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  1. Yeah... well... hmmmm... I gave mum a detailed explanation of all my research and pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of all the different and competing options. When I finished, realising that she had nodded off, I gave her poke in the eye with a sharp stick that I keep handy for that purpose. Upon waking she lobbed her empty glass in the direction of my head and blurted out "Get the black ones you f**kwit !!". I have always admired mother's ability to instantly get to the crux of important technical matters. So black ones it is Cheers...
  2. I was looking at how close the Eibach Pro Kit spring rates were to the E92 rates, and it got me thinking how strange it was that Bilstein did not offer the B8 for the E92 when they offered the B12 kit for the E92. Seemed illogical to me. So I checked to see if the B8's in the B12 kit were any different to the B8's listed for the E90 sedan. Bilstein said nope... they are identical. So then I asked them why they didn't offer the B8's for the E92 with Msport and they said... WUT !!!... but we do offer the B8 for the E92 with Msport and sent me the attached screenshot. So it seems that 98% of the sales outlets for Bilstein are still working off an old application listing (as I was), one that does not list B8 for the 2011-2007 E92 with Msport. Downside of clarifying this is that now I have to reopen my internal struggle between being sensible and getting the B4's or succumb to the modifiers curse of wanting the high performance shocks to go with my surgical steel socket set Cheers...
  3. WOW !!!! Impressive collection considering I have only seen rates quoted a couple of times in forum discussions about standard shocks and springs. Coilover vendors are more forthcoming as they usually have a range of springs on offer. Going to have to take a look at where the springs are located on the back axle to see why the rear rates are so much higher than the fronts Cheers...
  4. Yeah... and nice to have some reference information to let anyone work out how low his/her car will be with a particular lowering kit. Now if only the companies that sell "lowering springs" could publish the spring rates... Cheers...
  5. Found the mother lode According to BMW these are the official ride heights. USA cars have different heights but (thankfully) we are not in the US so I have not included them here. Cheers...
  6. That may be on the money as I found dimensions posted by someone who actually had a BMW B6 and B8 strut side by side. According to him the body length was exactly the same and the "difference in length" that is often quoted is only how far the spear extends out of the body. His measurements show a difference of 19.3mm in spear extension and that the available stroke is 15.8mm less on the B8. Also shows that the stroke before the spear hits the bumpstop on the B8 is 76.2mm From what I read it appears that the bumpstops are considered to be a working part of the suspension. They allow at least a further inch of bump stroke and are available in several compression rates (typically between 100lb/inch and 250lb/inch) so tuneable. All of which is fcuking interesting but contains too many variables for further theorising So based on anecdotal evidence I'd say yes you can use the B6 with Msport suspension and yes you can use the B8 with Msport suspension. Either one will be an upgrade over the OEM shocks. Results and ride height may vary. I'm 95% decided on adding the B4 kit plus the M3 arms as a first step. Just waiting to see how the order for the arms works out before placing an order for the B4 kit. That will pretty much kill my pocket money for this year, so I'd like to get a handle on the total cost before committing. Cheers...
  7. Maybe so, but last time I decided to upgrade the suspension on my car it took three sets of shocks and three sets of springs to get a result that I was happy with. This time I aim to do it once and get it right I want to go with a factory endorsed combination which leaves me with the B4 Msport version or possibly the Bilstein/Eibach B12 Pro Kit. The fact that B4's are not monotube is no problem... Konis are twin tube and they work OK, and I have no doubt that Bilstein can also build a decent twin tube. Despite plumbing the depths of the internet I have not been able to find any information on the available working stroke of a correctly installed B6. That is, without cutting down the internal bumpstop. Regardless... the B6 is designed to work with non-Msport springs and if you use them with Msport springs with a (say) 30mm lower ride height, you are 30mm closer to the bumpstops. If the car is more than 30mm down then you are even closer to the bumpstops. So who cares ? Well I do. If you have 90mm of available stroke and it was assigned 60mm for bump and 30mm for rebound, with a 30mm drop you now have 30mm for bump and 60mm for rebound. For normal round town driving no problem... works fine. But brake hard into a corner and you are riding on the bumpstop on the outside wheel, and that does not do much for your handling. Sure you can live with it and no doubt thousands of B6 users drive on Msport or lowering springs every day. Luckily, I believe the internal bumpstops are quite soft. Only if I put down the money for monotubes I'd like to have the shocks sitting in the optimum part of their stroke as Bilstein intended. Just saying... Cheers...
