manual!! 4 door

    Well I think I’m going to expand the market and pop this gem on trademe. I’ve been cleaning it up over the past couple of nights and it really is very tidy and presents beautifully, carpets , seats etc all cleaned up and are lovely. Does anyone feel I’m in the ballpark price wise?
  9. agent75

    2001 E46 330i manual!! 4 door

  10. agent75

    2001 E46 330i manual!! 4 door

    Or near offer of course. Due a warrant soon which I’ll obviously sort.
  11. agent75

    WTB - pfl e30 bumper and valance

    I think your mate was asking me on behalf of you about this. You’ll deff need a bumper But I reckon you’ll beat the valance out with a BFH and some dollies. thats pre facelift right?
  12. agent75

    2001 E46 330i manual!! 4 door

    So I am selling my 330i . I have two elderly e30s to look after and my missus mainly drives this e46. She hates white cars (its white) but doesn’t appreciate the mechanical superiority so I have decided she doesn’t deserve it and have bought her a 1500cc Mazda Axela I bought this otherwise well looked after car with a blown engine and purchased what has turned out to be a gem from EUROREC here in CHCH. I replaced: # the sump and cam cover gaskets # water pump # biesen seals in vanos # exhaust gaskets # water pump # overflow tank # the crank case vent stuff # some of the water hoses # red stuff brake pads its a South African import and is in very nice condition. The body has a smidge over 200000 on the clock and the engine was a 150000 or so (I will check but it’s tight) i put the m sport style 68 wheels on which I restored and were mint until my missus curbed them a little. I will redo this so they will be mint for the buyer. Pilot sport 4 tyres less than a year old more photos to come $8000
  13. Hi all. I have a second hand but new Fenix radiator from an E36 which I bought some Time ago to adapt to my e30 318i. I decided to sell the car now and couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of making a new bracket and finding new hoses to fit soooo.... Call me a mug but I bought a new radiator for my e30 318i from a trademe retailer who listed it as 316i 318i e30 when it arrived it was the same bloody radiator that I already have! It seems these radiators are marketed by FENIX as one size fits all but they aren’t . Has anyone had this experience? To me it is a CONSUMER GUARANTEE ACT issue. I’ve opened a dispute but may struggle to prove my case.
  14. So apparently e30 4 door doors aren’t even worth a dollar. These are now going to the scrap pile at the dump. The rears have good electric window motors which I will remove. I’ll be talking about this in ten years time in the same way my mate talks about 1970s falcon parts ”I f#cken threw one of those out ten years ago and I just got my wallet removed via my a**hole for one at rare spares!!” dont say say I didn’t warn you!! 😂
  15. https://www.trademe.co.nz/trade-me-motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/exterior/auction-1538622506.htm https://www.trademe.co.nz/trade-me-motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/exterior/auction-1538622257.htm https://www.trademe.co.nz/trade-me-motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/exterior/auction-1538621956.htm https://www.trademe.co.nz/trade-me-motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/exterior/auction-1538621576.htm https://www.trademe.co.nz/trade-me-motors/car-parts-accessories/bmw/electrics/auction-1538620970.htm $1 reserve on all items