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  1. mosen

    335i downpipe installation in Christchurch

    @blake12 Which pipes did you get/where'd you get them from?
  2. mosen

    bmw e82 135i 2010 DCT N55 parts car

    How much for the whole iDrive system?
  3. Looking for some basic upgrades for my 2008 E92 335i. Are the NZKW intercoolers/oil coolers any good? Cheers
  4. Are either of these available? - Exhaust system - CTS downpipes and filters
  5. mosen

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Flashed with xHP and MHD. Boosted it up a hill and f'ed it. Misfiring - might need new coils(?). For the brief moment that the car actually worked, it was glorious.
  6. Hey guys, new Wellington member. Used to have a little 316, car-less for 3 years, decided to take things seriously this time... Got myself a 2008 335i M Sport Coupe. Plan is to walnut blast it, get an aftermarket chargepipe, xHP/JB4 flash, and see where it goes from there. Any recommendations for work to do, and shops to get it done? Cheers