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  1. Back from Wellington Hospital, not allowed to see the wife...she's in recovery mode. I can come around (depends on where the kit is located) any time that suits you. Or tomorrow morning I'll drop my daughter off at Newlands Intermediate around 8:30am-8:45am and then I can head over.
  2. No need to apologise Jeremy. Like me, I am sure you are also drowning in your work. When you say "come up with repair work"...are you saying you guys are going to repair it, or are you saying I should repair it, if I am interested? :-) Any chance I can pop in to view? I am heading back to Wellington Hospital now, as the wife's undergoing an operation, so I will most likely only see your reply later this evening/tonight. Cheers dude, appreciate your time, and have a great one.
  3. Hi all, am looking for a full E36 Motorsport body kit for my 1996 E36 328i 4 door sedan. Prefer silver, but may consider other colours as well. Must be in good condition. Hit me up if anyone has, or knows where I can get some. And price (shipped to Wellington) please? Cheers.
  4. Love your car, love your username.
  5. Sorry Matt, I cannot help with advise, but I do wish you all the best in your project. I'm just very glad that my BMW's manual conversion is completed.
  6. ...............................................................sorry, I first had to wipe the drool from my mouth! Welcome Peter, I hope to buy one of these one day when I'm a grown-up.
  7. For those who don't yet know....the manual conversion on my 1996 E36 328i has been completed about 3 weeks ago.
  8. Even though I don't go on facebook that much, I have sent my request, Matt. And yes, welcome Matt. I still need to meet 99.999999999% of folks that are on bimmersport, in person. The only other member I have met, and know, is my son!
  9. A year ago my 2005 NZ New E46 330i with 111k on the clock, went for $8500. $9500 for this BMW is way to much. But then again, someone might buy this for that price.
  10. Yes it was.
  11. Hey has been a week since the manual conversion was completed by Jon at auto38 on my '96 328i......and I feel like I'm in heaven!! Love the difference and this car makes me feel like I'm driving my 1998 328i manual that I had back in South Africa. And even though I loved my (sold) 2005 E46 330i here in 1998 E36 328i (back in SA) was still the best Beemer I have ever driven. So this converted 1996 328i comes in equal 1st place. Life is good . Now I need to save up so that the mods can start. Well, maybe later this year, so will keep this BMW stock (for now).
  12. Oh yes! That is so me too!! My wife only found out yesterday that I'm converting my auto E36 328 to a manual!!
  13. Nope, life does not come first in my industry...WORK comes first. Anyhow...good news is that I'm sorted for a gearbox (ZF). Just waiting for the competition clutch to arrive. So hopefully by the end of March I'll be driving my manual Beemer. And Jono at auto38 is going to do the job for me. :-)
  14. All good, lucky Brent. Thanks though for your time and reply, Warren.
  15. Hi Warren, I have basically zero knowledge/understanding of all the information you mentioned above, so I will ask a few questions, if you don't mind answering in layman's terms. :-) First my update: I bought a 1996 E36 328i auto and plan to convert to manual, so I believe my BMW is an M52. My questions: 1. I assume this is a full clutch kit? If not, what else will I need to buy (excluding your item) to get a full clutch kit? 2. Does this clutch still work? 3. Shipping to Wellington (if all above is positively answered)? PS - I'll only see your reply late tomorrow evening (Friday evening), due to my working hours. Appreciate your time. Charl