  8. Below is a pic of the B4 installation kit that FCPeuro offer on their site. You can buy everything separately but easier for me to buy a complete kit rather than select a few parts and then find I need a part I haven't bought ? So is the full kit the recommended deal or is it overkill for a 90,000km refresh ?? Cheers... PS: Kit is listed for use with non-Msport B4's, but I am assuming that the same kit could be used with Msport B4's.
  9. Yes... I've noticed that it is one of the hotly contested fittings on the internet. Turner Motorsport offer the B8 for the E92 but don't recommend that they be used with Msport springs. Bilstein list B8's for the sedan with Msport which leads me to think that maybe the sedan has stiffer springs or greater mass than the coupe. Turners suggest using H&R or Eibach springs if you want to use B8's on the coupe, and that seems reasonable if the spring rate and ride height maintain adequate bump and rebound stroke. Interestingly enough, Bilstein do offer the B8's for the 2012-13 E92 with Msport and they are the same shocks as offered for the 2007-11 sedan. Again, there could have been a spring change between the early and later coupes. Too many unknowns for me to want to take a punt on the B8 setup. Even the B6 has a few concerns relating to raising the ride height All of which helps persuade me that the B4 setup is the way to go with Msport springs. The B4's are reputed to be valved about 10% stiffer than OEM, so that should work well with the extra 0.5 degrees of negative camber that the M3 arms bring to the party. Cheers...
  10. One of the things I learned when messing around with short stroke suspension on my Corolla was that it is critical to keep the shock in the correct part of its stroke with the weight of the car applied. Rule of thumb for me was 2/3rds of total available stroke for bump and 1/3rd for rebound. That's why I am reluctant to change the OEM ride height without having a lot more information on the springs. . This also highlights the one worthwhile advantage of decent coilovers (as far as I am concerned) in that ride height and damping can be adjusted without changing the spring preload. Still not enough to talk me into using them on a road car. Cheers...
  11. OK... ordered that Looking at the pieces it seems that the kit can be installed without disturbing the struts or installing new shocks. But I already have a set of discs and pads waiting to be installed, so I figured I might as well collect up all the new bits (shocks, bushes, spring pads, mounts etc) and get the whole lot installed at one time. My current goal is to get get the car riding like it did when it left the showroom (except without the run flats) Maybe better if these arms are as good as you say. Then I can drive it for a while and see if I think it needs Eibachs and B8's. That would be phase two Cheers...
  12. This kit ? That's all I need ? https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-control-arm-kit-5-piece-m-upgrade-bmwmcakit
  13. Nothing wrong with 475 You got a beautiful flat torque curve with level 5 smoothing... but that takes away a bit from the peaks if there are any humps in your power delivery. Try the same run with level 1 smoothing and you might pick up a few hp Cheers...
  14. Yes... generalisation for sure... most of my opinions are pretty general unless talking about specific items. I was trying to draw the line between people who buy a poly bushing kit that replaces every rubber bush on the car, and those who select poly bushes for certain places that can benefit from them without generating excessive NVH. On my Corolla I bought a TRD hard rubber bush set and replaced every bush on the car But the only place I used poly was for rollbar drop links. Of course the BM suspension is a totally different to an old live axle Corolla, so different rules may apply. Or to put it another way; if I found that the best way to solve a handling problem with the BM was to use poly bushes, I would use them... providing they did not generate an objectionable (to me) increase in noise inside the car. NVH is the reason I have never used coilovers with camber plates. Once again, if I was building a race car I would be prepared to overlook the down side to gain the benefits. Cheers...
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