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  1. Not a hire item. If you're in need of a new set of spanners I got a teng 12pc set from for $45 delivered. That's a pretty significant saving. Lifetime guarantee etc. I like them too. Feel good in your hand like old school sidchrome.
  2. How about door cards and dash? I did get your number in Pm thanks. Just been hectic busy last couple weeks.
  3. That's 9K+ easy. It's way too much car for any less. The 420 conversion will keep it there.
  4. e34 540i Noticed the temp has been on the low side for a few weeks. A little out of the "blue" when the heater fans are on full blast. When I switch the heater off it'll climb back to mid-table, but not quite middle where it's practically where it's always run since I've owned it. I suspect thermostat. Would anyone else?
  5. Guy didn't even hit 90K and the owner is saying "they thrashed it". lol.
  6. Oil/filter change. Still no loose oil pump bolts swimming around in the sump. Last time I actually pulled the pan off, this time I just gave the pan a few tracks with the rubber mallete after draining oil. Allegedly the sound of bolts banging around in the pan is unmistakable using this technique. Wish I'd read that prior to the first oil change and decided to occupy a morning undoing and retightening the 400 bolts in that pan while laying in a pile of leaves...
  7. *penrite*... Damn auto-correct
  8. Used Penrith everyday 10w40 fully synthetic for last two oil changes (roughly 10,000K intervals) seems to stay quite clean. Not a fully opaque black at least anyway, quite impressed with that. Good price too. Just wait for supercheap sales. I'm sure I paid $11 a litre for a couple 5 litre packs.
  9. USA aren't allowed them. For road cars at least.
  10. Quite interesting to read today an M60b40 block (sans crank, pistons etc) weighs a measly 25KG. Heads 30kg each. Whole running engine 203kg. An alloy 12 can't be a massive load more than that.
  11. Could either of those cars do 260?
  12. A lot of money to pay for an almost. While not the same, I'm sure someone here recently was looking to value their e39 540i/6. Quite a smart looking car and a reasonable price.
  13. Been on/off sale for a few years. Pics make it look untidy for a 40,000KM car. Maybe the owner has just been enjoying it?
  14. "Cuckloaders"? Is that when your wife humiliates you in group play?
  15. Crikey. If you haven't read this things blog you owe it to yourself to have a 5 minute stroll through the rantings/manifesto of a true lunatic. If not for morbid entertainment, it's a good indicator for recognising you've gone too far and need to seek help from a professional. Admin should let this guy stay for those reasons alone really. Lol.