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  1. AMD is definitely on the ball here. Enthusiast PCs, like enthusiast cars, isn't really about what you do with it, it is what you CAN do with it. Like, I am running my 6600k at a stable 4.1Ghz all core OC, and the temps barely hit 50°C on synthetic load, because I have a stonking bequiet! Dark rock 2 on it. (weighs in at 1.2 kg) .
  2. Have heard through the grapevine that PB is going to have some massive sales come Black Friday ( but that is just that, hearsay) with the Radeon launch today, we should be able to tell if stock is going to be sane (or not) Like one of the odd things is that we have stock of 3300Xs and USA etc don't/
  3. 4790 is still high end ! multi threads are desirable
  4. Let's say $2k will need to be smart. I have an older i5 6400 build that I need to off load as a Fortnite PC, but getting around to do some proper maintenance is hard.
  5. With AMD dropping their new GPU range today, and having had their Zen 3 high end lineup launch three weeks ago, it will probably feel like time to build a new PC. I know I feel that itch, as my 2016 i5 6600k feels like it is getting long in tooth. (I blame having only 4 cores for that) Also it is probably due for a CPU reseat and fresh thermal paste applied. What would your ideal builds be?
  6. ^ that was a big oof, mate. 1983 Volvo 240GL :- good times were had in that brick 1989 E34 528i:- modified to the hilt, but that was why it had to pass on. 1996 E34 525i touring: - I miss the machine. I should have kept it 1991 Peugeot 505 GL: grew up with one of these. I really want one. have had opportunities to get them here but stymied by a lack of talent. Bang on.
  7. wonder if this will be a popular mod?
  8. BB/Coo/Materia would be interesting, they have plenty of space, but will be low on power. the bonus is the 4spd auto not CVT.
  9. Ye gods, the Z4M coupe is a thing of beauty in profile. GLWS. I would love those wheels, but I think it may be wrong for the F10.
  10. That is shocking! I would have thought it would have at least included rotors and fluids replaced at that. ( I got my old VW CC's Front discs and pads replaced for $700 at the Giltrap, and even then I could have got them done at an independent for 20% less , yeah I know its a glorified Golf sedan)
  11. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3773530059347719 Looks lovely in the photos, anything in particular to look out for? I would imagine the M52B28 would be tired by now Well maintained face lift e38 for sale. Runs beautifully and has a great interior that matches the outside (will take photos). everything is fully functional (no dead pixels etc) including Sports EDC suspension, Rear power sunshade, widescreen OEM head unit with cd stacker, front and rear parking sensors, cruise control, towbar, power seats and more. Price is firm
  12. Filters? Oil, air,fuel, fluids?
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