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  1. @moda these are my wheels. I’ve sent you a PM.
  2. WTS: A set of great condition (minimal curbing) of 14” bottle caps to suit an E30. Tires have some tread on on it. Looking for $200 for the set. Located Auckland.
  3. Hi all, As the title suggests (bit of a long shot here) - i'm after the original brochure that New Zealand used to advertise the E36 318is. PFA below:
  4. Looking for a tidy E36 318is or 328i. Throwing some feelers out there to see what’s out there. Will pay the right price for the right car.
  5. Topsykretts


    Is the getrag 260 still available?
  6. Wanting to buy one as a replacement to the current pre facelift lip. Just wondering, if it will fit?
  7. Hey, would you be willing to sell the set of Alpina rims separately? If so, how much for?
  8. Not exactly too sure. If you are offering to sell, what kind of price do you have in mind?
  9. As heading suggests, I am looking for an m tech 1 steering wheel for my e30.
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