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  1. SOLD. Gone to a good home that will look after it I'm sure.
  2. Thanks! I'm wondering whether to keep it actually...
  3. Selling my E36 M3 convertible here: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/m3/listing/4567953092 Possibly one of only two painted in Eisblau (ice blue) in the world. Not for the shy or retiring amongst you though! The colour pops in the sunlight. We often come back to notes left on the car saying how they love the colour. And it's priced as the cheapest M3 of any model.
  4. Hi Camu. I'm happy to share the text from the bidder who asked to be removed. I was just as frustrated as you, to be messed around by a trademe bidder, only 5 hours before the auction close. With the hassle with this sale, I won't use the auction feature on trademe again.
  5. @M3_Power Yes it spent time in Hamilton I believe. I had an NSX for a weekend when I lived in London and although it's not the fastest car, it is so well balanced and fun to drive. And I've always had a soft spot for Hondas. Shame they're so pricey these days. Reserve met on the auction... Damn cognitive dissonance!
  6. It's Ice Blue, a BMW Individual colour. It's basically the same blue as the lightest part of the M3 logo. Doubt there are many in the world in this color - you have to like it! But it only gets positive feedback in person. The e36 is also an NZ new car, with almost 200k kms.
  7. That will become clear when it's hit. Not far away though. Will be interesting to see what it goes for, although offers are coming thick and fast (including a possible NSX swap!), so it may end up withdrawn before then.
  8. Wow, great to meet the original owner - I'm the current owner. Thank you for spec'ing the car perfectly from the factory! Already regretting listing and wonder if I should withdraw. But I do really want an NSX...
  9. Never mind. Checked this morning and one was 14 hrs, the other 15 hrs. So I can now see who the quicker person was. Thanks.
  10. The messages just say "3 hrs ago" (more now of course). Anyone know how I can check the actual time of the message? Neither person is mentioned above, but both are PMs via Bimmersport.
  11. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) I've got two people wanting to buy the exhaust and both messaged at the same time. How do I pick which person to sell it to? Flip a coin, or suggest they bid on the TradeMe auction and see who gets it in the end?
  12. This is a SuperSprint Race Exhaust for an E36 model BMW M3. May fit other E36 models as well. Attaches from the headers back, including X pipe and racing muffler.This is the "racers pack" on the SuperSprint website https://www.supersprint.com/ww-en/bmw-e36-m3/supersprint-performance-sport-exhaust-bmw-e36-m3/043620-race-pack.aspx#!/I bought it new from SuperSprint less than a year ago, it was imported by www.nzperformancetuning.co.nz for me. Put it on my 1994 BMW M3 convertible. Sounds absolutely epic, especially at higher revs, but is a bit too loud for me (I'm old!). Added two resonators (black in pics), which helped, but decided I'm too old for a sports exhaust on my car!So my impulsive exhaust buying escapades is your opportunity! I am offering it for HALF what I paid. No offers, as this is an amazing price. If you're looking for a sports exhaust for your E36 M3, this would be ideal, and you will not be able to get anything anywhere near this price.Pick up in Meadowbank, Auckland. $1,200. Also listed on TradeMe: https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2515669399&ed=true
  13. I'm after an E46 M3 Convertible. Not too fussed about colour or transmission (manual or SMG). Must have complete history from new and around 20,000 kays.
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