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  1. Yusss... that's the plan if I have struck out after checking the wreckers and that guy who does the single wheels on TM.
  2. Hey Olaf... first Thursday of the month... same clubnight as the HVMC I'm more of a daylight saving motorsport enthusiast and tend to hibernate at this time of the year. So it will most likely be a few months before I get to meet you all. At this stage I am aiming at making the Shelly Bay Sprint (6 Oct) my next event, and if all is well, giving the BM its first outing. Truth is I'm a social competitor, there for a day out and to have some fun. And of course I enjoy catching up and talking shizz about cars
  3. Thanks Bozza... I'm happy with the colour. Only rough spot is that one of the front wheels has some kerbing 😦 So I am on the outlook for one clean wheel, then I can use the kerbed one for the spare. Going to try a few wreckers and figure the chances of finding one.
  4. Getting old and tired of trying to squeeze more killerwasps out of an old Corolla, so decided to start over with a later model car. Had to be RWD, have two doors and a bit of grunt, so I settled on a 2008 335I Coupe. Car is bone stock with 85.000km and really tidy. Liking it so far and enjoying the amount of go faster or go much faster bits that are available for this platform. Here are some pictures from the day I picked it up in Napier... I'm a mamber of the Hutt Valley Motorsport Club and hope to run the BM in a few car club events. It is my first ever Euro car so a big learning curve ahead. First thing I have to do is round up a spare wheel as I don't like being without a spare and tools when I am out and about. Always better to have one and not need it So if anyone has an 18" spacesaver or a lonely 18 x 8 style 189 wheel taking up space in their garage, hit me up. Cheers... John D
  5. Just trying to work out if both of these were sold or if one is still available ? In any event I'm looking for an 18" spacesaver and if there are any floating around I'm interested Cheers... jondee86 EDIT: NVM, it turns out 125/80-17 is the go for a 335i with 18" wheels, and I managed to score one locally for a good price.
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