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  1. Hi Jordan, Over the last 20 years of driving 6 cylinder E36 BMWs, I have always used Castrol Magnatic 10w40. Sometimes you can get a good deal, but in general the Magnatec 10w40 is around $50 for 4L...and you will need around 6L (so you will need to buy 2 x 4 Litres). Best I ever got was 5 months ago when I bought 2 x 4 Litres of Magnatec for $27-00 each. Good luck.
  2. How I miss my E30 325iS that I had back in Pretoria and Joburg!
  3. I do like the front picture more. It makes the X5 look really mean.
  4. No arguments here.
  5. I'll remind him to post pics of the C63. Bryan flew down to Christchurch on Monday morning at 6:30am, then left Chch at 9am to Picton. Arrived in Picton at 4pm, then waited for the ferry to Wellington. He finally arrived home Monday night just before midnight. And yesterday was back to his new job for him, and he headed to bed early last night.
  6. ...and the answer is NEITHER! I cannot afford to buy the 130i, and his rent stays where it is. He has worked all day, and just txt'd us to say he needs to take a client's BMW X5 up to Hastings, so he's on the road now. We expect him to arrive back home in Wellington around 3am tomorrow morning. Where are the days (when I was that young), that I would work all day in Cape Town, then arrive home to pick the wife and son up, and then drive 1700km non-stop (apart from fuelling up and/or loo stops) to go visit the in-laws in Pretoria?
  7. Let me be the first congrats my son on his new beast....Black on black Mercedes Benz Station Wagon...C63 AMG!!!!!!
  8. As you have said, not every ones choice. They can put a Lamborghini Aventador's engine in a Ti, it is still the ugliest BMW ever made, and I'll not be found dead in one.
  9. PM'd. :-)
  10. ...still want!
  11. Why is there no emoticon here for droooooooolllling!!?? I saw this 635 today in person....WWOOWW!!!! I'm still drooling...
  12. that case your rent has just gone up by %50.
  13. As per heading! Still looking for a manual gearbox for my E30 320 sedan (with M20B25 engine). Come on people, help me out, please.
  14. If I had the 16k...I would have bought this without a 2nd guess...obviously.