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  1. cliffdunedin

    LS2 6.0ltr into E39

    LS conversions though thrashed to hell overseas are not that common here, I was thinking along the same lines but wasn't ready to pull the trigger. i'm really looking forward to following this build thread!!
  2. cliffdunedin

    WTB - e39 Drivers window regulator

    posted to Dunedin please
  3. cliffdunedin

    Clay bar recommendations

    Don't buy into the hype that the more expensive ones are better. I've used the more expensive ones then bought a 10 pack of 3M ones off ebay for like $15 shipped and they did just as good a job as the more expensive ones, at the end of the day it's a throw out product, i'd rather not throw away money if i dont have too.
  4. cliffdunedin

    e39 Acc stutter but no power loss!?

    Bit of a late update but it was a cracked CCV pipe! Noticed the small amount of oil leaking by chance when checking that the camshaft sensor was fine.
  5. cliffdunedin

    1998 525i (e39?) fan clutch tool

    1 1/4 inch spanner also does the job
  6. cliffdunedin

    e39 Acc stutter but no power loss!?

    Sorry forgot to mention, no codes.
  7. cliffdunedin

    e39 Acc stutter but no power loss!?

    I noticed a few days ago that there was a stutter/vibration that had developed as I accelerated from stop or under low RPM to a higher RPM, it seemed to leave at higher speeds and as the engine heated up. I went home and i saw the fan slightly wobbly so rolled up a newspaper and bingo the fan clutch was gone, I ended up buying a new clutch and installing it, the wobble of the fan is gone but that stutter/vibration is still there. I don't seem to lose any power with these vibrations but am stumped what it could be because of this no power loss. Does anyone have any suggestions? nb: Waterpump and belt has been replaced in the last year. TIA guys
  8. Has to be one of the most moronic statements I've ever read here... and that's saying something!
  9. cliffdunedin

    WTB Viscous clutch e39

    As above for my m52!
  10. cliffdunedin

    WTB e39 Brake booster.

    Hey guys does anyone have a decent 2nd hand one out there, price plus freight to Dunedin!? Cheers
  11. cliffdunedin

    2 Q's - Brake Booster and Steering rack play issue..

    Thanks for your reply Allan, I can get maybe 2 presses before the pedal goes hard and it is still stiff when I come back later, so im assuming time for a new booster. i'll give the rack a tiny amount of adjustment and see how that goes.
  12. Hey guys, The e39 failed on a WOF today for brake boost not operating and play at RH Steering rack. The brake pedal is really hard when engine is off but seems normal when the engine is going, I've googled about the brake booster and thought it might be the water issue as the car was parked up under some Macrocarpas for a few weeks and i washed the car this AM before the WOF but after checking and finding some debris, the brake booster well/enclosure was nice and dry. I haven't scanned it yet but does this sound like a failed booster or master cylinder? Also the DIY's i have seen on youtube are from the e46 and it seems the enclosure around the booster is not able to be removed like the e46, can anyone explain (or link me) how to remove it. The guy who did the WOF said there's a small amount of play and it should be able to be adjusted, is the adjustment screw (?) on top of the steering rack just need to be tightened slightly? Thanks heaps team
  13. cliffdunedin

    E39 Starting Issues.

    What did the new key sting you Lucan? I nearly lost my only coded one at the Rugby club the other night and really need to get one before that dick Murphy and his stupid law hit me.
  14. cliffdunedin

    e39 windscreen replacement

    On a similar but slightly off topic note does anyone know where I can get new windscreen rubber trim from? I have a chip that's turning into a crack but the factory windscreen needs replaced as it has 20 years of small chips all over it and i want that replaced at the same time lol
  15. cliffdunedin

    Bridgestone My02

    I have had F1 Asymmetric 2's on for a couple of months now, nice ride, grippy in the dry and quiet but have noticed wet weather grip (on round abouts) is not as good as the 001's and 002's