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  1. An intriguing thought... here's the top five underrated Bimmers having been outsourced by an Aussie bloke (and his mates). Personally, I can't have an X3 anywhere and would replace it with pretty much anything (M135i perhaps?)... (tried to embed the vid but no go).
  2. These are dropping like a stone, and they can't drop much further... such amazing value for what you get. I still miss mine. You (almost definitely) won't be disappointed.
  3. I had a red one of these (same spec) when I lived in Brissy... sure, no ball of fire but a great value little runabout that loved corners and made me learn to be a better driver - slow car fast and all that! Would definitely recommend one of these to anyone considering.
  4. Will look for something if I keep it... but don't want to be one of "those" AMG wannabe guys lol... though a mate did get me a AliExpress engine badge so I'll put that on for the photos when I sell it... just for laughs 🤣
  5. Someone should get Kyu's M135i, then someone else can get the one I had... drives well, good spec - awesome little cars! Agree re the ride of the '45... looked at a couple but they're more hardcore than the M135i... but it all comes down to what you want
  6. Late last year I got a pretty shite cancer diagnosis... so what's the first thing you do? You update your fleet of course! I wanted something fun and with a decent bit of power. Really liked Kyu's M135i but lockdowns were a bastard so bought one locally. Effin fantastic car - took it over to Martinborough a couple of times and it was absolutely brilliant! Pottering around the mean streets of the Hutt - not so much... so much performance but pretty pointless at legal-ish speeds. So, looked at a few other options and decided on a Golf Gti - mid 20-teens vintage. Went a car yard on town that had an ex-Aussie one with a 'roof (luv my roofs!) and the muppets had sold it earlier the same day. Bugger. The did however have a Kiwi-new A250 Sport... good service history, kms, spec; roof, leather, bluetooth - everything worked, so took it for a drive and was very surprised... it was surprisingly fun - and with enough performance, if not a lot. So did the deal, and ended up losing a bomb on the M135i... oh well - I've had a good run the last few years. But yeah; the 250 - worth a look if you're in the warm hatch market... and being a turbo it's relatively easy to stoke the fire a bit more if that's your thing - and get some pretty decent numbers out of them. Mine's bog standard and I'm toying with the idea of a tune and some exhaust upgrades, and swapping out the grille for something less, erm, annoying... but then an A45 isn't much more $$$$, and then I remember whilst I've driven plenty of V8's over the years - I've never actually owned one...
  7. There's no right or wrong answer Jun, you'll do what's best for whatever the circumstances you and your family are in. Timing is a crystal ball exercise... I sold my m135i early in the year and it seems there aren't a whole heap of buyers in the market with cash and ready to go. I've got a mate who is selling a (very good) E63 who's finding the same. If getting top dollar is important there's little evidence I've seen that it's out there at the moment - unless talking collectibles which are a different market again... but it only takes one person - and you need to be in the market when they are. Having seen your car, and how well it's been looked after - if I knew of anyone wanting a good e60 M5; I know the direction in which I'd be pointing them. Whichever way you go, all the best.
  8. Whenever a seller won't respond to q's within T/Me it's a massive red flag... for a car like this it's even massiver.
  9. Final bump/call... someone is getting a bargain - auction closes around 8pm this evening 👍
  10. It's back up... and possibly even more of a bargain - someone could be in for a fun summer: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/m135i/listing/3373138200
  11. Have relisted on Trade Me with an $18k start and no reserve... if someone wants to put me out of my misery and get themselves even more of a bargain - that'd be grand! https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/listing/3373138200 And no - it won't be relisted again, or offered at a lower price.
  12. SmithyInWelly

    F20 M135i

    Hi all It seems now isn't the time to sell an M135i - so I'm not putting mine on Trade Me (or anywhere else) until the new year some time. That said, I have no need for an extra car so if anyone here wants it, you can have it for $21k - and I'll chuck in a couple of bimmersport.co.nz stickers you may or may not want to put on the car (or elsewhere lol). I have a couple of people keen but unable to get the funds together immediately so if one of them does so then it'll be gone; will update this post when/if that happens. Car has a decent BMW service history in iDrive and presents/drives well... especially for this kind of price. No, it's not the best one for sale - but looking at Trade Me it isn't the worst either. Get yourself a bargain. Here's the spec details: https://www.mdecoder.com/decode/wba1b720x0j777037
  13. Final bump/call... someone is getting a bargain - auction closes soon. And whilst I may be a little biased as it's mine: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/m135i/listing/3373138200 The car is great to drive, is pretty well specced, and whilst obviously it's not too "fast", I've got some health stuff going on and brought the car as I wanted to tick the turbo six box when in reality it's not the right car for my needs now and/or moving forward. If you have money in your bank account, and want to buy something with decent poke/handling that looks like a runabout 116i to the vast majority of people... then get in touch via the Trade Me ad (with my mate who's selling it obo me). Hope you're doing ok wherever you are 🙂
  14. Love that colour! Nice to see one that isn't white, black or... actually - blue is ok... You've pretty well summed up why I'm likely going to get one. Soon.
  15. Morons who don't seem to realise there is still a pandemic (just cos we're in L2) and go to the Blood & Cancer centre in a hospital and proceed to take their masks off whilst sitting in a waiting room with others (many of whom are very ill and at high risk, like me) talking sh*t - which I can assure can still be done whilst wearing a mask lol... and this was family members, not the person who was there for his chemo. Arrogant, insular, inconsiderate, morons. And I'm being very kind.
  16. Hahaha!!! That M performance sticker must be worth 5hp minimum... I'm not so sure about the interior "upgrades" lol
  17. Just sent them a pdf provided by my bank showing all the info they need to perform an electronic transfer - funnily I remain less than confident.
  18. SmithyInWelly


    I've been using https://www.mdecoder.com/ recently with no worries.
  19. Life insurance/superannuation companies/funds who are overseas (like, the West Island) that can't seem to manage an electronic payment to an overseas country (like, the North Island)... but hey - they can post a cheque!!! What bluddy year is this???
  20. I would if I could... chuck some decent wheels back on it and away you go! Unfortunately life stuff means I can't, and every time I drive my $1700 Camry a little piece of me dies. The reality is the $1700 Camry gets me to work and back - and my little Duke is getting me going on 2 wheels again (for fun) so there's no room for an e91. But sh*t, if someone did want a reliable (boring) V6 Camry... nah - who am I kidding 😔
  21. Do it. I dunno what it's like now but it was a great wee thing to punt (in the context of what it is)... at least worth checking it. For around $3;5-$4k... $500 in parts and a few hours effort it could be well worthwhile (or, it's not been well maintained over the last coupla years and you'd have to throw more $$$ at it). Go and look at it - see what it drives like; then at least you know which outcome is more likely and go from there (either to negotiate, or to run far away lol).
  22. Yup... they've ditched the 18's too... jeez I miss that wagon. I didn't mind the spec (for a non-Msport)... aluminium trim, and no decades old i-Drive lol.
  23. Yup... Maybe - or for someone with a bit of know-how it might be relatively easily sorted (like that sport-mode issue which is quite common)... it looks so plain without the 18's tho!
  24. Definitely not CIS - I had to use them when I bought my e91 (which is coincidentally up for sale again) and I honestly may as well have flushed the $240-odd down the dunny given the relatively simple things they missed and the $2k it needed spent on it when I got it back down to Wellington.
  25. If you need an extra driver (for any of your cars), sing out Kevin - haha!... seriously, you've got some fantastic wheels; awesome stuff!
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