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  1. Bumpedy bumpingston i have no way to weigh them but assume less than 5 kg. I can’t tell if abs plastic. Does anyone know?
  2. It’s out of a 325 se I recently wrecked. I don’t have any use for this and can’t vouch for its condition but before I turf it does anyone want it for free......million....... dollars? Mwa ha mwa ha ha ha mwa ha ha ha ha !!!!!...... nar, just f*cken take it... or tell me to chuck it out
  3. Hire one of those carpet cleaners from the supermarket. I did that once and cleaned my seats in car after doing carpet. Worked well. Remember to adjust your boot with the central adjuster - it may just have been loose
  4. Never, ever say that to a parochial south islander such as myself 😂 nar , you’re right, I see a lot of stuff I need in the north but the postage is a killer. i made a killing on the seats, got exactly what I was asking for them! 😬
  5. set of seats from e30 SE sedan. drivers seat is poor conditon. passenger seat quite good. rear seat pretty good but cat walked on it with dirty feet but may clean up all right. A cigarette burn and some wear in the rear seat. You must take all if you take one. FREE!! But hurry!
  6. Really nice car. I love the wagons. I saw it in the morning and it was gone ten minutes later. My gut said someone would buy now. The picture of the stack of car mags really sold it to me :-D
  7. Quite light . Made of ABS plastic maybe. Ill find out
  8. I would but might be costly
  9. I have some E30 side skirts off an SE. They are not mint with some of the clips broken in behind and a bit broken at one end of one. I've kept all the broken bits I could find. $40
  10. Hi all my friend has an e46 and is having major wheel trouble. I'be convinced him to just get some decent wheels and tyres for a decent price indeed of tying to fix the current ones. It is really just a commuter so nothing special and no big brakes to worry about. what is out there? shane
  11. Well, some great news which may be of benefit to others in my position. After some googling I decided it was crank or cam sensors. My work mate ended up having a reader so I plugged it in and ... boom! it was having an "intermittent intake cam sensor malfunction". replaced with one off the original engine and it went faultlessly like a cut cat. very happy and far less scared of electronic gubbins now. so google was right. I will post here if the problem persists but otherwise consider it solved!
  12. forgetting the M10 here is the scene as I know it: there are 2 gear boxes and two bell housings between them. the 6 cylinder bell housing and the 4 cylinder m40 bell housing. the gear boxes are g260 and g240. The 325 has the g260 and the 320, 318 and 316 have g240. 6 and 4 cyl same pattern but they bolt up on different angles. 4 cylinder bolt angle same as M50 and M52 so 4 cly g240 okay for the swap. 6 cylinder bellhousing will make gearbox and gear stick sit on 10 degree angle on m50/52. this makes 320 shitest conversion gearbox as you'll have the weaker gearbox with gearstick on angle. Only the 325 has the medium case diff and larger half shafts. Both the 320 and 318 316 have small case diff and small half shafts. the bigger front struts are a lottery with virtually no chance on 316 318, some chance on 320 and very good but not guaranteed on 325......I think
  13. Well, I experienced the hot start issue for the first time after my missus noticed it. As I have checked and replaced suspect injectors I am now turning my mind to cam / crank position sensors. I have some off the old engine so will try them. Firstly, does anyone have a code reader I could borrow for beers? I guess there may be some faults in there to avoid chasing my tail on this. Shane
  14. Re checked and found one injector leaking - only a little but engine was cold etc so may leak more when warm. I replaced injector with spare so will see how that goes over the next week. Thanks for the input gents I think the filter and regulator are combined on my car... will see how new injector goes Idles beautifully
  15. I did this test tonight and couldn't see any leaking. I will try again tomorrow as too dark now. It is definitely losing pressure as far as I can see as I used pressure gauge and ten minutes later almost no pressure. My only other option may be the pressure regulator but that won't flood the car soo wouldn't cause issue unless fuel is vaporising more easily due to lower pressure in rail??? Hmmmm