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  1. Burning rubbish and junk every where is making me livid. The air quality index in Flatbush is shite at the moment, no thanks to the Papakura fire.
  2. Garage PC. i wonder if you could sell 16gb of ram for 100 bucks or so..
  3. KFC is planning my diet for me, by giving me sparkling water and taking away my fries I ordered in that Boss Box. Thanks KFC.
  4. Our suppliers out of China are saying the same, that it will be 4- 5 months before things normalise. there's going to be the usual Chinese New Year slowdown plus a month of Covid allowance.
  5. Absolutely Love it when TNT says they lost your $5k package from Italy in Dubai. if it were my own stuff I wouldn't be so fussed, but this is for customers whom will be calling me over the Holiday. feck.
  6. Rusty Threaded rod. Real Estate Agents. join them. 

  7. if the running costs are your concern, you shouldn't be buying an R36 > sells car after a month owning it. Oh.
  8. Was in Henderson Sunday, Lincoln Road made me tramline, thanks to the melt and displaced sand.
  9. The Green Agenda is winning, by obfuscation
  10. lord_jagganath

    Need a laugh?

    being fed on a steady diet of Dog & Lemon Guide stuff. Driven is not so bad, IMO .https://www.driven.co.nz/advice/advice/city-friendly-suvs-on-a-30k-budget-here-s-what-we-d-choose/ opinion, rather than fact.
  11. Have decided to keep them and get some new rubber on them for the summer. enough with the Blizzaks and it's tendency to slip in the corners. Edit: Got Momo M3s put on. it is soooo much better. Hyper came to the office and did a mobile install, am quite happy with their work.
  12. We have a shipment on that. and don't know the status of the item yet. This is not helping what is an otherwise meh year at work, we could potentially lose 10% of of our revenue on this. (insurance only covers our costs, in this case, and not lost profit)
  13. dang mate. hope it is not causing too many ulcers. f10 will shrink around you after a while imo
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