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  1. Nice E30 James. Your location shows as "Kuno"...hence Peter's question. :-) I'm looking to buy an E30 316 or 318 facelift. Any chance you would be interested in selling?
  2. Correct. The seller does not want to go lower, which I respect, but for me it is not worth buying it at that price, and then still have to spend money and time to fix all the issues, plus pay a transport company to bring to me in Wellington. I'm a little sad . All I can do is just keep looking..............
  3. Too many issues with this E30. :-(
  4. Thanks Brent, will check it out.
  5. Hi Olaf, thanks, but have you also checked your attic?? Reason why I want as cheap as possible, is I'm planning a "little" project. Cannot say more than that now. ... Appreciate you taking time to check everywhere.
  6. Looking for a BMW E30 316 or 318 facelift. Must have rego (and possibly WOF), no rust. In Wellington region. Does not need to be running. Money is tight, so hook me up and let me know what you have, and how much you want for yours. Reason why I would prefer one in Wellington region is because I don't want to pay Captain Transporter $500+ for delivery - like I said...MONEY is tight. However.......if we can make a deal....then I may consider looking at E30s from all over the country. Oh, and even international (South Island )! Talk to me people
  7. Aahh, yes, M3!! One day when I either win the lotto, or become a grown-up. In the past I have seen a few nice E46 M3's on keep a lookout. Alles van die beste meneer.
  8. @HardBall66 not sure if Matt will be, or might be interested in the above seats?
  9. Hi Jeremy, Pls let me know if/when you get a full motorsport 4-door E36 body kit again, as I am still very keen on getting one. I assume the one you had is gone? Cheers, Charl
  10. Hi Dan, I would highly recommend the team at Abtech, 49 Hutt Rd, Petone. I took my 2005 NZ New 330i to them about 2 to 3 years ago to have a proper sound system put in. Initially they quoted just more than $600, and I accepted their quote. Fast forward to the day of the appointment, my wife, our daugter and I were seated in their Audio Movie Lounge and watched a movie while they were getting the job done. I must add that it was like sitting in any movie theatre, with the additional comfort of soft leather seats and no other people around, it was just the 3 of us. On completion of the job, they showed me how everything worked....and then came the final payment! "We had to make a few adjustments, fixed some wiring issues, etc" one of the chaps said, and I thought to myself...Here we go, they are going to take me to the bank, and empty my account!! What a lovely surprise it was when the amount due, was more than a $100 less than their original quote. In total I had to pay around $450, and I can only speak highly of their workmanship and their customer service. We also had my son's then E36 328 BMW fitted through them with a new car radio, and again we got the same service. You can check them out here: All the best. Charl
  11. Welkom Wessel! (Afrikaans? ) Jy sal daai E46 330 baie geniet (and for the English speaking - You'll enjoy that E46 330). I sold mine 18 months ago...and still wanna kick myself!!
  12. Back from Wellington Hospital, not allowed to see the wife...she's in recovery mode. I can come around (depends on where the kit is located) any time that suits you. Or tomorrow morning I'll drop my daughter off at Newlands Intermediate around 8:30am-8:45am and then I can head over.
  13. No need to apologise Jeremy. Like me, I am sure you are also drowning in your work. When you say "come up with repair work"...are you saying you guys are going to repair it, or are you saying I should repair it, if I am interested? :-) Any chance I can pop in to view? I am heading back to Wellington Hospital now, as the wife's undergoing an operation, so I will most likely only see your reply later this evening/tonight. Cheers dude, appreciate your time, and have a great one.
  14. Hi all, am looking for a full E36 Motorsport body kit for my 1996 E36 328i 4 door sedan. Prefer silver, but may consider other colours as well. Must be in good condition. Hit me up if anyone has, or knows where I can get some. And price (shipped to Wellington) please? Cheers.
  15. Love your car, love your username.