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  1. If it is an acrylic paint. Soak a rag in meths n lightly rub you will see in seconds if it will soften I dissolve the paint. Good luck. Also do this asap!
  2. Howden Ganley is nz,s other F1 driver ! Look him up. He is not as known as the famous 3 but a well known as a driver, manufacturer , and mechanic. Seriously he is someone we should all be proud of!!!
  3. emac

    Cleaned it

    Mmmmm tasty!
  4. at least it would keep you regular
  5. Sorted a what i thought was a bad earth in the rear light cluster but was in fact a totally munted plug which we pulled apart n wired in a new 1 which saved me $1100 as quoted from the local stealer [wankers] for identical replacement pair!! then with my friendly neighbourhood sparky Installed a sweet reversing camera and a what i think is a mk4 sat nav unit as supplied by the excellent Grant [ie hotwire] I am gonna spend the next few days learning to get the best from the satnav and then of course boring anyone who makes the fatal mistake of showing any interest at all. Oh and also spent another 2k on insignificant little bits n pieces to help the local economy get through the recession!!!
  6. emac

    My new car

    Stunning car love it love it love it!!!! [reminded me of in my pre bimmer days a cecotto M3 i saw in kelburn maybe 2yrs ago]
  7. Thanks.You gotta love the simple round wheel and the manual gearbox. He was a truely gifted man no wonder he is so missed by so many!
  8. OK lets srart a discussion { arguement] In my ever so humble opinion Senns's best qualifying Monaco 88 2 full seconds ahead of no 2. his greatest win the European grand prix { donnington park] april 1993 no time for the details other than Prost made 7 pit stops!!!. " best of his era " without any doubt. as they said of Pele n Diego Marradonna " he was touched by GOD"
  9. BAM! probably more of a sickening CRUNCH!! !
  10. thanks i appreciate it. although?
  11. sorry i know now [ been drinking to excess]
  12. sounds like another kid bringing a dog home that was "gonna be put down" n you just know that it's going to end up being dads dog really. Welcome your gonna have a blast!!
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