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  1. Will send you a personal message soon Andy. Thanks.
  2. Yep Thanks John, but I don't have the tools, the setup (garage space), or the time. My son will discuss with his mechanics on Tuesday. Fingers crossed...
  3. Awesome, thanks for this updated, Jared. I appreciate it. Cheers, Charl
  4. Thanks Jared. Hi Olaf, The fronts have already been replaced. My son paid for that . As for the video, hardly 3 seconds in I paused it (we have a young child in the house) as this guys is very filthy with his mouth, and I hate it when adults think it is very funny to curse like that . Anyhow, I did manage to check 2 other youtube videos and have a rough idea of what will be required by me to do. I don't have all the tools, and time, so will get a few more quotes, buy the shocks, and my son will "twist" the mechanics arms at his work (with a case of beers ) to see if they will do the job.
  5. Uhm...I've never tried/done it before (I sit behind a desk all day) I'm not sure. I'll google and see if I can see videos. Thanks Shaun! :-)
  6. Thanks Gabriel. That is crazy. In that case I'll just have to keep driving the car as it is.
  7. Hi everyone, Any idea where I can go to get a set of REAR shocks installed (at a good price) for my 2000 BMW 330i? I've been quoted just over $600 (Midas) for 2 rears, incl installation and wheel balancing, but for me that is too expensive. Any ideas, advise would be appreciated.
  8. Now forced to sell my E30 with M20B25 engine Auction closes 11 Jan 2018 at 7:59pm, if anyone is is the link: I'm not a happy chap...
  9. Crying my eyes out, cause I am (HAVE to) selling my E30...
  10. In South Africa, the Dakar Yellow, the blue (not sure what exact colour blue, but there we call it the "Motorsport Blue" (see this link of the blue:, and also the Fiji green, are regularly seen on the roads there...and highly sought after.
  11. That's a bargain for an "M3"...I am very tempted to buy it now!! But in all honesty, I don't mind a stripe here or there, but that is WAY overboard. What were they thinking??
  12. Good evening sir,

    It was really good to meet you, and what an awesome E30 you have. It is a real beauty, and I absolutely love the colour.

    As for the 325 badge for my E30, please either text me at 027 488 8845 (or e-mail to let me know your address and what time and day I can pop over to your place to collect it, or you can send me a message on bimmersport. I work in Wellington CBD, Willis Street, Spark Central building and I start at 7am in the mornings and I only arrive home around 5:45pm every afternoon.

    But please let me know, and I will do my best to fall in with a day/time that is convenient for you.

    Have a wonderful evening, and enjoy the week ahead.




  13. Hi Michael, I'm from South Africa, and there I owned the following BMWs: 1989 E30 325iS manual, 1993 E36 325i (auto, then converted to manual), 1998 E36 328i manual. So, in total only 3 BMWs in my 14 years of driving in SA. Since coming to NZ more than 10 years ago, I have owned a 1995 325i, then a number of E36 328i BMWs, a 1996 318iS, a 2005 NZ New E46 330i. and now an E30 320i (with M20B25 engine) and another E46 330i. And all were automatic, but I had one converted to manual. So, around 9 BMWs in 10 years and 5 months in NZ. (This should give you an indication how little I really like the Jap imports) BMWs (in general) from South Africa are better quality, especially their interiors. And I'm talking of personal experience. However, you need to be careful of rust when buying any make of car in SA, especially if the vehicle spend most of its life along the coastal cities (like Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, etc). With that said, I don't have the knowledge to say which (SA or NZ) is best when it comes to the mechanical side of BMWs. But in general, SA BMWs interiors are of a much better quality than the Jap imports. My 2005 NZ New 330 I had here in NZ, was in an awesome condition when I sold it, so it can be that NZ New BMWs are of the same quality as those of their SA counterparts. Again, this is only my personal experience. I must say though, that my 1996 E36 328i manual that I had back in Johannesburg, was one of the best BMWs I have ever driven...and it was fast, faster than the E46 330s. (I've had many traffic light to traffic light races against E46 330s, and never lost one race. Lastly, in general I am not too happy with NZ BMWs (the only good one with NO issues, was my NZ New 330i and I only sold it because of other idiots opening their car doors and not worrying about other people's cars.). Hope this helps you a little bit. And sorry that I'm no table to assist with mechanical info. Finally...if I new then (before coming to NZ) what I know now, I would have brought my 1998 E36 328i over to NZ when we migrated here. Cheers, Charl
  14. Would anyone be interested in a dumpy with a resonator? If so, let me know. Has "Rage" on it, so not sure how much it is $60-00...or make an offer. Was removed on 4 Dec 2017 from my E30.
  15. I know the feeling (about both the 850 and the wife!!). My wife still wants to kill me for buying a 1989 E30 320 auto. I bought it off a lady in CHCH without seeing the car. Had it transported to Jon (auto38) to inspect, ended up having to buy a new engine (was lucky to get an M20B25), new hoses, etc etc. $7000 later and the car is still not drivable. Well, it is drivable, just not safe to drive - exhaust fumes fill up the cabin. Now waiting for new rubber boot seal, and need to replace the dumpy exhaust with stock. Worst of bank account is $5000 in the red. So own freaking fault... But yes, dreams are free...hehe.