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  1. I loves my facades, I've actually decided to put a m40b16 auto in it but do it up to look like an m3 with papier-mâché body kit and Ali express m3 badges then hit the streets with my windows down and the system up :-D
  2. I quite like the sun roof but it's just another thing to rust and "f#ck out" . Funny how my two are no sun roof and elec windows (jap import) vs sun roof and manual windows (nz new)
  3. My mates are all for the white one. Normally I'm not so pliable in my opinion but I'm struggling here. Oh for more space and time. One thing is for sure - bottle caps do nothing for these cars (although some may suggest my choice of wheels don't either!)
  4. whoa! I think I'll keep looking, but thank you.
  5. I need a few bits and pieces if anyone can help as follows: euro plate holder plastic triangles which cover inside of door by door mirrors (same on 2 and 4 door?) standard car front spoiler lip standard spoiler mounted fog lights
  6. Lol. Don't fight it! Go with it! my 318 is not really a project, it will be fully functioning reg/wof etc.... but you should still buy it!
  7. I can't help agreeing, I can always use the M20b25 gear box as bargaining chips when it comes to doing M52 Conversion. Mine doesn't leak........ yet!!
  8. I'm interested, the white one has a manual sun roof and it is in sound condition, but are non sunroof ones a bit more desirable for some reason? is it the "race car" thing where you don't really want a sun roof?
  9. As mentioned in another post I have just purchased an E30 Delphin Metallic 320i auto coupe. This may highlight my levels of impulsiveness but following a chat with my missus (very understanding of my "condition") I think I need to get rid of one of the coupes I have due to the space time continuum (I have neither the space nor the time for both). My two cars are: 1989 E30 318i Manual Coupe in Alpine Weisse - Poverty spec NZ new - wind up windows but with Sun roof 1988 E30 320i Auto Coupe in Delphin Metallic - mid jap spec - electric windows , no sun roof Both are tidy in the body with no evidence of corrosion. the grey one has some typical but local corrosion behind the boot seal above the number plate. White one is lower k's but that is academic. my original plan was to M20B25 manual gbox the grey one (I have the parts) and M52b28 the white one (I have most of the parts). Reality says I should keep one and M20 it with a view to M52ing it down the track - and sell the other. Obviously the white one has the gearbox I want for the M52 conversion but the M20B25 gearbox would also suit (but not as easily). I like the odd track day so will be putting some cash in to suspension etc What to do??
  10. Same deal as baurpower- I have one with spoiler holes. It's blue but has been painted over with peel off Matt black
  11. The car I'll be popping the manual 2.5 in. I'll eventually put the m52 in it too but with this gearbox I'll have a kooky gear stick. I don't like the spoiler on this but I've since realised it's a copy of a mtech one. It just looks out of place on a standard car with bottle caps. Best I get tearing this donor car apart! BTW I will likely have a m40 manual 318 coupe for sale soon... too many toys!
  12. As per title. I am looking to revert my uncerted steering rack mod in the e30 318 coupe as I may be selling it.
  13. Just bought e30 with extremely ugly spoiler (appropriate name) and some garks on boot. Though I might see what's out there (I am in chur chur so local probably better) .
  14. Whilst I love my little 318 manual, I am hankering after some more poke too!
  15. I'm definitely hearing you all. You are right, it's mostly because I want one. I've still got the slow burn m52 project in the garage but this will be moe immediate. I love my coupes and the 4 door is dead Reg and beyond saving (rust, rust, mostly stripped out interior, rust, Matt black shitty paint, rust). I was kind of eyeing up a coupe when I posted this and now I've bought it! It's a 320i auto . Pretty good and straight and dark grey. Ive attached a pic of the donor