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  1. Fuel pump wiring now complete, pretty happy with how it turned out. Went for a 22A solid state relay for reliability and 12 gauge wire for the hot side to mate up with the 20A fuse. Finally got to the cavity wax application in the areas that were opened up and ground / welded etc. Got the rear interior pretty much all back in and its looking great ... can't quite finish as I want to leave the rear bumper off for now while more work happens some time down the track (exhaust mainly). Had an Amazon voucher from work so turned that into a nice set of crimping tools (Deutsch and others for when attention turns to the wiring department) and Torx Plus bits so I can assemble the ATI super damper finally (yea, Torx Plus is a thing ... who knew !!). Also got my centre console triple gauge mount all the way from Lithuania !!
  2. Some odd jobs taking place lately: Hit the button to get the oil pan manufactured, ETA 4 weeks Completed the wiring under the back seat, just need to mount and wire the fuel pump relay in the boot Cleaned the unfortunate mold off the back seat from being under the house 😕 Installed the new ATI super damper Next up I'll be concentrating on getting all of the fuel wiring done plus spraying cavity wax into all the locations welded so I can start reinstalling the back seats / boot interior fully !!
  3. Ya it came up pretty well !! I used Septone Ali Brite from Super Cheap with water blasting before and after application... its acid based so need to be a little careful what it goes on. https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/p/septone-septone-ali-brite-aluminium-cleaner-1-litre/1747.html
  4. Completed the tear down and replacement of the required items. Removal of internal oil pump looks to be incredibly easy and essentially just leaving it out !! Lucky. There was a damaged gasket under one of the notorious VQ oil galleries, so definitely a good decision to do this work now !! Also two of the original screws were loose, so again great to fix while its all opened up. Gave the front cover a nice acid clean and water blast so it looks spanky now. Final re-assembly still to come then can validate the last items before having the oil pan manufactured.
  5. I used these chaps to get my gearbox from the US ... found them really good to deal with. https://extremeglobal.co.nz/
  6. Big parts delivery days this week !!! Stoked to get this lot as it unblocks the next few phases of work Highlights are the Serial Nine shifter relocation kit, the beefy slip yoke (can get the drive shaft finished) and ATI damper so I can work on mounting up the dry sump pump. Other items are for fixing a common issue on the VQ (oil gallery gasket failure), completing the fuel pump wiring and doing general service pieces while the front cover is off. Front cover removed from the engine to complete the oil gallery gasket repairs, general service of items (water pump, gaskets, o-rings, thermostat etc). This is also the time to look at the internal oil pump and work out what needs to happen to it for conversion to the dry sump pump. Had some expert input from a friend of mine on the oil pan design and have reworked it significantly to move the three scavenge ports to the right side of the motor below an oil scraper plate. Only one close fitment to validate in the car (pressure port near steering rack) then can do final checks and get it made !!
  7. I used to have a side hustle in boring out throttle bodies many years ago, you need quite a good seal on the butterfly to avoid leaks. I had a little angled jig and would wire cut them at my work. The I changed job and would turn them on an angled jig in the lathe instead.
  8. That could be anyone !? Oh hang on, only one guy that stupid around here 🤣
  9. Cool car, nice interior ... shame about the auto 😕
  10. Cheers, trying to get anything I have to deal with tidied up and refreshed on the way through ... turns out thats basically everything 🤣 Funny you mention the fuel pump as just today I got the new AEM filter installed and worked out where I will run the new fuel lines (Gates Barricade). This included mounting the fuel pressure regulator in the engine bay as I am converting the VQ to run a return system as per the BMW and not returnless like the Nissan. Got some colour matched paint on the inside of the boot where I've patched up the access holes for the top side reinforcing. Slowly moving towards getting the interior back in !!
  11. Doing a 3/4 scale of your V8 with a VQ37 into E46
  12. As the title says I'm looking for recommendations on where custom sway bars can be made to a high standard. I need an E46 front made with some tweaks to suit my swap project (unfortunately !!). Would be great to get a recommendation rather than lucky dipping it. I'm in Auckland so local would be preferred but anywhere for the right skills / quality is also fine.
  13. I did the garage at our previous house, same sort of deal as whats already been discussed ... installed some building paper within each timber cavity, insulated and lined with 12mm ply set the ply thickness off the concrete. Two coats of polyurethane and enjoy. To get the official information on retrofitting insulation you can refer to this standard ... speaking from an occupied / house perspective you're supposed to get a consent for insulating external walls. Unsure of the in's and out's of a non-occupied building. Just go for it: https://tenancy.govt.nz/assets/Uploads/Tenancy/NZS-42462016-Energy-efficiency-Installing-bulk-thermal-insulation-in-residential-buildings.pdf
  14. Just spotted this thread having not been a member for a long while, very cool and unique car !!
  15. Ha, same thing I was starting to think about where my left side headers will be close to ABS unit and fuel lines etc ... staying tuned
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