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  1. viskop

    18" wheels and tyres

  2. viskop

    18" wheels and tyres

    Hey Jeremy, not for sale, but this is what is on my E46 330i rear: 265/30/18 front: 235/30/18
  3. When it comes to BMWs, if I had to pick one from the whole BMW range/models there's only one for me - the E30 333i. 👌 Apart from this, my all time dream car is Eleanor 💝 (1967 Ford Mustang) or a 1967/68/69 Chev Camaro...or both 😍.
  4. viskop

    E46 330i randomly cuts out.

    Hey Jeremy, how's it going mate? Long long very long time no see. 😁 Over the last 2 weeks there was only 1 day where my 330i (auto) lost a little power and only once did not start the first time. Other than that, it is running fine. I have not taken it in to Winger and will see how things play out.
  5. viskop

    E46 330i randomly cuts out.

    I have no idea. From what I could find on google, it seems the camshaft position sensor will need replacing.
  6. viskop

    E46 330i randomly cuts out.

    So I ended up taking the car to Supercheap in Porirua, they scanned and 2 errors were found: 1) P0344 - Camshaft position sensor - Sporadic fault 2) *P0369 - Camshaft position sensor B (bank 1) - Sporadic fault I guess this will be a job for the mechanics at Winger BMW? ðŸĪ”
  7. viskop

    E46 330i randomly cuts out.

    Thanks, that was the first action I took. No cracks. 🙂
  8. viskop

    E46 330i randomly cuts out.

    Cool, thank you young man. 😉 I'll book the car in at Winger BMW ðŸĪ” to have the car scanned and hopefully they don't charge me an arm and a leg...and an eye, or both 🙄 Would have been nice if a local BMW guru had a scan tool. Anyhow, thanks again.
  9. viskop

    E46 330i randomly cuts out.

    Thanks. Uhm, I assume a dizzy cap is the distributor cap? What should I check? Sorry, I have never done this before...and youtube is not very helpful when searching for videos that show me how or what. I do know that when I purchased the car in Aug, the MAF was replaced by Winger BMW...
  10. viskop

    E46 330i randomly cuts out.

    Merry Christmas all, 😀 Yesterday (26 Dec 2018) I went from home (Grenada Village) to Johnsonville, then back home to drop something off. When I started the car 2 minutes later to head out to Queensgate, there was a sudden smell of "something burning". I think it was an oil smell. Anyhow, I stopped, checked around the car and it seemed fine, so me and the wife headed to Queensgate. Car drove fine there. We were at Queensgate for about 2 hours then headed from there to Pak'nSave near KFC in High Street. We were there about 10 minutes, and as I turned into High Street again to go visit a buddy, the car just cut out. I managed to start the car again and drove to my buddy's house, and at that time it felt like the car had no power (lagging). My buddy was not home, so we returned to the car to go to Petone, but the car only started on the 3rd attempt. In Petone the car cut out twice while sitting idle at traffic lights. Driving back home on the motorway the car had no power, as if it was struggling to go. Putting my foot down did not do much....but as soon as I lifted my foot slightly off the gas pedal, the car would go like a bullet. Google does not help much, but I think fuel pump. Anyone with other/better suggestion/s? Thanks. Charl
  11. viskop

    2 x BMW Space Savers Wheels (as new)

    If only ðŸĪŠ. The silver 330 you took over, never came with a spare. My son had a 130i, and he hated the spacesaver, so he bought one wheel, had a brand new tyre fitted, and stored the spacesaver that was in his 130, in my garage. So when the silver 330 came around...I simply put his spacesaver wheel in the trunk...just in case. So the spacesaver I am selling, is my son's one, and the money goes to him, not me. The spacesaver I have in my black 330 I want to sell, cause I also hate the spacesavers, they look like biscuits ðŸĪĢ, and I want to get a full wheel and tyre.
  12. viskop

    2 x BMW Space Savers Wheels (as new)

    Please pm me your contact number. I will also PM you my number.
  13. Ladies and gentlemen, guys and girls, lads and lasses, dudes and dudettes, We have here a brand spanking new genuine BMW full fan housing system bought through Winger BMW at NZ$846-40. Was bought to replace the radiator fan housing that was in my BMW E46 330i sedan, but the new one never made it into the 330i. Part No. B 17117561757 I have the original invoice from Winger BMW with the full purchase price on it and it will go with this radiator. $600-00 ono. Must pickup - Wellington area, or I can drop off in and around Wellington if required. Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Cheers, Charl
  14. Hi all, I have 2 BMW space saver wheels in basically new condition. Not sure of price, so I'll start with $150-00 for the newest one, and $100-00 for the "not so new" one. Or $200-00 for both. Price negotiable. Pickup preferred, but can also drop off in the Wellington area. Welcome to view/ask questions. I will reply as soon as I can. Cheers, Charl
  15. viskop

    New BMW in Wellington! E39 530i

    Was good to meet you last night at 1847 young man. (I was the one sitting opposite you and I had the steak!)