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  1. So apparently e30 4 door doors aren’t even worth a dollar. These are now going to the scrap pile at the dump. The rears have good electric window motors which I will remove. I’ll be talking about this in ten years time in the same way my mate talks about 1970s falcon parts ”I f#cken threw one of those out ten years ago and I just got my wallet removed via my a**hole for one at rare spares!!” dont say say I didn’t warn you!! 😂
  2. $1 reserve on all items
  3. i have this advertised on trade me. $40 start bid
  4. 25$ either side. Have tested and they’re mint
  5. Sold!! There will be hushed stories in years to come when these are sought after and $$$$ about how a guy “couldn’t even give one away” a few years ago 😝
  6. Bumpedy bumpingston i have no way to weigh them but assume less than 5 kg. I can’t tell if abs plastic. Does anyone know?
  7. It’s out of a 325 se I recently wrecked. I don’t have any use for this and can’t vouch for its condition but before I turf it does anyone want it for free......million....... dollars? Mwa ha mwa ha ha ha mwa ha ha ha ha !!!!!...... nar, just f*cken take it... or tell me to chuck it out
  8. Hire one of those carpet cleaners from the supermarket. I did that once and cleaned my seats in car after doing carpet. Worked well. Remember to adjust your boot with the central adjuster - it may just have been loose
  9. Never, ever say that to a parochial south islander such as myself 😂 nar , you’re right, I see a lot of stuff I need in the north but the postage is a killer. i made a killing on the seats, got exactly what I was asking for them! 😬
  10. set of seats from e30 SE sedan. drivers seat is poor conditon. passenger seat quite good. rear seat pretty good but cat walked on it with dirty feet but may clean up all right. A cigarette burn and some wear in the rear seat. You must take all if you take one. FREE!! But hurry!
  11. Really nice car. I love the wagons. I saw it in the morning and it was gone ten minutes later. My gut said someone would buy now. The picture of the stack of car mags really sold it to me :-D
  12. Quite light . Made of ABS plastic maybe. Ill find out
  13. I would but might be costly
  14. I have some E30 side skirts off an SE. They are not mint with some of the clips broken in behind and a bit broken at one end of one. I've kept all the broken bits I could find. $40
  15. Hi all my friend has an e46 and is having major wheel trouble. I'be convinced him to just get some decent wheels and tyres for a decent price indeed of tying to fix the current ones. It is really just a commuter so nothing special and no big brakes to worry about. what is out there? shane