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  1. jon dee

    XHP V3

    As it happens, I chanced upon some information that shows a method of making this work. Start the engine >>> move the shifter to the left >>> pull the shifter back one click and the dash will show that you are now in M2. Release the brake and accelerate. While the engine is building revs in M2, quickly slap the shifter to the right and then back to the left.... BAM... you are now accelerating in S2 Tried this under modest acceleration and it does work. Didn't notice any hesitation or other side effects, and I don't think there should be any as the trans never leaves 2nd, but I will try it a few more times to be sure... to be shure Cheers...
  2. jon dee

    XHP V3

    LIMIT TORQUE BY GEAR Thought I would tag this on here.... apologies if there is already a separate thread. Since there does not appear to be any way of getting the trans to start in 2nd gear when in Sports mode, I am wondering if using xHP's "limit torque by gear" would be a good way to allow starting in 1st without the engine falling in a hole when the wheels start to spin. My thinking is that it would do much the same thing as MHD's "boost by gear" mode, but may be a better solution due to more recent development. I also like the fact that xHP includes a few presets. Anyway, if anyone has tried the xHP solution I would appreciate any comments / impressions / comparisons. Cheers...
  3. Yeah... I could have gone for a higher rating tyre but I'm not a good enough driver to justify $500 a corner. And getting a good deal on the RE003's made it an easy decision I'll be giving them a run at Port Road next weekend and that should give me a better idea of how they perform. Cheers...
  4. Just put these on and I quite like them. I think they suit the car better than the 189's that were on from the factory. Got a new set of Potenza RE003's in the OEM 225/40-18 and 255/35-18 sizes and was out for a drive this afternoon to scrub them in a bit New tyres are always better than old tyres but these surprised me by being almost totally silent on hotmix. Other than that they seem to do pretty much what it says on the box. I'll update this post when they have a couple of 1000kms on them. Cheers...
  5. True that The CRC stuff works just the same as the more expensive brands promoted on youtube. Spray it on, wait a couple of minutes until you have purple tinted gunk sliding down, and then hose off. Needs a bit of aggravation with a bush for heavy brake dust deposits but nothing major. After a few nights spent researching PS4 vs Eagle F1 vs RE003 I ended up getting a wicked deal on a set of RE003 in OEM sizes. Never noticed that they were not directional until they were on the rims so possible to swap them side to side if needed. Also never noticed that the rears that were on the car were 265's until the wheels were off the car, so it will be interesting to drive the car on factory spec tyre sizes to see if BMW got it right Cheers...
  6. As my dear old mother always said.... "The proof of the pudding is in the eating" So like all subjective opinions on new modifications, I will need to revisit this topic after a few months of driving with this version. The 335i has a great thirst for BP98 at $2.35 a litre when pedaled hard in Sports mode, so I spend most of my time in Drive and only drop into Sports when there is a chance to exploit the extra performance. Manual mode is there if required, but to be honest, the car does such a good job of changing gears and keeping the engine on the boil that the only reason I use manual is to be able to start in second gear. Cheers... PS: If anyone has a technique for getting the 335i N54 to start in second gear in Sports mode, I would love to hear about it.
  7. OK... so I flashed the Stage 1+ ver 9 beta tune this afternoon so I could make a back to back comparison with the ver 8 tune I have been driving on for the last week. Based on a short outing over part of my "test track" I have to say that the ver 9 feels more sophisticated than the ver 8. In Drive the trans is not so twitchy... not so keen to go down a gear when it is not needed and making better use of the low end torque by shifting up a little earlier and then holding gears down to a slightly lower rpm. Not a radical change from ver 8 but smoother and a little reminiscent of the factory stock tune with a lot less dawdling to get moving In Sports mode the same thoughts apply... ver 9 makes better use of the low end torque by not jumping between gears unnecessarily and revving out when taking a higher gear would be a better choice.. While not at race pace (narrow, twisty public road) I did give it a bit of a tickle up and I think gear management has improved and the power also seems to have been improved thru the mid range. All totally subjective of course, but I definitely think the ver 9 tune can deliver the improvements in 1/4 mile times that Herbmeister has measured. Stands to reason really... MHD is not going to release a new version of a tune unless it offers an improvement over the previous version. So no reason to upgrade to ver 8 now, just go straight to ver 9 and be happy Cheers...
  8. Got these in the garage now and apart from a bit of rash on one of the fronts, they are in really good nick. I can tidy up the rash until it is not noticeable, but they need some serious cleaning on the inside to remove a thick coating of brake dust. Anyone got a recommendation for a chemical that will help remove all or most of the brake dust without wrecking the paint ? Concentrated Simple Green perhaps ? EDIT: I see CRC Mag Monster getting a good rep in the Detailing section, so I will grab a couple of cans and see how it goes. Cheers...
  9. I've been jumping around smiddy Currently I am on MHD 1+ ver 8 without linear throttle because I changed too many things in one hit which makes it hard to say what changes are due to each item changed. After I've run ver 8 for a bit longer I will swap back to ver 9 as Herb recommends. Then I can make a proper comparison without any possibility of linear throttle interfering. The reason I like feeling the torque roll in is that I spent too long driving 2 litre N.A. sales rep specials... either change down to overtake or get a decent run up At that time my toy was a little 1600 twincam Corolla and that had the same problem. Trying to overtake anything in 5th gear was a high risk operation as the car barely responded when the throttle was floored. After I bolted on a twinscrew supercharger I got the kind of response shown in the attached graph. The difference was night and day... with boost the Corolla was ALIVE !!!! I could overtake safely in 5th with just a gentle increase in pressure on the throttle. And now that I have shaken a few extra hp loose from the 335i I have that same kind of throttle response... torque on tap with just a gentle push on the throttle. There is no way that I can give feeling up now... I'm addicted I know that linear throttle works and the power is still there on tap, but it is soooooooo satisfying to be able to get that push in the back with just a nudge on the gas pedal and know that there is more on tap if needed. Cheers...
