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  1. Deftones

    Transformers 2

    check out yo grill you blinging jammaster
  2. happy b/day for the other day Mike!
  3. Deftones

    Taming of the hoons

    Nice work guys. I'll try to p1mp out bimmersport from this side of the world as well.
  4. In Lisbon (Lisboa) at the moment. Cars here are pretty avg of what I've seen. Wonder if that barn is close by.... Another note, Spanish women > Portugese women. Disappointing.
  5. Deftones

    HB Carl

    Happy bday from Portugal buddy
  6. and that's around from my office door as well! scary.
  7. Deftones


    streaming tv or something. I have it on my MBP. Some episodes of 5th Gear on there.
  8. Deftones

    Office Chairs

    Interesting thread Ollie. Formway are one of our clients, so we have a few Life Chairs floating around.
  9. I agree with Ken. Nothing beats an old fashioned backup. I have one of those USB HDD enclosure things. Does the trick.
  10. ahem.. AppleTV.... Sony do a pretty cool looking one as well.
  11. Deftones

    HB Tane

    Danke people. Yet another year gone.. 30 seems to close now. Still at least I'm not 40... eh Ian!
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