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  1. Good morning Andy, please let me know when would be a good time today for me to come over. And also let me know the address, you can pm me. Thanks.
  2. Hi Andy, are they still in good and wofable condition? If yes, can I collect sometime tomorrow please? I'm off to bed now, have to get up at 5am, and will only see your reply tomorrow morning around 10am. Cheers.
  3. Hi all, I tried to replace the rear shocks on my 2000 BMW 330i E46 sedan today with new Koni shocks, but realised that the old rubber stops were torn. Does anyone know where I can get hold of 2 rubber stops? Prefer OEM and new condition. Talk to me if you have, or know where I can buy. I can get a pair OEMs on ebay for just under NZ$30 incl delivery, but will need to wait a couple of weeks to a month before items will be delivered. I may also consider getting new shock absorber dust sleeves...but the current/old ones on the BMW are still fine. If anyone has new ones at a good price, talk to me. I'm in Wellington. Cheers, Charl
  4. viskop

    New member - Palmerston North

    Yes, welcome James. Your BMWs look really awesomely nice ...you will enjoy the other members' cars as well and should fit right in. And usually I show up in the ugliest looking BMW of all, but nobody ever says anything bad about it... At this point in time we're seriously thinking of going to Shannon, so hope to see and meet you there.
  5. viskop

    E46 330i Shocks Needed

    I have no idea what kind of life this E46 had before my son bought it for us for Christmas 2017 - I am the 2nd owner. The E46 was traded in at Winger BMW here in Wellies end Nov 2017, so my son took it off his manager's hands (yes, my son works at BMW ) and gave it to me. The interior is spotless (9.95 out of 10), the outside is about 9 out of 10. Thanks again for the advise, I'll see what quotes I'll get from SAS tomorrow for the fronts.
  6. viskop

    E46 330i Shocks Needed

    Thanks John. Cheers Jared. My 2000 E46 BMW 330i has done just over 87000kms. And no, it is not for WOF (yet). With the last WOF in Dec 2017 they picked up that the left rear shock was leaking, hence the reason why I thought to get both rears and maybe fronts (if the fronts are within my bank overdraft balance) replaced.
  7. viskop

    E46 330i Shocks Needed

    I have received the following quotes from SAS: @_ethrty-Andy_...what do you think, which make/set should I go for? My zero-knowledge-of-shocks-brain-cell says the hydraulic ones. Or is the gas ones better? 2 x SHOCKS- KYB HIGH PRESSURE GAS = $277.12 2 x SHOCKS- KONI HYDRAULIC = $247.74 I have also asked SAS for quotes for front shocks (just in case). I found out that the front arms were replaced by my son beginning of Dec 2017, so not the front shocks as I initially thought.
  8. viskop

    E46 330i Shocks Needed

    Thanks all for your replies and advise. I am waiting on 3 quotes for rear shocks (it is Wellington Anniversary today, and I suspect I'll get the quotes tomorrow), and will then see where this is going to take me. Thanks again. Charl
  9. viskop

    E46 330i Shocks Needed

    Will send you a personal message soon Andy. Thanks.
  10. viskop

    E46 330i Shocks Needed

    Yep Thanks John, but I don't have the tools, the setup (garage space), or the time. My son will discuss with his mechanics on Tuesday. Fingers crossed...
  11. viskop

    E46 330i Shocks Needed

    Awesome, thanks for this updated, Jared. I appreciate it. Cheers, Charl
  12. viskop

    E46 330i Shocks Needed

    Thanks Jared. Hi Olaf, The fronts have already been replaced. My son paid for that . As for the video, hardly 3 seconds in I paused it (we have a young child in the house) as this guys is very filthy with his mouth, and I hate it when adults think it is very funny to curse like that . Anyhow, I did manage to check 2 other youtube videos and have a rough idea of what will be required by me to do. I don't have all the tools, and time, so will get a few more quotes, buy the shocks, and my son will "twist" the mechanics arms at his work (with a case of beers ) to see if they will do the job.
  13. viskop

    E46 330i Shocks Needed

    Uhm...I've never tried/done it before (I sit behind a desk all day)...so I'm not sure. I'll google and see if I can see videos. Thanks Shaun! :-)
  14. viskop

    E46 330i Shocks Needed

    Thanks Gabriel. That is crazy. In that case I'll just have to keep driving the car as it is.
  15. Hi everyone, Any idea where I can go to get a set of REAR shocks installed (at a good price) for my 2000 BMW 330i? I've been quoted just over $600 (Midas) for 2 rears, incl installation and wheel balancing, but for me that is too expensive. Any ideas, advise would be appreciated.