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  1. yeah thats the goal, i have the N62 sump too, which so far looks to mate up with the M60 just fine. Its big though, it will be interesting to see how it fits in the car..
  2. a little, albeit very slow. i have machined up a set of spacers, and can mount the pump to the main caps on the M60. the next things i need to do are turn the oil pump drive shaft down to align the sprocket to the drive off the crank, then shorten the oil pump drive chain off the M60. organizing the oil feed to the block is also going to require some fiddling. having changed housing situation im aiming to make a bit more progress in the new year
  3. Thanks for the heads up Dan, The sensor in there was only 3 years old! so the insulation was actually ok. Had the car scanned and came up crank sensor, so pulled and replace and fixed the issue! Turns out the o-ring in my thermostat housing had gone hard and lost its seal. crank sensor vs antifreeze not so good!
  4. Hey Guys, i get the feeling my crank position sensor is on the way out but would rather get the car scanned first before replacing stuff willy nilly. e36 328i has started dying mid drive, car is manual (converted from auto but have had a couple years driving with no issues) so it bump starts its self and carries on just fine (runs perfectly when not killing the engine.). tach signal drops very quickly when this happens, it looses about 1000 revs in the fraction of a second the motor is not going. if foot is on the clutch it dies out completely. the only thing that makes any sense to me is the crank position sensor going bad, or the DME is losing power, or has fried something in the DME. feedback on issue and / or reference to person or shop with a code reader in rotorua appreciated!
  5. its in my dads garage up in Auckland, i'll ask him to get a photo of it if he can. Cheers
  6. Hi Peter I have a remus universal box welded the the end of a 328i rear section, sound from the outside was ok but it had a cabin drone at 1800-2000 rpm (open road cruise). i pulled it off as i was doing alot of open road commuting. you might get away with it in a manual car or by adding a couple of resonators, any interest ?
  7. few quick movers, post updated. Hey Barry, Have already had an off on shocks sorry. Replied Hi Paul, Have already had an offer of the wheel sorry. Cheers G
  8. Hey Guys, moving house so clearing a bit of stuff out of the garage. happy to ship smaller stuff but would prefer pick up from Rotorua on larger items, i will be traveling to auckland and Tauranga from Rotorua in the near is future, so might be able to get gear between those areas. Sold Pending Payment $50 E36 coupe door cards, front and rear. ok condition, the vinyl is lifting around the pockets and one of the rears might need the insert re-gluing. the bits the clips attach to on the door card have separated and i don't have all of them so you will have to re-se some of another set of door cards. $50 E36 coupe rear seat including seat belts, backs in good condition, bolsters are for the later type (didn't fit my 94 m3). the bench is ok, but has what looks like a ciggy hole on the left side. sold pending payment $50 E36 3 spoke wheel with airbag sold pending Payment $50 E36 motorsport rear shocks - Boge PN 1-0391-27-260-b, they were pulled from a 328i motorsport and replaced with KONIs, unsure of Ks but both have gas pressure as well as rebound + compression damping, not leaking. I have a few other bits locked up in a garage so havent got photos, let me know if any interest in; -zf auto box, torque converter, flex plate and shifter from nz new 328i 190kms ish when pulled out, working perfectly when removed but probably good practice to flush it. -E36 328i Auto Drive shaft -E36 med case open diff center, suite 3.07-2.93 or lower diffs. -E36 sedan black leather front seats, full electric, not heated.
  9. can discuss by PM now if you like? but given its not mint i'd take $60 for it. it would be ideal i i didn't have to get it shipped as it would probably cost more than the lid its self! i'm in Rotorua.
  10. Sorry mate been a busy week for me. see below, not is as good nick as i thought it was, theres a few dings on the L/H side on the back and a spot where the clear looks like its starting to go on the right had top. definatly not perfect. if your still keen let me know. Cheers
  11. hey mate, i have one in silver i'd be happy to let go. i can fire through a pic if you're interested?
  12. Yep thats the one! Not the easiest swap thats for sure. i thought i would give it a go with bits i had in the shed and have heard the rumor it can be done. Depending on how complicated things get its a little more elegant than hacking up the x5 M62 oil pump. And external or dry sump systems usually involve a big budget. Progress wont be instant but ill let you know how i get on.
  13. that might have something to do with it, yeah.
  14. Cool thanks for the answer Glenn. take two...
  15. Hey Guys, i'm looking at adapting an N62 oil pump to an M60. Having trial fitted an N62 pump to the M60 the mounting points can be made to line up the Main caps pretty easily BUT where the N62 has a flat surface on the main cap for the pump to mount to the M60 and M62 caps have a recess for the bolt head. i am considering getting some spacers turned up that will fit inside the recess and will raise the mounting surface for the pump, but was wondering if a set of N62 caps would fit. it appears that the main bearing diameter is the same between the two motors, but not the big end. Does any one out there have a set of N62 main caps around that i could trial fit Or does any one already have an answer if if it would or wouldn't work. any thoughts on either route appreciated. N62 caps M60 caps N62 Pump on M60 block Cheers Glen