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  1. Very impressive indeed. Funnily enough i remember coming back from Taranaki quite some time ago and passing a house slightly out of town around that area with many E60 BMW's parked outside. It looked like a dream... It could have been your place, but i seem to remember there were a few silver ones... Maybe another person that loves them too?? Like your style and taste in Cars!
  2. Thanks for that Alan, yes one is very pleased with it!
  3. Hi Smithy yes agreed, there are a lot of silver white and black... Yes i think its a real bargain , not as smooth as a 5 series as you would expect but a lot more of the fun factor!
  4. Hey Dan yes its a miracle, i think they call it covid!
  5. I had a 2006 M540I M sport for 4 years and i have just traded it in for a smaller, newer BMW... https://youtu.be/d_6y3sIBFHY
  6. Great actually, it was a little difficult to line up , but no more engine warning lights. i have a friend who can scan to see if we have any errors and to clear any codes and see if any come back. But it is ticking over like a swiss watch now!
  7. Thanks guys i have gone with your advice and bought and aftermarket. By the way i got a price from BMW and the plastic genuine item costs $814 (!). I found several options- there was one on Trademe for under $300 and on research i kinda made the assumption that the cheaper ones don't always fit as well etc. I ended up purchasing a VRSF charge pipe for $600 from Sutherland performance in Wellington. They were really good to deal with actually. i have fitted and all is well again. It wasn't the easiest of things to get out and i ended up cutting the plastic one in half first, getting the new one in was easy as its in two pieces. Thanks guys! Goffy
  8. Thanks Qube, really appreciate it! i will see what insurance are going to do... sounds like if they want to replace with genuine plastic part i should push for and aluminum and pay the difference if there is one...
  9. Greetings guys i am the owner of a 2014 M135I that i absolutely love. i have had it 2 months and done around 3000 Kms in it so far. On the way to work (45KM aprox) it lost power and i noticed the engine note was quite droney when you gave it some throttle. I drive came up with a error: "drive train- possible to continue journey, full performance not available. Have the problem checked by your service provider" The car dealer i bought the car from directed me to my mechanical insurance - they have told me to go to a MTA dealer to get the issue sorted so this is booked in. i thought on the off chance i might have a look under the bonnet to see if there was anything obvious and luckily (thank gawd) there was. The pipe that fits to the intake- i think they call it the cold air charge pipe, had come off and the flange at that end was missing a bit of material (should be a full circle but had two large chunks missing around its circumference ), so trying to push it back on was pretty futile as the end of the pipe wont hold on tightly enough even with the clip. i would say this is the main reason i was getting the error as the car is like new and traveled around 55,000 kms. i have googled this to death and it looks like the standard charge pipe is plastic and not very long lasting- every search i did has suggested putting on an after market charge pipe made of aluminium or similar. Has anyone else had a similar problem or can make any suggestions? Thanks for your help! Goffy
  10. Greetings guys i would like to find some images of an M3 preferably the E90 or E92 for my new video and don't want to use copyrighted material! If anyone would have pictures of their pride and job they wouldn't mind sharing i would very much appreciate it! The back story to this is i have a you tube channel and love to do car videos amongst many other things... I have just bought a new BMW and want to mention what i have always wanted - an M3 funnily enough and would like a few pictures to put in the video. thanks for your help guys! Goffy
  11. Hey dude funnily enough i have just traded it so its for sale in Lower Hutt, value motors. sorry i missed your message, can chat tommorrow if you like. goffy
  12. thanks Benny boy looks like i have managed to source a rim thanks anyway. Another question is, i will need to repaint the replacement which i am happy to do. Does anyone know what would be the best bet- source silver and use a compressor or just get the spray can silver and seperate clear to do the job. i dont know if the rims are a specific colour like the car is titanium silver i think but not sure it if matters as much with rims. Any ideas guys?
  13. Yep they are a good chanel pretty down to earth Auzy guys, good content.
  14. A great video, Matt watson is rather entertaining! i love his quote: "the BMW's won everything... the bmw fanboys must be gizzing themselves senseless over this video..." In all seriousness all these cars are insainly quick and the difference is very slight between them. Any of them would be a great car, its just nice to see someone who can put them together and misbehave with them!
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