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  1. jon dee

    Quick rant thread.

    Just in case you are feeling down and need a quick fix Cheers...
  2. jon dee

    Quick rant thread.

    And the mournful wail of two-stroke engines will no longer be heard on Sunday morning calling the faithful to their lawns and hedges... the valleys will be silent... the scent of the line trimmer and chainsaw gone forever... nothing more than a memory spoken of in hushed tones when old men gather to reminisce about the sins of their youth... Cheers...
  3. Looks OK to me. I only used mine on wifi as it is supposed to be faster and more reliable than bluetooth. If you can pick one up locally that will get you going soonest. I know that there are other apps out there that are supposed to be better and probably are, but I just get something simple as I don't intend to be trying to learn how to code and do all sort of trick stuff. I'll leave that to someone who actually knows what they are doing and has a decent laptop Cheers...
  4. I used one of these for IOS that I got from Aliexpress (wifi version). Worked fine with Bimmercode but I don't have Bimmerlink. You would need the Android version and there should be someone selling them locally. Vgate iCar2 obd2 bluetooth scanner ELM327 V2.1 obd 2 wifi icar 2 car tools elm 327 for android/PC/IOS code reader free shipping Cheers...
  5. jon dee

    Quick rant thread.

    There is a substantial profit margin in the price of a cup of coffee. One of the reasons your local high street sports a good number of "cafes" selling expresso coffee. Supply and demand really... I buy the Nescafe Cappuccino Sachets (26 per box at ~$13/box) and make my own coffee at work or at home. Tastes 90% as good as barista coffee at 10% of the cost Cheers...
  6. To be honest I haven't really done anything with it other than code the battery. I'm pretty much a set and forget guy, and if everything is working OK I just leave it alone. But it does seem to be able to access a lot of modules and change a good range of settings. It also worked off the bat with my existing wireless dongle, so that meant less fighting with the D-Can cable I use the cable with MHD and that deters me from "fiddling" with tunes. Now that I've found settings I am happy with for my style of driving and I'll stay with them. Cheers...
  7. I used Bimmercode to change the type/rating and then used MHD to register the battery. Don't know how kosher that is but it seemed to work OK for me. Beats dicking round with a laptop and that crazy inpa/insta stuff Cheers...
  8. MHD has a "register battery" function listed under RESET ADAPTIONS. This is only useful if you are doing an exact 1 for 1 replacement with a new battery. Otherwise you will need to code changes to to the battery type and AH rating. Cheers...
  9. Nice work Charles... thanks for posting the graphs With those Stage 1 and Stage 1+ pulls did you have downpipes installed ? Just wondering if the results you got would be relevant for my 335i with OEM downpipes ? I'm a kind of "set and forget" guy so now that the car is running nice I haven't bothered to do any logging. Cheers
  10. I don't even know what this is.... but I want one
  11. Too much sophistication... not enough beard Cheers...
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0V-ct_sdZs Cheers...
  13. Hmmm.... if you had the tune done recently I would be inclined to give the guys who did the tune a call. Tell them what happened. If you go to a BMW service centre they may decide to update your DME to the latest factory software and that will overwrite your tune. That would be a nuisance !!!!! Cheers...
  14. The wording of the advisory does not say stop driving, so whatever the fault is/was it should not be a major. If you need to use the car I would suggest that you drive it carefully around the block first to make sure it is not doing anything strange. If there are no more messages, then drive "moderately" without using high rpm's or full power acceleration until you have had it checked at a BMW approved workshop. Cheers...
  15. Side effect is that the rise of the ugly BM will help push the price of the classic BM's up... up... up Cheers...
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