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  1. i believe RFTs usually have elastomer compounds that are less elastic , due to more being used in them with thicker sidewalls etc, resulting in more filler microparticles being released per km of use vs that of a regular tyre.
  2. I have a 4 cylinder airtrek that is permanently 2 cylinders off. fuel consumption is far more, regrettably.
  3. Building a PC with the bosses cash for someone else, but still building a pc.. fun times ahead.
  4. that new grille is handsome. also straight slats please.
  5. will the lens be easy to separate from the rest of the light assembly? heard that they need to be "baked" to release the adhesive
  6. week one of the Rona done. still having the persistent cough due to phlegm build up and brain fog. no other symptoms so back to work
  7. I didn't plan for this/
  8. funny enough I keep seeing diesel engines in the mornings.
  9. Was just confronted by a dude who misheard my enthusiastic banter about my car with my sibling for something gang related. never been more afraid to be in this part of Auckland, please can I go home now.
  10. I can sympathise with suppliers. it is a complete clusterfudge at the moment. I am losing more hair and going white by the day. being the middle man sucks now,
  11. in typical impeccable timing after (wallet) feeling rather drained from the pug drama, the F10 fails WOF on tension rod bushings and rear diff bushings. both be cracked. dealership wanted 4k for the lot. lmao. Highspek be sorting me out though.
  12. surprisingly not bad. ride is hard like a countryman, but otherwise not a bad place to be in.
  13. ^best part, she fired right up after toggling the map lights and the window switches. La vie en auto Francais!
  14. Collected pug this morning, drove like a dream. rocked up to the office, stalled and now dead as a doorknob. LMAO.
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