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  1. How much for the whole iDrive system?
  2. Looking for some basic upgrades for my 2008 E92 335i. Are the NZKW intercoolers/oil coolers any good? Cheers
  3. Are either of these available? - Exhaust system - CTS downpipes and filters
  4. Flashed with xHP and MHD. Boosted it up a hill and f'ed it. Misfiring - might need new coils(?). For the brief moment that the car actually worked, it was glorious.
  5. Hey guys, new Wellington member. Used to have a little 316, car-less for 3 years, decided to take things seriously this time... Got myself a 2008 335i M Sport Coupe. Plan is to walnut blast it, get an aftermarket chargepipe, xHP/JB4 flash, and see where it goes from there. Any recommendations for work to do, and shops to get it done? Cheers