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  1. jon dee

    Quick rant thread.

    Sorry... couldn't resist...
  2. Added part reference list for wheel bearings as these fit a whole range of BMW models. Cheers...
  3. It will if the bolts that hold the rails down are at 415mm centres. The hold down tabs are 21mm wide and from memory they slotted inside the rails, as they have been chewed a little by the heads of the fixing bolts being tightened down on them. Cheers...
  4. SOLD !!! I will pack them up, get a price for shipping in the morning and PM you the details. Cheers...
  5. *** ALL ITEMS NOW AVAILABLE INDIVIDUALLY*** From tomorrow (Thursday 14th) all items are available for individual purchase at the price listed above. On Sunday all unsold items will be listed individually on TradeMe at 10% higher price than shown in the above list. Cheers...
  6. Going to see if I can clear the lot in one bundle first, but if that doesn't happen you will be first in line for the scanner Cheers...
  7. Found this aluminum lower charge pipe that I never got around to installing. Clips into the OEM bayonet type fitting and ready for 2.5" hose on the other end. Save on shipping and GST... buy this for $70.00 Cheers...
  8. *** ALL ITEMS NOW AVAILABLE INDIVIDUALLY*** Have rounded up all the spares I was holding for my E92 and would like to sell as one lot. All items are new and unused with the exception of the scan tool. Items are located in Wellington. Pickup available or I will ship at buyers expense. *** CHECK LIST AT BOTTOM OF PAGE TO SEEWHAT IS STILL AVAILABLE *** Cheers...
  9. Gone to a new home but will not be forgotten. I learned quite a few new swear words while working on the E92, and I'm sure they will come in handy next time I bust a knuckle working on a car Cheers...
  10. That's what you are looking for... the lighter coloured bit on the top is the actual bump stop. The black tube that clips onto the bump stop is a dust cover to keep the spear and seal clear of grit etc.
  11. New clean sheet WOF valid until 07-08-24 and rego renewed valid until 16-08-24. Going on TradeMe today. Cheers...
  12. Be a lot easier to understand what you have going on if you could add a photo or diagram showing the spacer in question. Does it change the PCD or number of bolts as well as be a spacer ? Do you bolt the spacer to the hub and then bolt the wheel to the spacer ? Etc... etc...
  13. I had a heart attack and a nervous breakdown just watching this.....
  14. Just replaced the oil filter housing gasket, oil cooler thermostat gasket, serpentine belt and bolts with new quality parts from FCPeuro. Oil change with Castrol Edge 5W-30 and new filter. Going in for fresh WOF on 07-08-23 and will have 12 months rego as soon as the WOF is issued. Has two key FOB's and I will be replacing the batteries on these as they seem to be forgetting their programming. Car located in Wellington. Cheers...
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