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  1. viskop

    New BMW in Wellington! E39 530i

    Was good to meet you last night at 1847 young man. (I was the one sitting opposite you and I had the steak!)
  2. viskop

    E46 330i - Help with coolant flush.

    ...in my case I need to replace the coolant thermostat and housing. Getting this done tomorrow (Frid 31 Aug) at Winger BMW. 🤩
  3. viskop

    E46 330i - Help with coolant flush.

    Cheers Nathan, much appreciated. 👌
  4. viskop

    E46 330i - Help with coolant flush.

    That is life, Andy. I always take very good care of my car/s...always have, always will. 👍
  5. viskop

    E46 330i - Help with coolant flush.

    Cheers Andy, much appreciated 👍.
  6. viskop

    E46 330i - Help with coolant flush.

    Awesome, appreciate the suggestion, and I will rather do that. Cheers.
  7. viskop

    My Latest E46 330i.

    After my previous 330i was written off on 23 July 2018, insurance paid out almost full amount (still waiting to hear back about my excess that I believe should be refunded - 19 year old crashed into my previous 330i while it was parked at home). Then got myself this 2000 330i with 145 000km on the clock, 19" wheels, sunroof, lovely interior. Drives really nice.
  8. All, Anyone willing to help me flush and refill the coolant in my 2000 BMW 330i? If someone is willing to help, pls name your price (case of beers, or 2 cases 😁?). I can come to you (closer to Johnsonville the better). And I can only do weekends (pref Saturdays). Story is: I bought the 330i on Monday afternoon 20 Aug, I drove it home from Winger BMW to Grenada Village, halfway the engine light came on and stayed on. I parked the car at home and Tuesday afternoon I popped the hood, opened the radiator cap and there was hardly anything in the tank. So I topped it up with tap water, turned the car to on, and the engine light stayed on. I left it overnight, and Wednesday afternoon I checked the water level again, and it was fine, so I started the car...and the engine light came on for 1 second, then turned off. I then drove the car to New World Churton Park, no issues. Also drove the car yesterday all day, no issues. So I want to flush the coolant system and fill it up again, and if anyone can help, that will be appreciated. It seems the price for a flush is from $88 upwards. Yesterday I bought 3.78L of Prestone Concentrate Antifreeze/coolant at Repco, but checking some youtube videos, they were all over the place, and no video was the same. Thanks. Charl
  9. viskop

    Coming soon - Looking to buy E46 330i

    True, thanks Olaf. 👍
  10. viskop

    Coming soon - Looking to buy E46 330i

    Thanks everyone for your replies and offering me your cars, but I just scored a bargain. An E46 330i Motorsport with 145k, immaculate for $3k. Pics to follow soon-ish.
  11. viskop

    Coming soon - Looking to buy E46 330i

    Received my call yesterday from insurance...getting full-payout minus my access. I did mention that I don't believe I should pay the access, seeing that my car was stationery at home, and a 19 year old crashed into its rear. Lady said she will refer to a different team and also check the Police report, etc. I've had a few chaps asking if I can buy the car back, seeing that they're interested in the (90 000km) 3L engine. Insurance said they will sell the car to me for $1550-00. Now waiting on the 2 different chaps to let me know if I shall go ahead and confirm with the insurance on Monday.
  12. viskop

    Coming soon - Looking to buy E46 330i

    I'm with AMP. Signed up with them in Jan 2018 after I was with State (heard a lot of bad things about State).
  13. viskop

    Coming soon - Looking to buy E46 330i

    ...that is what I am worried about. 🤔
  14. viskop

    Coming soon - Looking to buy E46 330i

    I am in the market, but can only buy something once the insurance has paid out. And yes, we had an agreed value, but the thing is, I have heard (could be rumours) that the insurance companies only pay out about half, or just more than half, of what one has insured your car for. I will hopefully know next week how much I will be paid out. Worse case, the week after.
  15. viskop

    Coming soon - Looking to buy E46 330i

    I do have some great options...but no use me bidding or making offers on any car/s until I know how much and when the insurance will pay out.