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  1. Got my LN1 AGM from Batteryworx in Penrose , good work. was $360. their Century DIN88L is $605 on special it seems.
  2. I can't recall, but there was a guy on the forums who sells batteries? Charlie? @LemonHunter he should be able to sort you.
  3. oof. didn't see the SOH. wonder if this was from being towed around behind a RV?
  4. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/kia/new-listing/3111464306?bof=NI3OIFW4 this satisfies just two,
  5. Ah, Gotcha, thought they will do the money grubbing thing and forget about the ratio.
  6. https://www.autocar.co.nz/autocar-news-app/nz-govt-reveals-8-000-electric-car-rebate-scheme-gas-guzzlers-get-hit Does this mean any non EV/BEV/PHEV/LEV imports after Jan 2022 would be hit with an extra of up to 8k in fees.
  7. By the time it lands on NZ shores, the car will be a scratch over 20 years old, by days. so it is a technicality
  8. My Boss wants to bring in a 1998 911 Targa from Shropshire. i see fun times ahead.
  9. Hi ya Jason. I am going to start of with a yarn about a grand uncle who was a self employed sales rep, and bought new cars every 2-3 years, his rationale was that he couldn't afford to spend the time on sudden repairs, beyond the standard servicing schedule. so the second it needed anything major ( water pump/radiator/ belts) he sold them. My gut feel is to move the car on while it still has some value to it, especially since time is of the essence here. The only issue is if you were to get an 6 or so year old F3*, you will be coming up to similar issues with the wear and tear items, except you will be driving a car that is "worth" spending the money on. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/320i/new-listing/3075362349?bof=wbGF0k7Z
  10. ^ Majulah Singapura, kawan. Sudah lama tidak kembali.
  11. i think @qube was looking to sell?
  12. The E70 is a really nice place to be in. does yours have ride height adjustment?
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