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  1. Managed to track down a manual conversion for the m40 and have had the box rebuilt. Bought an m44 header too. Now I just need to find a good low kms engine conversion and COP bracket.
  2. Hey Mate, Are these still available? Cheers
  3. Hi Mate, When was this last running? Any Idea what shipping to AKL would cost? Any issues with it (Vanos etc) ? Cheers
  4. Another small update, the fuel cell has been mounted as well as the dash and seat. The Carbon roof has now been bonded on and the windows have been test fitted.
  5. Bit more progress today, Paul painted the chassis and started fitting some of the carbon bits as well as the steering column. This photo shows the driving position: Carbon roof is fitting nicely:
  6. Hi Richard, I'm not sure sorry mate - didn't measure it.
  7. Hi All, I have two cars (an E46 race car and an E30 road car) that I am wanting to get painted in the next few months. Both cars will be stripped down (E46 is just a shell and E30 will have all lights, trim, bumpers, glass, interior etc... removed) and both cars will be getting a complete colour change and have very straight bodys. The plan at this stage is to paint the E46 Alpine White 2 and the E30 Lime Rock Grey. I'm looking for recommendations and rough costs for car painters in the Auckland region - Happy to do some of the prep work my self to save costs but I understand some body shops don't like this. Thanks in advance.
  8. Little bit of progress made recently - Paul has had the car up on the rotisserie and has stripped the underside, the rear guards have been 'radiused' to accept the wide body rear fenders and the air jack mounts have been installed. Next on the list is to mount the fuel cell, engine and gearbox before painting the floor.
  9. Thanks Jon! Me too! I sold it to Andrew Mackenzie and now its owned by Aaron Black in Dunedin
  10. The sedans are a little lighter my WTCC car was around 1080KG from memory
  11. Thanks Tom! You should come by and check it out some time! Hows the CSL going?
  12. We're going to run the same wide body and splitter as the WTCC car as well as centre lock hubs and 270 slicks so Paul hung the fender on the car and test fitted a wheel he had lying around with spacers to emulate the centre lock adaptors - It looks like it should be a perfect fit once we align the car and add some camber. Paul also started to fabricate some of the carbon panels we are going to be using starting with the roof. In other news I managed to pick up a 6 speed sequential Quaife gearbox as well as a M3 subframe and diff which is currently being built by Kayne Barrie Motorsport.
  13. The car came back from the cage builder a few days ago and is looking great. I still had the FIA Homologation papers from my WTCC car so managed to replicate the cage exactly (we added in some rear subframe bracing due to the HP/TQ we will be running and the fact that this is a weak point in the E46). We also managed to test fit the seat, pedal box, carbon dash and steering column - I'm 6'2" and should be sitting in line with the B pillar.
  14. Once the car got to Paul's place he started to really tear into it and cut out every inch of sheet metal that we don't need as well as prepare the car for air jacks, fuel cell and cage.
  15. I bought a 318i and started to strip the interior, remove sound deadening and prepare it to go to Paul (the car builder) to begin the cassis prep and cage.
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