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  1. SmithyInWelly

    Gissa job!

    Two i/v's this week, both looking like going on to psychometric testing. Giddy up!
  2. SmithyInWelly

    Gissa job!

    All the best Graham 👍
  3. SmithyInWelly

    2006 NZ new E91 330i - $8k

    So due to redundancy I *need to find a new home for my e91... it's NZ New, is approaching 190km... runs well, everything works - no warning lights (aside from a rear lamp which I'll sort out next week). All original books/manuals and a decent bit of service history - two new Bridgestone RE003's on the rear last month, service done at Winger BMW in January. Originally sold new in Dunners, I bought it from a dealer in Auckland and look to be the fourth private owner. There's a year left on a transferable Janssen "Ultracover European" MBI. It's in good nick but is a 12 year old car that's used daily, she's no garage queen. VIN is AF81035 so check out the specs - it's pretty standard NZ non M-sport spec for the era (no iDrive). Selling to downgrade to something cheaper to buy/run... so if you have something $3-5k and want to upgrade to a practical reliable Bimmer wagon - hit me up. My hope is I'll pick up a new role before selling but it is what it is and cash talks... I can (and will) buy again once the income is re-established. Oh, and price - no, I don't need to give it away and nor am I going to. If you're a serious buyer now is the time to strike; the more time/money I put into it the more likely I'll want to keep it, and the more likely I'll have a new job/contract meaning I don't need to sell. Looking at Tard Me is fraught with danger and a serious lack of realism but 330i sedans with similar mileage (dreamers aside) are $6.5 to $7.5; this being an NZ one with some history, an years MBI, and a touring with wikkid az tints and fully sik magz I reckon $8k is good buying - which is a LOT less than I paid for it under a year ago (I know, that's irrelevant lol). So there it is - if you're keen I'm located in Whitby, but will have time from next week to bring it to you if you're in Wellington, Porirua, or the Hutt. If you're keen - give me a shout. Cheers Cory *don't actually "need" but it's the sensible thing to do.
  4. SmithyInWelly

    2006 NZ new E91 330i - $8k

    Went into Winger for a WoF this morning and they have my car's "spiritual" successor on the floor - a 340i M-Perf Touring in Tanzanite blue... my feckin god - sooooo much of the want. Getting some brake hoses replaced; a small oil leak done, headlights re-aligned (apparently they're upside down - and no, I dunno how it got a WoF a year ago either) and a new reverse light bulb. Also, bump 😛
  5. SmithyInWelly

    First-Time Euro Owner (text heavy)

    Very nice... both the car(s) and the story - congrats!
  6. SmithyInWelly

    2001 e39 530i - Help Buying?

    I'm pretty sure it is you Greg... you know you want to 😆
  7. SmithyInWelly

    2001 e39 530i - Help Buying?

    Damn - if someone bought my e91 (see the For Sale topic) this could be a great option... and local too. Bozza: not sure re PPI... have mine booked in at Winger for a WOF this week and am considering a pre-emptive PPI on it too (just not sure I wanna flush $225 down the dunny), if I do it I'll let you know. FWIW I bought an e39 from someone on here and it was almost exactly as described. And you know the person is enthusiastic about their vehicles or they wouldn't be here... and that's especially important for any older Bimmer. Good luck with it!
  8. SmithyInWelly

    New owner, first beemer (335i)

    Congrats, welcome and well done!
  9. SmithyInWelly

    What should I look for when buying z4

    This one? https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1568591528.htm?rsqid=78f9df3021034dccad374688e0096046
  10. SmithyInWelly

    Gissa job!

    I'm on gardening leave from this week 'til the end of the month - time to crank up the job search. Awesome*. *may not contain actual awesome - but here's hoping!
  11. SmithyInWelly

    Looks well priced for the ks?

    That's very tasty!
  12. SmithyInWelly

    E46 AC Schnitzel S3-S

    It's bordering on criminal... I know, buyer beware and all that, but jeez.
  13. SmithyInWelly

    2006 NZ new E91 330i - $8k

    Cheers Chris - I think it's pretty fairly priced for a quick sale if someone's out there... though I kinda hope not; but we'll see what the next couple of weeks brings
  14. SmithyInWelly

    Quick rant thread.

    Sorry to hear, hope it works out ok in the end - or better than
  15. SmithyInWelly

    2001 E46 330i manual!! 4 door

    It's easy to speculate when it's not your money. If yours is worth $8k then the E91 I've just listed on here must be worth at least nine, probably ten - which is where I'll pitch it if I do advertise it more broadly.
  16. SmithyInWelly

    Quick rant thread.

    If only it always worked out like that Jacko - not in this case for me... I'm the only one and there's no payout (to speak of). But I have a got a great opportunity to shift my career direction a little, which is a good thing!
  17. SmithyInWelly

    Some interesting mods...

    On this wee ti: https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1609419597 - the start button is the one that really impresses me!
  18. SmithyInWelly

    Quick rant thread.

    Cheers Graham - it's rarely a nice thing to go through, however it plays out... though like many clouds it can have a silver lining
  19. SmithyInWelly

    Quick rant thread.

    Redundancy. And having to go through "the process" when the outcome of said process is crystal bluddy clear.
  20. SmithyInWelly

    SOLD! - 1998 E36 318ti

    I'll keep an eye out - may soon be in the market for a cheap run around 👍
  21. SmithyInWelly

    SOLD! - 1998 E36 318ti

    Bugger! (and well done).
  22. SmithyInWelly

    SOLD! - 1998 E36 318ti

    I had one of that spec/colour when I lived in Brissy - was a great little run around. Cheap and chuckable! GLWS
  23. SmithyInWelly

    Dunedin Newbie - 2007 E91

    Welcome Geords!
  24. SmithyInWelly

    Old 3 series BMW's as a first car

    i agree with much of the feedback above. Older Beemers need some loving... you need to be prepared to invest the time and/or money to keep it on the road and enjoy driving it. The critical mix of budget/engagement/ability/need will dictate what you want, and what you can get. Sometimes what we want isn't achievable and we need to get something else in the meantime, until the budget or time resource can catch up - I was in a similar position and bought an e39 525i initially (after owning an e36 318ti some years earlier in Aussie), then quickly wanting more power and a better drive but not having the $$$$ to get it. I bought a $5k Accord Euro; thrashed it as a daily for a year whilst saving another $5k then selling it for $5k and buying my e91... Now I'm at that "more power" point again so may have to repeat the process to save up and get a 335i... sometimes you have to play a long game 😜
  25. SmithyInWelly

    E30 Ignorance - $40k - $65k Really?

    Shear driving pleasure?