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  1. viskop

    1996 BMW E36 - Manual - 141,000kms

    Aaahhh, my old car. Cost me more than $7k including the manual swap etc, and I still hear it from the wife! 🙄 Would love to buy this back, but doing (forced!) house renovations, so that is where the money is going to now. Good luck though Al!
  2. viskop

    Leak on 2007 BMW 120i Motorsport

    Welkom Jacques, baie mooi BMW (for the English speaking - welcome Jacques, beautiful BMW). My son had the 130i, and that was a beast. Unfortunately I cannot provide assistance here, but I'm sure there are many other Bimmersporters that will be able to help. Groete, Charl
  3. viskop

    2 x BMW Space Savers Wheels (as new)

    Thanks John, my mouth is 🤐 (just can't say for how long 😆)
  4. viskop

    New member intro - E92 M3

    Welcome Ian. I see that M3 has a Durban number plate. Are you from SA (Durban)? If not, hopefully this M3 does not have any rust, cause in South Africa some/most cars from the coastal areas usually have some rust. I know, cause I'm originally from Cape Town (also lived in Joburg/Pretoria) and there was a massive difference (rust-wise) between coastal cars and inland cars. In Cape Town even wood will rust.🤣 Then again, some/most "South African" cars are just better quality than some/most cars in NZ (I should have brought my manual 1998 E36 328i over to NZ when we came here). Anyhow, hope your soon-to-arrive M3 is in top notch condition and that it will give you decades of joy. 👌 👍
  5. viskop

    2 x BMW Space Savers Wheels (as new)

    It was great meeting you today, John. Bryan says thanks. See you around and hope you get your 335 sorted soon. All the best mate.
  6. viskop

    2 x BMW Space Savers Wheels (as new)

    Perfect, I will call you as soon as I have parked. I will most likely park on the top level out in the open near where the old Dick Smith was (now Bed Bath & Beyond). See you then.
  7. viskop

    2 x BMW Space Savers Wheels (as new)

    Sounds good. I have to take my daughter for her self defence class in Johnsonville, 4 - 5pm. Apart from that I can meet you there any time. Give me a time please, then I will make sure I get there. I still have your mobile number, so can call you when I get there, but first let me know a time pls.
  8. viskop

    2 x BMW Space Savers Wheels (as new)

    LOL...well, how do you want this to proceed? Meet somewhere this coming weekend? I can drive to Wellington CBD, Lyall Bay, Island Bay, Porirua, Petone, Queensgate area. Or let me know your thoughts/suggestions.
  9. viskop

    2 x BMW Space Savers Wheels (as new)

    Yes. @Herbmiester still has not collected/paid for his, so if he's not interested, it can be yours.
  10. viskop

    18" wheels and tyres

  11. viskop

    18" wheels and tyres

    Hey Jeremy, not for sale, but this is what is on my E46 330i rear: 265/30/18 front: 235/30/18
  12. When it comes to BMWs, if I had to pick one from the whole BMW range/models there's only one for me - the E30 333i. 👌 Apart from this, my all time dream car is Eleanor 💝 (1967 Ford Mustang) or a 1967/68/69 Chev Camaro...or both 😍.
  13. viskop

    E46 330i randomly cuts out.

    Hey Jeremy, how's it going mate? Long long very long time no see. 😁 Over the last 2 weeks there was only 1 day where my 330i (auto) lost a little power and only once did not start the first time. Other than that, it is running fine. I have not taken it in to Winger and will see how things play out.
  14. viskop

    E46 330i randomly cuts out.

    I have no idea. From what I could find on google, it seems the camshaft position sensor will need replacing.
  15. viskop

    E46 330i randomly cuts out.

    So I ended up taking the car to Supercheap in Porirua, they scanned and 2 errors were found: 1) P0344 - Camshaft position sensor - Sporadic fault 2) *P0369 - Camshaft position sensor B (bank 1) - Sporadic fault I guess this will be a job for the mechanics at Winger BMW? 🤔