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  1. Facelift is definitely the way to go, but imo ,with the newest ones being 2013, the prices may not differ so much with F15s.
  2. one would assume the servicing also is reasonable, does not come with the AMG premium fees.
  3. Collected car today. interior is filthy and the buggers broke the gearknob. Sigh. also speedo and fuel gauge does not work. I'm up for a tonne of fun piecing this darling back together.
  4. and yet, when launched, the z8 was panned as a pig to drive. why couldn't they make it good to drive too. custom Euler 7er
  5. Things are far too quiet at wok... 

  6. scarcity is the mother of all hustling.
  7. the 120i is 200 kgs lighter... where did the extra weight go?
  8. When I clicked on the listing earlier, price was 6.5 buy now, and 5k for reserve.... so something must have changed.
  9. the buyer looks to be a breaker. maybe we will see bits off this on the market...
  10. Was sold for 6k, interesting, was a good looking interior too.
  11. ^ yeah, so I just called up my original insurer, and they told me there's no way my Peugeot can be considered a classic car (lmao) and they will insure it for a grand a year, on 5k agreed value.
  12. Classic Cover just turned down my application, but that is on me. had 4 claims in 6 months in the summer of 2018-2019. with the last one being a write off. will have to try others now.
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