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  1. how much and is it lowerd?
  2. Hi im looking for some E36 door cards front and rear. leather(prefured) or fabric or even a good re apolster to get my ones fixed. thanks mathew
  3. Cams also further down the track
  4. Thanks for the advice. The vanos was overhauled when the engine was rebuilt last year at bm workshop. All receipts included in the purchase. Have ordered headers from eBay and am currently building a custom cold air intake including custom air box. Will be getting a tune when the headers arrive. May look into welding up a 2.5" exhaust but that will be further down the track when I have a bit more money
  5. Hey I'm after a E36 cold air intake flange kit for my newly acquired 94 325i. Any out there? And what other mods will free up some of the m50s power?
  6. I can get Hankook Ventus V8 performance tyres for $149 each
  7. Do you want Asymmetric tyres or dose it not matter what tread patturn? I have a couple of options available.
  8. Price is fitted, ballanced, on the vehicle, all included
  9. Thanks to some sh*t head last night at Countdown Botany i now have a fresh dent in my Rear LH door. Not a small dent either, its as if someone fell into it.

  10. Hey man, Had a look and i this is what i cam up with... 245/40/18 Hankook H452 Asymmetric $259 each 265/35/18 Hankook H452 Asymmetric $279 each If your still unhappy with that let me know and ill keep searching Thanks Mat
  11. Directional tyres are noticeably more noisy than Asymmetric. there old school tech. ill have a look and see what ealse is available but the ZE912 are a real good tyre
  12. hey QUBE, 245/40/18 Falken ZE912 Asymmetric $239 265/35/18 Falken ZE912 Asymmetric $299
  13. hay. for the tyres that are Y rated. 255/35/18 Falken FK453 Asymmetric $379 225/40/18 Falken FK453 Asymmetric $289 Thanks
  14. I have 2 Falken ZE912 Asymmetric tyres available in that size but can get more if need be. $159 each
  15. Slowly my e30 is comitng together

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