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  1. ^ There was a Champagne e34 IX touring on a few months ago. for around 8k, very reasonable. I test drove the Red one. great cars but front drive shafts are rare and i think they were all wearing..
  2. the lift and tyres rubbed on me. i wonder how much it took to modify the 325iX bits to suit the coupe? Edit: Derp. the whole model stack had 325iX I guess, coupe, cabrio, sedan, Touring.
  3. Procrastinating on USA related quotes. it is just too fiddly to get. 

  4. N is the natural Progression of M I guess. Wonder what a hot works version of the Stinger from Kia would be called? O group?
  5. interesting exercise. the US Spec bumpers do it no favours.
  6. some owners want to have a layer of anonymity between them and the tenant. ( i know my landlord does, had to do a bit of internet sleuthing to find out what they do, as the property managers are very tight lipped) , and for good reason, the CV on the house is a million. which makes no sense for an area with poor safety.
  7. this does not have the airbags in them, right?
  8. Ate grass yesterday, twisting my ankle, falling face first onto my lawn. lucky it was dry so the lawn was not so damp, but then again, slipped only because of the shrunken lawn vs the path. 

  9. inebriated on the fumes of the oil burner in front of me. time to change the cabin filter.  

  10. ^ I would say 15 would be what it would go for, and in 2-3 months, be flogged at 20 as a minter.
  11. Frustrating that I can't seem to get in touch with my bank or mortgage advisor for the past two weeks, trying to buy a first home in Auckland during a pandemic with much competition from investors sucks.
  12. appropriate plate in any case.
  13. Burning rubbish and junk every where is making me livid. The air quality index in Flatbush is shite at the moment, no thanks to the Papakura fire.
  14. Garage PC. i wonder if you could sell 16gb of ram for 100 bucks or so..
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