  10. OK... enough with the subjective opinions and time for a sanity check 1. Sports mode is by definition a mode for people who like to drive in a "sporty" manner... keeps the revs up and use the gears for best performance type of thing. So it is unreasonable to expect Sports mode to behave like Drive at low throttle openings... point taken. 2. Linear throttle effectively flattens out the torque curve to make acceleration progressive with throttle opening. This creates a throttle response similar to that of a non-sporting N.A. engine. But taking away that surge of acceleration a turbocharged engine delivers when the throttle is opened removes a lot of the enjoyment obtained from driving a 335i. Linear throttle and Sports mode are not complementary features... choose one or the other. Today I rolled back to MHD Stage 1+ ver 8 without selecting linear throttle. Main idea was to get a baseline impression and eliminate any unusual effects due to the linear throttle feature. My initial impressions are that the Stage 1+ tune has cleared up a lot of the "slow takeup" when moving off from a standstill. I will need more seat time to be sure, but right now I don't think I will be needing linear throttle... AND... the fun factor is back Sports mode behaves as expected with the car eager to get down to second when slowing/braking into low speed corners. This is (and was) a bit disconcerting when trying to drive the car sedately, but the annoying "bobble" has gone. And once I start to drive a bit more enthusiastically, the downshifts become a natural part of "high rpm use all the gears" driving. Again, i will have to use Sports mode a few more times to firm up my impressions, but I am liking it more now. I lost sight of the fact that with Stage 1+ being a more aggressive tune than Stage 1, it could be expected that the driving experience could be more sports focused. As for linear throttle, it does what it says on the box for Drive mode. But I enjoy driving and that surge of acceleration when the turbos hit 😐🙂😁😎 Cheers...
  11. Being how this is a fly by wire throttle setup there are a lot of complex tables that need to be adjusted to get from the stock throttle response to a linear response. Juggling seven balls while riding a unicycle down steps would be easier than writing the software for linear throttle. First, the throttle is a butterfly valve that does not have a linear control curve. Second, turbo output is not linear with engine speed. And third, the DME runs a closed loop system that tries to match torque delivered to its best guess at torque required based on how far and how fast you press the gas pedal. All of this has to be weighed against a drivers expectations and the need to ensure that throttle response, acceleration, gear changes and so on are safe and acceptable to a wide range of drivers/car owners. Meeting all those goals is no easy task and I think that MHD have done a pretty good job of smoothing out throttle response for those owners who prefer a relaxing drive experience to a sporting one. However, for people like myself who just wanted to smooth the initial drive takeup when moving off from a stop, the linear throttle feature has also sucked a lot of the fun out of throttle response while driving (at least in D for drive mode). This is just an observation and not a criticism. It is necessary to try new features to get a firsthand impression of how they work and then decide if you want them or not. As I said, I will try driving in sports mode to see if and how that is affected by the linear throttle feature. If there is little or no affect on sports mode then it may be that having the option to knock the shifter sideways when feeling sporty and leave it is drive when driving across town may be the best of both worlds EDIT: Well that didn't take long !!! One short trip over and back the hill up the road from home and I can tell you that there is no way that Sports mode could substitute for Drive when pedaling softly. Uphill the car holds gears for far too long... like 4000rpm with very little load, and downhill it is far too eager to downshift into second. Shifting in and out of second is accompanied by a disconcerting "bobble" as if the lockup is releasing early enough to allow a little free running followed by the load being taken up with a small bump. I can't say if this is just the way Sports mode is in the Stage 1+ tune or if linear throttle is having some negative effect on light throttle driving. Doesn't matter... I don't like it and won't be using it. I'll try flashing Stage 1+ without linear next to get a better idea. Cheers...
  12. Went for a leisurely lope up to Foxton and back today... about 230km all up... and nothing but D for Drive the whole way. Got a bit of a feel for it now and the car really does seem emasculated with the linear throttle mode. Nice and relaxing to drive especially around town and in traffic, but definitely need to encourage kickdown to get a decent passing maneuver going on at 110-120kph Going to try sports mode for a while now and see how that feels by comparison. .. tough job but someone has to do it... Cheers...
  13. I think I lost the plot there for a moment Must have been in Sports mode when I thought I was in normal mode... DOH !!! When I went for a drive this morning in normal mode the car behaved just like normal. So I will stay with the Stage 1+ tune for a few months and see if there really is any downside compared to Stage 1. The linear throttle mode is like the car is on Valium... all that pent up "ready to kick ass" feeling is gone. I missed it today... feels like the car dropped 100hp overnight. But it makes stop and go driving soooo much easier, that I'm going to see if I can re-train my right foot to be a bit more aggressive now that the lightswitch effect is gone. Cheers...
  14. Paddles conversion is pretty straightforward... just need the msport wheel with paddles (typically around the $1000 mark) and a simple harness to run from the column to the shifter housing. Not really fussed about doing the conversion as I don't mind using the shifter or letting the trans decide which gear to use Cheers...
  15. Looks like paddles were an option that was not ordered on my car. Current version on xHP in manual mode locks each gear until the shifter is used, removes the rev limiter and removes the forced upshift feature. Sports and standard modes as usual but with throttle blips on downshift and altered shift points etc. Probably going to reflash without the linear throttle feature just to check if this has any influence on the trans performance. Broke my own rule of only changing one thing at a time to allow each change to be evaluated before implementing the next change. Cheers...
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