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  1. Hi all, after an unfortunate incident with a range rover my trusty e46 has been upgraded to a e87 130i motorsport. Luckily the 130i is late model enough to have CIC, however unluckily the original purchaser did not opt for bluetooth. I'm looking at a combox retrofit which looks easy enough to do (car have cabling prep for bluetooth, just no mulf installed) however my CIC software is not recent enough to understand what to do with one and I don't have the ICOM cable required to update it. I'm looking at a combox so that it works well and integrates nicely with the car's cic system for phone and music as I'm keen to avoid anything that runs through the aux port, requires seperate microphones, or needs a phone to be plugged in to work (like tune2air and/or carplay/android auto screen interceptors). Wondering if there's anyone out west auckland with an icom who'd be able and/or willing to help out? Thanks!
  2. I was talking about tyroola where 4 of the 11 tyres listed were pirelli pzeros. Dunlops hadnt had great reviews so have gone with bridgestone alenza 001 from elsewhere at a reasonable price. Thanks for the help all.
  3. pickings are slim, pretty much pirelli p zero's and not much else. feedback on tyroola is that they sell old/out of date tires which is why ythey're cheap. tony's tire service won't price-match them for that reason.
  4. Have those on my bmw, good tyres but dont come in the size i need unfortunately. Same with pilot sport 4's. Size is 295/35/21. Found their trademe account and a whirpool thread, feedback is eirher all good or not great at all (mainly crap comms and can take ages, have also sold very old but new tires as well). Looks like they drop ship from thier aussie arm. Prices are great but not yet sure if its worth the risk as warrant is due in 3 weeks and i need to replace old tires that are falling apart.
  5. Hi all, looking to get new tires for the wife's q7 and came across a site called tyroola, appears a similar model to hyperdrive (buy online, get shipped to a local fitter for install). Anyone tried them out? If so whats the experience been? Thanks!
  6. e46 antenna is in the rear glass., believe the antenna amp is in the C pilar as well. The grom works, it's cheap and cheerful but has limitaitons. For example mine never seemed to turn off when the car turned off and the phone would stay connected to it. There may be clones on aliexpress (haven't looked) for cheaper still.
  7. i have one of those android double din original style units which works a treat, between 3-400 nzd from aliexpress. relocating the heater controls lower can be a painwithout the proper bracket. prior to that i had a grom which worked by plugging into the CD changer lead in the boot, but itwas a fairly average experience. think that was 90 bucks from trademe at the time.
  8. I found a long thin allen key that seemed to fit and work, but it took a very long time. Get a mirror on a stick + a torch and pre-book a physio session for your back and shoulders for when it's complete. Easily one of the worst DIY's I've ever done on a car, ever.
  9. Hi, appreciate your response, although not the same car it’s a good experience-driven description of the difference between the two. re: the loading. The Honda weighs 1620kg and is just under 5m long which puts it on-par with the 5 series range. It’s the 3.5 v6 vtec model which is the larger of the two (not the Smaller ‘Euro’ model).
  10. Hi, wasn't after a high-tech discussion only people's experience on the feel of the difference between the two on the same car. The PS4s i got a load rated 98 in 225/50/17. I remember seeing the words 'high load' on the side as they were being fitted.
  11. Hi, thanks for the feedback re: the Primacy’s. You think you’d get them again, or go for something different next time?
  12. Agree that most decent tires are overkill for day-to-day driving. I tend to buy them for those scary moments on the road when you really need them, more so now that I've got a couple of kids. I've got the PS4's on the Honda now. They're surprisingly quiet and have a fairly soft ride given what they are. The sidewalls also look more forgiving than (although not as nice as) the RE003's which are very square and firm. Overall I think putting the PS4's on the Honda was a good idea. I was concerned about the firmness and road-noise which is why i was also considering the Primacy's. I don't think the PS4's are too firm or noisy for a larger less-sporty car (as I've experienced with the RE003's in the e46). Hope others find this useful.
  13. Nothing more than normal driving on them. They lasted a bit over half as long on the front as the f1 asym2’s did. Ended up putting re002’s on the rear when the rears needed replacing as no f1 asym2’s were available, so put re002 on the front to match when the asym2’s wore out. As time’s moved and the tires have worn on both front and rear have bumped up seperately to re003.
  14. Hi all, got a question re: tire choice and I'm interested to hear people's opinions/experiences with the issue I've just faced for the first time ever. We've been buying sports tires for the e46 for many years (Eagle F1 asym2, then RE002, and now RE003). Also had decent sports tires on the 550i as well. All the cars I've owned since I started working have been dressed in decent sports tires. We'd sold the 550i so we could conjure enough money to buy a house and bought a v6 3.5 litre vtec Honda Accord to replace it. I've ended up with the e46 as a daily driver and my wife's now doing the school/shopping runs in the Honda. The tires on the Honda are rubbish early-model ecopia's with hard/cracking rubber and one's now sprung a leak. They're getting replaced with michelin pilot sport 4's tomorrow as I was keen to try something other than bridgestone (haven't been happy with the wear rates of the RE00x's) and michelin had a buy 3 get 4 deal on at hyperdrive. When I checked out the size (225/50/17)'s i noticed that the Pilot Sport 4's were the cheapest tire available for that size by michelin. An alternative would've been the Primacy 3 (ST)'s which are very near in price (slightly more), although seem quite a different tire. The prices for Primacy tires then go up from there. We'd gone for the PS4's as we're keen for a more direct/sporty feel for the car over comfort and longevity, but I can't help but wonder what's really the difference between the two types of tires WRT to grip and feel on a larger and less sporty car, and why the Primacy tires are so expensive in comparison. Has anyone flipped between the two types of tires (Primacy and Pilot Sports), and if so what was the experience? Apparently the Primacy 3 tires are OEM for 5 and 7 series BMW's, as well as S-Class Mercedes and Audi A6's. Thanks!
  15. Yeah I'd find I'd have to do this if I'd been tinkering around in the car and let the battery get flatter than it liked (I suspect the battery was on the way out as I wasn't spending that long). The car would shut things off automatically and show me car-on-a-lift picture next time I turned the ignition on. Do this a few times and it'll give an active steering issue the next time you start it up. The turn on, lock to lock once or twice, back to centre, and turn it off seemed to fix it each time. Was a pain because the steering weight and ratio's would be out. If you're doing the same as I was (lots of tinkering), and/or your battery is weak you could end up with the same. Had similar concerns about the TPS. Would loose 5psi + with no warning to be seen. From what I understand the jap cars worked on rotation speed as opposed to active sensors.
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